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The 2013 Subaru Legacy features a variety of updates this year, including a restyled front end, a more powerful and efficient four-cylinder engine, an improved continuously variable transmission (CVT), revised suspension tuning and an available collision avoidance system. Base models now feature standard Bluetooth. The 2.5GT and 3.6R Premium trim levels have been discontinued.

  • Spacious cabin.
  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Excellent outward visibility
  • Weak base stereo
  • Unimpressive six-cylinder fuel economy and acceleration.

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  • 2013 Upgrades hurt overall ratings - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I traded in a 2012 2.5i Premium for the 2013 2.5i Sport for the new performance upgrades. The best way to describe the '13 model is disappointing. I can't question the AWD performance of a Subaru, it handles almost any road condition with ease. The acceleration on the '13 is sluggish from a stop but crisp at higher RPMs. I think the acceleration on the '12 was better overall. I was averaging 31 mpg with my '12 and only 26 with my '13. The Sport interior isn't all that impressive, the seats may feel softer but they also show dirt and lint far worse than the '12 interior. The new suspension is stiff and bone-jarring at times. Camry's run the same 18' set-up with a much smoother ride.

  • More Fun Every Day - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    Have been enjoying this car for over 7 months (about 8000 miles). I share it with my wife. Some of the negative reviews I've read may be by people that don't own this car or think they own it. Subaru hit a home run with this model and I started driving their cars in 1978. Their engineering prowess is put to the test here and they did almost everything right. The handling, power, transmission, fun factor, stereo, blue tooth, visibility, seating, comfort, all blend into a symphony of joy. It looks good and awd will get you through the worst weather with confidence. Mileage has been very good. 25 city, 31 (or more) highway. People with crappy mileage are lead footed.

  • Surprised - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    After owning Audi's I am more than a little surprised. Build quality (ie. timing chain vs. belt) is very solid, it is understandable why Subaru's push the mileage limits. CVT trans offers a low hum in city driving but have been told that this will disappear around the 5K mark

  • Great Car - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I've had the 2013 4-cyl. Legacy Premium for about 7 months now, and love the car. Picked it up for $22k including the all-weather mats (recommended). The main reason I bought it was the AWD, since I live where it snows a lot. The car is a beast in the snow, even with the regular tires. It was 11 degrees today with the car sitting outside, and it started without a hitch and plowed through about 5 inches of snow on the driveway to get to the street. It has plenty of room - it's larger on the inside than it seems from the outside, and the trunk is large too. It's comfortable, solid and well-handling to drive.

  • Solid Subaru - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I've had this vehicle for about a month, scoring on excellent president day sales. My first Subaru. Very solid feel to this car. Engine/CVT still breaking in but performing nicely. Excellent gas mileage-up to 33MPG highway. Combined around 27mpg. Handles well on dry and wet pavements even with the crappy Bridgestone tires it came with. Haven't driven in the snow yet, but I expect it will really shine then. The ride is firm but a bit choppy. Road noise is present but well within acceptable limits. The driver's seat and position is stellar, as is the visability. The "upgraded" six speaker stereo is fair at best. Overall, a reliable car that does most everything well with AWD standard!

  • Best Deal out there: Legacy - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    Our new 2013 legacy is fun to drive, looks great and is comfortable. I come for a long line of SAABs and am spoiled by great seats, the Legacy isn't as plush but they are firm and offer very good support. The Nav system is better than our Honda Odyssey. On my first tank of gas I've averaging 25.2 in mostly city driving. This is the Limited model w/ upgraded stereo, works great w/ my iPhone 4s, downloaded my phone book w/o issue. With a EQ few tweaks, it sounds fine. I had shopped the Impreza but the Legacy is just more car, quieter on the road, better seats and stereo. Very happy w/ my choice.

  • Awesome midsize luxury option - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I've been driving the 2013 Limited PZEV model for almost a week now, after my 2000 Impreza was totaled in a hit & run. One word - awesome! I test drove a 2.5 2012 Limited before trying the 2013 2.5 Limited - and they are worlds apart. The DOHC CVT changes in the 2013 model make a huge difference to the pick up and make the 2.5i engine feel much more capable. The interior space is great, the hands free works well and voice activation is very handy. Bluetooth audio streaming works well. Commuting on the peninsula <-> San Francisco I am currently seeing about 24MPG with fairly hard driving. I think EPA numbers are fair. AWD with the options on the Limited model make for value hard to beat!

  • Good quality, have yet to see full potential - 2013 Subaru Legacy
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    I chose this car because when I bought it I lived in a city with harsh winters and I needed a reliable, AWD option. I researched for over a year and decided to go with the Legacy over an SUV because of the gas mileage and the reliability of the Subaru name. The size of the cabin is great, and I can fit 4 large adults in here comfortably. The biggest problem I have had with this car is the gas mileage. At this point, I have driven it 4200 miles and have had an oil change and am still not getting above 21.9 miles to the gallon. I drive the freeway to work everyday and should be getting at least 28 combined. Even on a highway trip of 1200 miles, the best mileage I got was 29 MPG.

  • What a good buy - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

  • Great Ford Sedan - 2013 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    Ruined. Just. Ruined. When I bought my '07 Legacy, I fell... in love. The car had an understated elegance. There was an attractive aerodynamic look. Exterior lines flowed, interior lines flowed. Materials, though not luxurious, were high class. The fabric in the seats was classy *and* robust. The doors were rimless. The center console employed a minimalist design that made it pleasant to look at and easy to use. The Legacy has... changed. It now resembles a Ford sedan. The aerodynamic of its tail has disappeared. The doors are rimmed. The seat fabric is cheap and thin. Heck, all interior materials are cheap. The center console is overdone and resembles Optimus Prime. Optimus, go away.

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