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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2011, Subaru Forester 2.5X models have a revised 2.5-liter engine that boosts torque and fuel economy slightly. The 2.5XT Limited trim has been dropped and a couple of new trim levels have been added: the 2.5X Touring and the 2.5XT Touring, positioned above the Limited trim. Several trims get improved audio features, while the 2.5X Premium gets a new optional TomTom navigation system. An eight-way power driver seat (with power-adjustable lumbar support) is now standard on the 2.5XT Premium, and Bluetooth is now standard on all Foresters except the 2.5X.

  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Roomy cabin with ample cargo space
  • Comfortable ride
  • Strong turbocharged engine on XT trims.
  • Unimpressive fit and finish.
  • Outdated four-speed automatic transmission

User Reviews:

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  • Bang for the buck - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I test drove 2010 Forester (and CR-V) after a great deal of research. The ride quality and handling was better on Forester. It offered features I needed and was within my price range. But, I decided to wait for the 2011 model since it was going to have additional torque (174 pound feet compared to 170), slightly better mileage, and standard bluetooth. I recently purchased the 2011 Forester Premium (Automatic with all-weather package and Tom Tom navigation). The ride is excellent and handling is superior (it hugs the tight corners very well). It has great cost/benefit - loads of features (huge moonroof, heated front seats, power driver seat, ample cargo space, bluetooth, USB, etc).

  • Not my dream car - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    Granted I have the basic plain jane model, but I am not impressed with the design and would not purchase another Subaru based off this car. The main complaint I have is the heater, there does not seem to be much warm air when put in the feet/defrost setting and when you put in feet only you get more heat coming out of the vents facing the side windows then anything. As far as I can tell there are not heat vents in the back seat and I can not seem to get the car warm. Don't even want to get started on the sterero...or the middle console. Very dissapointed with this purchase and am upset with myself that I did not take more time when making this purchase. Should have gotten more for $23200

  • Very noisy engine - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    Replaced a 10-year old Forester with a 2011 Limited. The new Forester engine is actually noiser than the old Forester I am replacing. Power is good when you are just following the traffic flow, not trying to overtake everyone. Bluetooth is a welcome feature. It is easy to pair the phone and program the speed dial. One thing is you must use voice recognition to operate the phone when the car is moving. That is, pressing the speed dial (1,2,...,6) key will not work when the car is moving. take everyone. Bluetooth is standard feature in Limited (also in Premium?)

  • Love it, fun to drive, but some problems - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    We love our Forester, for the most part. It is the perfect size. I don't have to sink down to get in and better yet, don't have to yank myself high up to climb into it. Driving it is fun, very responsive and great turning radius. Visibility is excellent and parking is easy. However, we have 2 strong complaints and a minor one. First, the radio is terrible! The fm sounds like hollow am radio. Next, the passenger seat is highly uncomfortable, non adjustable, and sunk down so low it's hard to see over the dash. The minor complaint is storage. Glove box is tiny, cup holders are square and bottles routinely fall over. In-door cupholders are also flawed.

  • Terrific Small SUV - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    Great design. Spacious cabin. Terrific handling and visibility. Good gas mileage, average 23 mpg around town. Seats ok for daily driving but need more support when driving long distances. Ground clearance and 4 wheel drive provide added safety in heavy down pours. Haven't driven in snow. Subaru engineers did a great job designing a practical vehicle at a reasonable price.

  • Nice overall package - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    After test drives of the competition, the ride in this SUV was the best. Steering is good, and handling is responsive. The tilt/telescope wheel and power seat make it easy to get comfortable behind the wheel. It's been good in the snow so far. I installed aftermarket mud flaps, a good choice. Paint is a little soft/scratches easily. Engine is responsive, a little noisy but revs smoothly. Gear shift is notchy but tolerable and fine when you get used to it. The things I don't like about it, I decided at the test drive I could live with. No complaints on those things. The interior is well assembled, some materials are on the cheap side.

  • fair at 800 miles - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    800 miles so far for this fairbanks, alaskan vehicle. driving on ice requires patience since it slides around a lot -- better treaded tires will be the next investment, though have not driven it in much snow. not happy with the yokohama's. the back hatch has some probs closing all the way - have to open and slam it a few times to get it to securely shut. i love the huge moonroof and the visibility out back. the sound quality of the premium stereo is a bit stinky -- not what i expected, and have to crank it if i want to hear it. we'll keep on driving the overpriced car and see what happens.

  • Noisy engine - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    Noisy engine lots of clatter sounds like a bunch of bolts in a blender. The spare tire procedure is ridiculous. you have to switch to 2wheel drive by adding a fuse and then removing it after going back to a full size tire Why not provide a full size spare to start with?

  • Drove it 50,000 miles, Absolutely Reliable! - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I just turned in my XT after 3-year lease was up. It never burned a drop of oil between changes and nothing (other than gas door lever) broke. It was 100% reliable through hard use, on and off-road, hauling bikes, kayaks etc. It was truly my trusted friend, and very fun to drive fast on mountain roads because of the precise, communicative steering. The turbo was powerful. Got a very good lease price, and when I turned it in, the car was worth more than the residual value, so I got a $1700 credit toward another vehicle.

  • My Wife's New Wheels - 2011 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I just finished researching small SUVs for my wife, and we settled on the Forester after looking at Honda CR-V. I believe we made the right choice, because the build quality seems to be about the same and reliability and resale value are also similar; but, the Forester provides a more comfortable ride and seating. To put it bluntly, the CR-V has austere seats, especially in the mid- and lower-range models. I would add that the Forester has amenities the CR-V does not, unless you buy the high-end model CR-V. It is true that the Forester is not as "pretty" as the CR-V, but my wife and I favor function over form so that dropped out immediately as a consideration. Best of all: She loves it!

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