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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is fully redesigned. It's longer and slightly wider, with a roomier and more stylish cabin trimmed in top-quality materials. New engines also debut. The C-Class coupe carries over with minimal feature changes.

  • Refined ride and handling
  • Meticulous construction and engineering
  • Rip-roaring C63 AMG model.
  • Elegant interior
  • Cool but clumsy touchpad infotainment interface
  • Pricier than most competitors.

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  • New 2015 C400 - A step above the competition - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    The newly redesigned C400 is a huge step above the competition (Audi & BMW) both inside and out. The outside is like a mini S class and the inside has all the luxury and technology items one would need on a daily basis, especially if you opt to check all the option boxes. I opted to forgo a few option packages when I bought mine as there were some items I could live with out and preferred to stay under a $60k price tag. The V6 offers some great get up and go for every day traffic situations, the ride is comfortable even in sport+ mode, and the mBrace system is nice but takes some getting used to. Interior room has worked out well and we have no issues fitting our Keyfit 30 car seat.

  • Great Car But Terrible Interface - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    This is our 2nd C-Class. In almost every way, it totally delivers what you expect for an entry level Mercedes. Great drive, great look, reliable. I mean it's a Mercedes - it's awesome. To the consumer, I say that you should consider this vehicle. The remainder of this critique is directed at Mercedes. Yes - MB remains masters of their craft and because I want them to continue to be - it pains me to say that they really blew it on the logic of the controls. First off, removing the leather transmission shifter with the Mercedes logo from the center console in favor of some cheap plastic stick by the steering wheel smells of a shameless cost cutting measure. Look - it's a Mercedes - throw that thing into Sport mode late night on a Freeway in L.A. - trust me - you want something to hold on to. Second, in place, there's this stupid little touch pad (kind of like mousepad on a laptop) with which you are supposed to dial phone numbers when using the Bluetooth. How am I supposed to hold onto something that's flat? Moreover, the problem is that when you try dialing the numbers, it never gets the number right and there's a delay while the system tries to figure out what number your dialing. The old C-Class we had simply had a key pad whereby the digits were physical keys I could feel with my fingers. Thus, I could safely dial without having to take my eyes off the road. Third, if you want to stream media throw your phone, you have to proceed through at least three steps - two of which are not intuitive. Our Volkswagen only has one step and it's so straight forward that even I could figure it out. Finally, I have yet to figure out how to switch around my media (i.e. change radio stations, or switch to streaming, dial numbers) while keeping the Navi map on screen. Granted, Navi is now a useless feature given the quality of programs like Waze. However, I like looking at a dynamic map as I drive. Make no mistake - this has not dissuaded me from remaining a loyal customer. But the first thing I'm going to do when it comes time to replace this one is check to see if you put in a real transmission shift and got rid of this stupid touch screen. Please MB - shine in the way you can.

  • Poor visibility, poor acceleration - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    The C-pillar (rear) is a big honker - which makes changing lanes and backing out of the driveway unsafe. No technology for showing cars in the blind spot. Acceleration is turbo-lagged. Ugh. Rear view camera lousy. Sound system great though.

  • Contacted Mercedes USA for Help - They Dont Care - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    2015 C300 4MATIC leased end of Jan 2015. As of April 2015 my car has been in for service 6 times. Im having several electrical issues most of them are recorded on video. I have contacted Mercedes Benz asking for help in either getting me another C Class or a different model Mercedes. As per Mercedes Benz they will NOT change my vehicle at all. I ma to remain with this messed up car for three more years. Mercedes USA agrees that the vehicle has been in for service many times but have not found anything wrong with my car even after I am showing them videos of whats going on. DISGUSTING SERVICE!! THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE A KING UNTIL YOU HAVE ISSUES. I WILL BE TAKING THIS COMPLAINT FURTHER

  • C300 2015 - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    Nice job on the 2015, Mercedes. Wow. Nice interior, nice drive.. dont under estimate that 4 cylinder. I have always owned 6 cylinder cars but with this in Sports+... I don't miss my V6 at all... well except for the V6 sound. Other than that.. this is a fun and luxurious daily drive that would make rush hour traffic feel less exhausting.

  • The new paradigm in the sport compact class - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    Aside from being more a little more expensive than the competition. This car is extraordinary. The interior and exterior design are spectacular. Many have complained about the display, but I bet no one complains about it after driving it, its precisely where it needs to be and the right size to operate all the myriad of functions the car offers while still maintaining an eye on the road. Comfort is extraordinary in the front and excellent in the back as log as the rear passenger is 6 foot or less. Power is prodigious on the 400. Handling on sport and sport plus is also excellent. Burmese audio system is among the best in the market regardless of price.

