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This Year's Model Updates:

Besides a new audio system for upper trim levels and some minor shuffling of features, the Subaru Legacy returns largely unchanged for 2012.

  • Spacious cabin
  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Excellent outward visibility
  • Diverse engine and transmission choices
  • Top safety scores.
  • Weak base stereo
  • Fussy navigation system
  • No automatic available with 2.5GT.
  • Unimpressive six-cylinder fuel economy

User Reviews:

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  • 3rd in the family - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    The third Subaru I have adopted, The first was a 2009 Forester, the second was a 6 cylinder Outback 2012, and now a 2012 Legacy. Yep, I guess we have become a Subaru Family

  • First Subaru Experience - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I came out of an SUV into a Subaru for fuel economy. While there are many good car choices in this class (Fusion, Accord, Altima) the driver seat comfort and AWD won me over. After 4500 miles the new car thrill is gone and I have a car that I like driving, is reliable, and gets good mpg's. The decision to buy a new car is personal and I'm not knocking any other cars, as there are some great choices. But this car works for me and I'd recommend it to a friend.

  • Mechanic told me its a great car! - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I must say that this car has easy to operate functions and is very smooth on the road. It has very good acceleration and fun to drive. Very spacious, in fact 10/10! I picked the cloth interior for my 2.5i and it has heated seats. The handling is satisfying and the car itself is the best out of all the competition. It's almost exotic!

  • Fabulous Car - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I always feel this is one of those less talked about cars in the market. I own this year for more than an year now and extremely happy with the performance. Subaru's AWD delivers when needed in snow driving conditions and I feel safe when coming to abrupt stops on icy roads.

  • False MPG - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I purchased a new 2012 2.5I Limited. I was told the average mpg was 30., this is false. I have put 500 miles on it in the first week. I drive 80 miles a day highway miles to and from work. My average is 23.7 mpg. I would not recommend this car if you are looking for decent to good gas mileage. I live in Denver CO. and thought the AWD would be nice. It is ok but would never have bought if I new the true MPG. I had I 2004 Chevy Impala prior getting 27 mpg. You would think I new car with posted 31 mpg would do better but it does not.

  • Loving Legacy - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I purchased a 2012 Red Subaru Legacy from Onion Creek Volkswagen in Austin, TX on August 8,2014. I feel in love with the All-wheel drive boxer engine of the Subaru. I also love the package that included the sunroof and power seats with Lumbar support. I do have to say the lumbar support can use more work. I drive 30 mile to work every day. When I get to work and get out the car, I have a pain in my lower back. The hands free blue tooth unit is extremely difficult to set up. I also wish that the Legacy had the same ground clearance as the Outback. I feel that I will be happy with my 2012 Subaru Legacy for years to come.

  • Good Driving, Serious Flaws - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    Roomy interior - previous years couldn't fit a rear-facing infant carseat between driver's seat and second row - the 2012 can. Smooth ride. No engine temperature gauge. Just a "cold" and a "hot" light. Of course, by the time the "hot" light comes on you're screwed. A standard temperature gauge would give some warning as to gradually increasing engine temperature. Check engine light turns off traction control and emergency brake (and cruise control), so if you live on a hill and forget to tighten your gas cap...good luck parking. Turning off traction control is a major safety flaw.

  • Alternative to the masses - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I got my 2012 Legacy shortly after Christmas, and couldn't ask for a better present. The sedan is smart looking and gives me lots of confidence while facing the rigors of winter roads in Wisconsin. The Subie is roomy and comfortable, without feeling pretentious. It is replacing an older model Infiniti, so I wouldn't say the Legacy is the most luxurious car I ever drove, but it is solid and well equipped. Love the heated seats and iPod port. Gas mileage has been as promised, which is a blessing based on the direction gas prices are heading.

  • One of the Nicest Cars That No One Talks About. - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    This car is about as practical as you can get. AWD doesn't sacrifice MPG & comes in handy in snow. It's not flashy, but it looks nice, esp. w/tinted windows. My mechanics love Toyota & Lexus mechanically, but recommended the Legacy, it won me over. Got a good price, a little over $22K, practically 0% financing & Costco cash card. The PZEV reduces smell when starting up in the garage. Heated mirrors, wipers & seats in the Premium model. Rocker panel lights up when doors open. Hazard light button placed pefectly so when you shift the car to Park, just depress w/index finger. Little stuff that no one talks about, but it's been thought out. It's really a nice car that doesn't draw headlines.

  • 2012 Legacy Buyers Check Steering Before Buying - 2012 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    Don't make the same mistake I did. I was totally unaware of this issue when I bought. Do some searches on steering wander. You will mostly find the problem on the Outback, but I think that's because there are more Outbacks out there. My 2012 Legacy was very annoying to drive. You had to constantly correct from the left to the right. The car was still under factory warranty, but they couldn't fix it. New tires, alignments, rotations, nothing worked. The car had never been wrecked. Also it had a heavy wheel, so between the constant correcting and that, it made for very fatigued driving. Test out your Legacy or Outback first and check for this problem before buying!!

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