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  • WRX Made My Smile Wider:) - 2016 Subaru WRX
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    I own/lease a 2017 WRX.And this cars despite some reviews does not ride harsh at all .I have never been so impressed with the performance .Steering is awesome and car is as tight as a drum.Get one! You will love it.

  • Great Value - True Drivers Car - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    The base audio is good only for the disinterested listener. Skip the HK-Nav package - upgrade the tweeters, speakers and add a subwoofer. Twice the car at a fraction of the cost of the real competitors.

  • Really enjoy my WRX! - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    Extremely well made car that is a blast to drive. It performs well, and looks great without drawing too much attention. It's fun to drive every single time I get into it.

  • WRX ROX! - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    This is my fifth Subaru and by far my favorite! It feels like a big upgrade from my Legacy, even though the Legacy is more of a luxury car. The big difference is the 252hp engine...I love the extra power.

  • More than I expected! - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    I had been looking for a brand new 4 door affordable Japanese performance sedan that offered a 6 speed manual for a while and the only options for me while I was looking were the WRX and the Honda Civic Si. I ended up with the WRX because of the fact that I may be moving somewhere with snow and would like the AWD, although I am skeptical about the reliability of a turbocharged car, this being my first one ever. I know for sure an Si would last a lot longer than the WRX but I was willing to take the leap and so far I am not disappointed. My previous car was a 2008 Hyundai Elantra which I had for the past 8 years since new, and compared to the WRX, the cabin was bigger and the chairs were a little more comfortable, as well as the trunk was bigger, so those are the main differences I notice body wise. The WRX interior quality is high in my book, with me looking at it as a turbocharged AWD Corolla/Civic/Elantra, and compared to my old Elantra as well as our 2011 Corolla S, the leather and metal accents as well as quality plastic make it a lot better than both my Elantra and Corolla, although I do wish there were more compartments. The headliner fabric is really old school with the fuzzy fabric, but they upgraded that on the 2017 to the material they have in most new cars (and on the sun visors for some reason), and I wish the doors would lock automatically after 30 seconds like on my Hyundai as well as if you could just open the door when it is locked in the inside and it would unlock (on the front doors) like on most other Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundais, etc. My main complaint is that the audio system is horrible, being that sound is flat, no bass at all, etc. My stock Hyundai system was as good as my Logitech computer speakers producing rich bass and great treble as well. I had a Costco Executive 50% off discount so I upgraded to the Kicker Speakers (6) for around $300 (including labor) without the sub and it improved it by a bit, but it's still only 60% of the sound quality as my Hyundai's, although it's now bearable. There is only 1 USB port and I plug my USB drive with music into it; it takes about 30 sec-1 min to start playing from when I start the car. The Starlink system overall is not great but it works, since it's laggy compared to the system in my 2013 Honda Accord which is faster, with bluetooth taking about 10 seconds to connect too. I drive on average 300 miles in about a 10 day period and get about 22-24 MPG AVG since it's mostly local, but when I have driven all freeway for day trips, the best I have gotten is 32.7 MPG but I usually average around 29-30 depending on if I engage boost often or not. The shifting is notchy which I like, and there is rev hang, but you are able adjust your shifting technique to accommodate (although if you get the Cobb Accessport and do the Stage 1 Tune it will rid of it, but that's if you are ok to risk your warranty before 36K miles). The AWD launches the car flat, totally different from FWD and RWD, and the suspension is stiff enough for taking corners but still good enough for daily driving. The main part that makes the car fun is the usable boost from the low to mid range, from around 2K-5.5K RPMS which is what makes it so great! I got the World Rally Blue which is a bit flashy, but I feel like you must get the signature color for this. The rims (on my Premium) are just dark gray 18' Enkei's from the 2011-2013 STI (previously Silver), but it really brings the exterior all together, making it look aggressive and perfect. I feel no need to change anything on the exterior as it already looks so good stock. Overall, if I could go back, I would get the Harmon Kardon audio upgrade since I don't really like aftermarket, and the car would be exactly the way I want it! The Kicker speakers are bearable so I don't see the point in spending more to upgrade again, since I do like listening to that turbo whistle once in a while! Basically if you want a practical, reliable?, economical, powerful, affordable, and fun small sedan that can perform in any weather, this is it!

  • 2016 STI Ready to go - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    I purchased a new 2016 STI in August, and so far I love it. I drive it in Alaska so the road conditions can be ruff. It gets through the snow no problems, a set of blizzak tires on it and I have had no issues. Short throw shifter is a nice plus, smooth, and sport mode is fun! The interior is nice. The only negative I have with the vehicle is the sound system is crap, for what the rest of the car is. You wont regret buying this vehicle. Spring for the STI if you can afford it, its worth it! Liz

  • My new ride - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    The car is as advertised. A lot of fun to drive. I had a BMW 325i with sport suspension before this and feel that the STI does a much better job in the handling and taking the bumps. I think the Germans do a better job in the ergonomics dept when it comes to designing the interior and the material choices. I would have liked less (no) chrome in the interior. Gives it too flashy of a look much like most after-market stereo head units available today. The switches just don't have that German feel of solidness. On the other hand, the buyer of this car is really more into the power and handling - which this car delivers in boatloads. Whenever I have bought a German car in the past, I always knew that reliability was not going to be a strong suit. With this car, I didn't have that reservation at all. One slight glitch is that it took me a while to locate the break in period for a new car. It's 1000 miles and to keep it under 4000 rpms. I got the short shifter and it's fantastic, very precise and the car just sounds great. Almost makes me want to turn off the stereo and listen to the exhaust as I drive.

  • My First Subaru WRX - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    I have usually been a European car person but I wanted to try something different. I liked the new FA20DIT motor in the 2015+ Subaru WRX's and so I took the car for a test drive. The handling on this car with the boxer engine is great but the car could use a little more power (coming from a Twin Turbo 300hp/tq BMW so a little biased on power). I just finished a long 1500 mile road trip through bad weather and really great weather and the car has been everything I could ask for. I also negotiated a really good price for this vehicle as the MSRP was 33k (Premium with Sports Package and a few other options). I bought the vehicle at AutoNation and they were really helpful. I do a mixture of highway driving and city driving for work and definitely some spirited driving through the mountains here in Denver. The only small issues I have with the car (which obviously I didn't care enough about because the rest is great) are there's quite a bit of cabin noise (used to a BMW though) and hill start can be annoying to get used to but good for beginners. I also recommend the sport package which includes the STI Exhaust, STI 18" Wheels, STI Shift Know and the STI Short Throw Shifter (STS). The STS is definitely worth it in my opinion. Overall the 2016 WRX I own is amazing.

  • Very Happy with NEW WRX2016! - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

    Needs premium gas as it is a performance car. The 4-cylinder turbo boxer engine is on Ward's Top Ten Best Engines list for 2016! Fun to drive...makes me smile every time! SM

  • Great performance value - 2016 Subaru WRX
    By -

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