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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Subaru Outback features a restyled front end, a more efficient four-cylinder engine, an updated continuously variable transmission (CVT) and revised suspension tuning. New features include keyless ignition/entry and newly available adaptive cruise control with a collision avoidance system.

  • Generous cargo volume
  • Clever roof rails
  • Spacious interior
  • Comfortable ride
  • Excellent visibility
  • Confident off-road ability.
  • Weak base stereo
  • Lacks agility
  • Fussy controls on upper trims.

User Reviews:

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  • Almost perfect - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    Got a 2013 3.6 with the special appearance package. Car is a joy to drive with plenty of pwr and torque combined with the paddle shifters. This is my first Subaru and I am impressed with the fit and finish. The interior space is more than adequate for my wife and me. The car is easy to get into and out of. The car seems incredibly solid.

  • Great for western mountains driving - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    We had a 2012 with 13000 miles and loved it but wanted leather and a better stereo so got the 2013. Several friends have new and old Subarus and they seem to have exceptionally good build quality and long-term endurance. The newer/bigger/taller models (2011-2013) are very quiet, roomy and comfy. I liked the looks of the 2012 front end better as it was dressier, but the 2013 is more sporty looking. This wagon is surefooted on Pacific Mountain highways where we drive. The suspension/steering "fix" made the 2013 handle more like a SUV. The 2012 had a feeling more like an Avalon on the road.

  • 2013 subaru outback - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    never owned a subaru outback....so far...excellent! will get alot of funtionat of this wagon....big family trips!

  • Great car for tall people - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    This is the first Subaru I've ever purchased. My husband is 6'7" and when we saw the legroom of 43" we did not believe it would ever work;however he has plenty of leg room and head room (more than Tahoe, Yukon, Sequoia, etc) with way better gas mileage. The gas mileage is right on target of 24.6 mpg with all mountain driving (very curvy with lots of hills). The 4 cylinder is plenty enough power. We also live on a very steep dirt road and does very well. Have not gotten any snow yet, so not sure how will handle. Very impressed with features in "base model". 2nd row passengers (2- 3 year olds) have plenty room and love the cup holder between them.

  • 10,000 Mile Review - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    We recently passed 10,000 miles on our 2.5 Outback Limited. I'll state right up front that so far we love this car. We have not had any realibility concerns and it has performed very well. The new engine and 2nd gen CVT work well together, and we find the drivetrain to be very responsive. We have been averaging 26/27 mpgs in mixed driving. Driveability and traction in bad weather has been great! On the downside, the mpgs have gone down since winter has arrived, although we have been using the remote start a lot. The premium radio is good but not on par with offerings from other mfrs, and the SAT radio seems to cut out a lot. Overall though it is proving out to be a good purchase.

  • Impressive Machine - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    I bought a 2013 Outback 3.6 Limited last month. Since then I have traveled from Georgia to New Hampshire to Michigan and Illinois visiting family and friends. All told, I put 3400 miles on the car very quickly. I had been looking at the Outback for several years since my 2002 BMW X-5 was getting a bit long of tooth. I am glad I did because just about all the complaints from other reviewers of the 2010- 2012 models have been resolved. The more I drive this car, the more I enjoy it. And it will go places that other crossovers only dream about.

  • Competent and fun utility vehicle - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    Bought a silver Limited 3 months/3500 miles ago. In general it is a very competent vehicle, extremely spacious for the overall dimensions of the vehicle. Initial reliability has been perfect. 2013 included a change to the suspension, which has made this car handle well, and fun to drive on country road. Two downsides to this car. First is that it does have an economy car feel, even as the high end Limited model. Switchgear, plastics used, and such are cheap for a $30K car, and there are some sloppy manufacturing shortcuts that are easily noticeable. Second is that the 2013 model has a new drivetrain that's supposed to get better mpg, but it seems to have dropped from the 2012s.

  • Good car, except for MPG - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    We are Subaru people. I've owned 5 in the past decade. While we are basically happy with our 2013 Outback, we don't enjoy it as much as we had hoped. Our 2013 Outback Limited 2.5 CVT replaced a 2010 Outback Premium 2.5 CVT. We traded in the 2010 for the nicer interior, better color, and "bonus" 1mpg. While we love the Limited's features, after 18k miles the MPG falls well short of the EPA estimates. With the 2010, we got 75k miles worth of 30-31mpg 70mph commuting. That's 1-2 mpg better than the sticker. With the 2013, we struggle to get 26mpg. Dealer says car is normal. Had I known this, we would have bought a 3.6R and gotten more power and avoided the dreary droney CVT.

  • Transmission shot at 83K miles - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    Wish I could love my Subaru like the commercials all tout but they didn't have the lemon I have. I drive a lot and was happy with all aspects of the Outback until my transmission failed at 83,000 miles. Since the power train warranty covers only 60,000 miles (they must know something) the dealership said it would cost me $8500 to fix. Subaru of America said they would give me $1,000 towards the repair as a good will gesture (it took them a week to come up with that). No thanks! Now I have to buy a used one online and hope that's not a lemon either. Needless to say "I don't love my Subaru"!

  • Poor fuel economy - 2013 Subaru Outback
    By -

    I would like this car very much were it not for the gas mileage. I would not recomend this car if fuel economy is at all important to you. I am a light footed driver who has always gotten near or even slightly above the rated mileage on vehicles owned. There are always a few drivers who will get poor mileage with any vehicle. Before buying I dismissed these at lead footed drivers. I should not have. Check around on the web and you will find poor mileage is a pretty common issue with the 2013 4 cyl. Outback. I am getting 22-23 mpg on 70-80% highway driving split between 50-60mph and 75 mph. Non highway driving is suburban areas. Am actively working to unload this vehicle.

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