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This Year's Model Updates:

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class sees numerous enhancements for 2011. The S63 AMG receives a smaller but more powerful V8 engine, while the S65 AMG gets a slight bump in horsepower. The lane-departure and blind-spot monitoring systems now feature automatic brake intervention. A new split-view display screen also debuts. Lastly, a Bluetec diesel model is expected later in the model year.

  • Eye-popping performance from AMG engines
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Well-crafted interior
  • Luxury features
  • Expensive options
  • Telematics interface could be more intuitive.

User Reviews:

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  • 100% Love my S63 - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    I have every option available on this car. I have owned S-Class Mercedes for the past 25 years. This is my 1st 63 and I will never buy another 550. The performance package is an important option. The car does require oil about every 1000 miles. For this configuration its normal.(my R8 is every 500)

  • MY 2011 550 S CLASS 4 MATIC - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    I JUST BOUGHT MY 2001 S CLASS AND IT IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST CAR i HAVE EVER OWNED. i HAVE HAD MANY BMW"S AND 2 AUDI'S. i LOVE THIS SO MUCH MORE. iT IS IN A CLASS BY ITSELF. i DID LOOK AT Thre new audi 8. It has this big grill which some like and some hate. From the drivers door back it is boring. From the back is it a 4,6,or 8. Who knows. The s class is just that, class.You must drive it to realize what it can do. I have the P2 package which has the most comfortable seats ever. The sides of the seats inflate as you go around a turn to keep you in your seat. I have the 20 inch amg wheels and the new magnatite black color. It stands out so much and has a young look. Nit your dads s class.

  • Last German Car... - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    I have been a long time driver of German makes. From BMWs to Mercedes, I have owned over 6 German made cars. I have never been more disappointed in the quality and reliability. Most recently, my 2011 S-Class Mercedes. Although new with 8,900 miles, I have been back to the dealer 5 times for A/C malfunction, check-engine light, GPS malfunction and much more. No matter how polite the service department may be, this is the last German car I will ever purchase again. I am disappointed as I will miss the exceptional performance but I do not have the time nor patience to keep bringing back my German cars to the dealer. My wife has a Lexus 460 with over 48K with absolute "zero" problems...

  • Great car - real value as a CPO - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    Bought the 2010 S550 4-matic with every option as a lease return CPO at almost 1/2 the original purchase price at two years old and with 20K miles on the ode. Bought an extra 2 year warranty and have only had to use it once for the drivers wheel sensor. Dealership replaced all the wheel sensors just to make sure. Oil, brakes, windshield wipers, air filters and one set of tires is all I've put into this car with over 60K miles of almost daily use. Tires made a huge difference - bought Conti DWS and that made this car perfect in all weather and super quiet, including managing a foot of snow on the road. I've had no issues with transmission or engine - starts off the line fast in sport mode, rides smooth in comfort, shifts great with no hesitation between gears. I've owned over fifty cars (all types) and this car is one of the best. I'm 6'6" and the drivers seat fits perfect - If I want, I can put the seat back far enough so I can't reach the pedals. Massage, heated/cooled and fine leather seats are perfect for long trips. Oil changes at the dealer (MB-PDX) with a free loaner (due to the car being S-Class) has been great. 60K highway / freeway miles has averaged 20 mpg (per the panel). Finally, I can sell / trade the car for about 1/2 of what I paid which isn't too bad for driving this level of comfort.

  • The best! - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    Get a warrentee if you buy it used

  • 2011 MB S63 - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    The only way that I could possible love this car is if I had never owned a 2008 version. The "ecco" drive system is a bust. Luxury sports sedans with this much power should not have to be coaxed out of the starting blocks. Add to all of this the fact that I have to add a quart of oil every other month and I'm so mad at MB that I could holler!. Why would you take a perfectly fine luxury sedan(2008-2010) and ruin it like this. I'm also tikced off at the three delaers who told me that there was major differences between the '08 and '11.(I live in a smaller market and none of the local dealerships had a car I could drive prior to purchasing the '11). Future S-63 buyers--Save your money!

  • Best S-Class Yet - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    I have driven the 2010 S-Class several times before. Its handling, style and overall look is like non-other. I knew that as soon as this car hit the scene. The car drives like silk on the road, and anyone around knows when your coming down the street by way of the flasy exterior head lights and dotted fog lights at the base of the front bumper.

  • 2011 S63 AMG - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    Traded in my 2008 S63 AMG for a 2011 S63 AMG, and couldn't be more disappointed, the 2011 is a dog in comparison. The pedal is squishy and sloppy with absolutely no feel under foot. The marriage between the engine and transmission is horrible, it is rough, clunky and far from smooth. Because i had a previous S63 which completely out preformed this 2011, i have a hard time driving this new one, specifically because it brings so much disappointment. This will be a money loosing short lived car for me, don't waste your money, find a clean 2008 you'll be much happier.

  • a Benz with personality - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    I sympathize with the reviewers who expected a smooth luxury cruiser, because this car is surprisingly challenging to drive, but that's a big part of its appeal to me. Step off is balky in C ("controlled efficiency") or S ("sport") modes, maybe because the transmission doesn't have a torque converter. But it smooths out considerably in M ("manual") mode and, in fact, the car seems considerably happier, although MPG nose dives. The C and even S modes lug the car unmercifully. Weird to drive a huge luxury car that needs driver involvement, but I'm the rarity who likes that. Reminds me of my 2005 Maserati GranSport, although of course the Maserati shifts far more positively.

  • be careful with this choice - 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    By -

    Very powerful and well built, but the transmission shifting is truly awful on mine...some new "wet clutch" technology that just doesn't work well. Hesitates badly in confort mode as it rides its clutch, and in sport it hangs on to 1st gear too long and jerks thru 2nd for a nano second on its way to 3rd. The car is fine if you're pushing it hard, but it just isn't programmed for normal driving. Previously had an S550 sport and it is a much more enjoyable car, as is an S65 or S600...all these have conventional smooth shifting automatics.

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