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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2016 Volvo XC90 is fully redesigned with a new look, a new body structure and a more efficient powertrain.

  • Available hybrid model.
  • Cutting-edge safety technology
  • Sharp new look and style
  • Small but powerful engine promises improved fuel efficiency
  • Unknown how well the new touchscreen interface will work.

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  • Love it! - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    This is our second XC90 and we love it more than the first!

  • Great SUV --- Road Noise killed it for us - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    I was very excited about the XC 90 and love the interior, sound system, interface, seats etc..Test drove it on the freeway, and it was so loud we could not stand it. We even like the car so much we tried to talk our selfs out of the sound being not and issue, but could not! Volvo has to improve the sound proofing of a vehicle of this caliber and cost. Hopefully next years model will be better!

  • Elegant luxury - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

  • Great ideas, but poor product support - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    Everything about what this car is supposed to be or do is great. However, there are a lot of bugs with the technology and the service department is not trained enough to deal with these said issues. My car is less than a year old and is back into the shop, again. It went into the shop on Thursday for what was supposed to be a minor software update. It is now Monday, and I am still without my car. Volvo technical support was contacted on Friday to address my situation, but I was told they are not good about responding on Fridays. I am confused. This is Volvo's flagship vehicle. The service departments at the dealership do not have the knowledge or tools to deal with the car, and then the company's technical support dept starts its weekends on Thursday I guess!! This is very perplexing.

  • AC fails after a week - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    What can I say.... In one week, the AC has stopped cooling. ONE WEEK!

  • Nothing like an Electrical Fire to Ruin your Day - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    The dealer while very nice has no clue on how to fix these cars nor for that matter Volvo. We had been having issues where the onboard screens would blank out when nav in use vehicle would do it twice and then reload while vehicle was in use. This was an issue as your speedometer goes out and we were planning on taking it when it happened on a short trip but this time we smelled an odor then smoke came bellowing out of the center console. We turned off the unit and contacted the nearest dealership. The car has been there two weeks, contacted Volvo North America only to be told they could not find anything but they thought it was due to software needing to be updated. Updates were made and when dealer went to move car, battery was dead. We were told they checked it out with meters and again felt it was a software issue. Car was checked out and I was told the car was repaired. I drove 100 miles to pick the car up only to get in and there was an error indicating the Battery Charge was low after being assured that despite my concerns that it had to be more than a software issue. The car is still at the dealership as I was not willing to have them jump it and attempt to drive it home until they could get with Volvo North America. I would hold off purchasing as no one seems to know how to fix it. Very disappointed

  • Fabulous first month with XC90 T8 - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    My initial experience with the car is overwhelmingly positive. So far I have put about 1000miles on the SUV, about 75% mileage comes from local driving - commuting to/from work, driving kids to school and other places etc. I have yet to take a long trip or push the car to its limits. Therefore it can’t qualify as a complete ownership review. But for whatever it worths, I share my $0.02 with current and will-be fellow Volvo owners. Maybe we start with some low lights Sensus Touch Screen Technologies are awesome, but also can be difficult to master. This is true in 2016 XC90. Its central touch screen has 3 views to slide from left and right, plus a “car setting” view that is pulled from the top. The screen navigation is complicated. After two weeks, I still have trouble remembering how to get to certain settings. I tend to consider myself a techie and quite adept at picking up new things, Volvo central control proved that I am not as smart as I thought I was. Key fab It’s a classy design with leather wrapped around bulk of surface area. It carries touch of a fine watch. Function buttons are located on the either side, and that is where the trouble comes. The buttons are small, difficult press and even more difficult to feel which is “lock” or “unlock”. You will have to see it. My key fab leather is blonde, matching the car’s interior. However, Being in the pocket and rubbing against other stuff all the time isn’t the formula to keep key fab clean. The key fab frame is aluminum. My key has received a couple of small dents on the frame so far. Volvo, if you are reading the post, please make the frame stainless steel. The aluminum frame doesn’t match the leather wrap nor the $80K car price tag. Park assist, Camera - bird’s eye view My T8 comes with vision package, a great value and a must-have in my opinion. I especially love the synthesized bird eye view of the car. I found it much more useful than park assist. I, for one when equipped with the overview camera, don’t have trouble maneuvering the car regardless parallel parking or back up parking. Park assist, on the other hand, reacts slowly. While I can see its usefulness for many, I only tested it for a couple of time before reverting to much faster manual parking. BTW, park assist did work quite well when I used it. The bird’s eye view image becomes wonky when other tall objects are nearby. This perhaps is the only knock on the vision package. I think it can be corrected via software algorithm. I hope Volvo has a future software update for this. Voice recognition Works about 80-85% of time. The number might seem high, but in day-to-day usage, it is not very dependable. Volvo obviously has some catch-up to do with Google etc in the voice recognition domain. One USB port and no SD card slot Dealer told me XC90 accepts micro SD card, but I am unable to insert the micro SD card to the slot next to the glove box release button. No place in the manual refers to micro SD card either. This interlude attests how much a dealer knows about this new vehicle. And one USB port in this connected era spells major inconvenience for the owners. I have to keep swapping between my phone, USB stick and passenger’s phones. Having said all of that, there is a lot to like, or may I say the word love, about XC90 T8. First and foremost, Quite and Smooooooth The twin engine combo has far exceeded my expectation. The transition between the electric and gas engine is so seamless that I often fail to notice the switch taking place. Thanks to the hybrid powertrain, the car starts with electric engine with zero noise and gas engine kicks in when more power is needed or cruising at high speed. The result? no 4 cylinder whining at low gear. the start/stop also works fabulously well in T8. In many way, the car waltzes around with V8 like grace, smoothness and tranquility. Not only twin engines augment each other well, regenerative braking and mechanical braking work in perfect harmony. I don’t believe any non-racing driver would be able to tell which braking is at work unless he peeks at the dashboard. Power I’ve not floored the gas pedal and rev the engine to the red line. The car is still breaking in, I have to be easy on the throttle. So I can’t verify the 5.3 sec from 0-60 mph, yet…. Even with that, XC90 T8 has plenty of juice at the low end, cruising around effortlessly with 5 people on board. With a gentle push on on gas pedal, freeway overtaking comes with ease. 400 horse power brings about the reassuring feeling. While I won’t use it every time when taking the freeway on-ramp, I know all the ponies are there there to haul the heavy SUV when I need to. Touch Sensus Except Telsa which I haven’t used, Volvo’s touch screen beats Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus etc. in my opinion. The screen is clear under the direct sunlight and responsive to inputs. It may be prone to finger prints, but courtesy protective screen cover and mic

  • Great looking car just not reliable - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    I leased my 2016 xc90 in May and it has been in the shop 5 times!!!! First it needed a software update, then the engine light just came on, then I needed 4 spark plugs replaced etc!!!!! It's a great looking car, but too many glitches. No warning when you are low on gas, Nav takes forever to load up, air condition is so loud it's like your flying in an airplane. Those "great seats" are wearing down already.

  • so far so good - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    best looking suv in it's class

  • New Volvo - 2016 Volvo XC90
    By -

    It's a spaceship. Genuinely impressed. The touchscreen takes some playing around to adequately understand (>4 hours). Very comfortable.

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