  • I have never hated a car I owned or leased before! - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    This is my first Mercedes. Where do I start with this dangerous and poorly designed car? 1. By putting the gear shifts from the center console (in most cars) to the wand, that used to be the windshield wipers, I have actually shifted the car accidentally into Neutral when it started to rain(thinking it was the wipers) while driving on the highway! Luckily it wasn't Reverse!!! 2. In the summer, when I've gotten into the hot car, I have actually gotten BURN MARKS on my right arm, while placing it on the center console as I was about to select a radio station. They trimmed the console with REAL metal ...it felt like I had put my arm on a hot frypan! 3. The dashboard controls for defroster, A/C, temperature control etc. are all exactly in a line and feel the same...there are no indentations or separations. So when you're driving at night and you need the defroster, you can't feel which one it is...and even when you find it, you still HAVE TO TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD a second time, to look up at the screen, which is placed to the right of you.... just to make sure you have selected the correct control. 4. The driver's seat is not only uncomfortable, but I have been in physical therapy since July 2015 (a few months after I leased the car) and I am still in P.T. April 2017) because it has caused me nerve pain in my neck and right leg. I have to lift my right leg very high to get over the threshold as I get into the car, and then FALL into the seat and adjust myself. I realized that after the first few months the constant lifting and adjusting have been the cause of the nerve pain. 5. The power seat adjustment ( not the memory adjustment) that you generally find in most other cars,when you slip your left hand down along the side of your seat, to move forward and backward...has been moved to THE DOOR. Wow! I thought it was so clever...BUT this ergonomic design is dangerous! If you want to make a slight adjustment up or back,when you're wearing a thick coat or just want to move back a little, you must remember to do it while the door is closed. If you need to adjust it once the door has been opened, you must REACH OUT BY HOLDING ONTO THE STEERING WHEEL with your right hand and move the seat positions with your outreached left hand. I had the door swing back on my left ankle because I had already put my left foot out of the car...I got a CONTUSION under my skin for months from the door slamming onto my ankle! 6. Now we come to the gorgeous center console...the entertainment center (I thought it was beautiful when I was looking at the car in the dealer's showroom). They designed two choices for you. One is a turning dial and the other is a "swipe" selector. Well, that "swipe" method CHANGES MY RADIO SELECTION whenever my handbag or arm slides over it (Example: as I am putting my bag down on the passenger seat). Frustrating and annoying! 7. The most concerning issue with this car happened twice... it SURGED as I was pulling up to a vertical parking space in front of a store. I stopped the car inches away from crashing threw the glass window of my pharmacy...I had driven my car onto the sidewalk! That happened in June two months after I got the car. It happened again in January, as it surged and nearly went up on the sidewalk at the school I volunteer at...both times I managed to apply the brake to stop it. I SPOKE TO THE MERCEDES MANAGEMENT TWICE...once to the service manager after my arm got burned July, the summer of 2015, and about month after that to my Mercedes salesman , about all these issues...I was told the manager would call me...he NEVER CALLED ME. I want to end my lease, butthe car salesman felt I had too much time left on my lease. I don't believe I can prove I am in P.T. because of the car's threshold. Has anyone else had any of these issues with this car??? UPDATE: September 23, 2016. I was told by my salesman that the Mercedes-Benz manager would call me shortly after I wrote the original review, but in all of these months I've never gotten any contact at all. I guess I've given up calling or talking to them, since I don't think I can prove that I have been in physical therapy since July 2015 because of the seat design and also having to lift my right leg over the threshold ( causing me to literally fall into the driver's seat). That repetitive motion, over the first few months, caused nerve pain from my lower back down to my right knee. All the other issues I listed are the same...I still have problems with all of them and I'm actually afraid of this car ! I am hoping to get rid it when my lease is closer to 20 months old. I am thinking of several other car brands: maybe BMW or Acura. UPDATE: October 2017. Nothing has really changed, still in physical therapy...EXCEPT I've gotten closer to finishing my lease. HURRAY!! I can hardly wait to get rid of this poorly designed "luxury" car!

  • Love my C 300 - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I stepped down from two ML 350's I miss all of the space that I had and the room in the rear seats. Three people in the rear is very craped, but it is a much smaller car. Performance is great. Great acceleration and handling. Gas mileage is a real treat aft3r my ML 350. Getting in and out is more difficult but I can deal with that. I got the LED headlights becauser the standard headlights were very poor. Quality is like a MB should be. Truck quality is inferior. Back up mirror is way below my ML. but it works. Waning systems is inferior but lane changing warnings are excellent. I do not like the run flat tires but that is the way it comes. I have a three year lease and am already thinking that I will go bigger next time for more room for passengers. No problem with butttons or cotrols. Bluetooth was a problem for a while but I think that problem is solve.

  • Stay away - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    My car is 6 months only and has been in service 6 times many electrical problems. The build quality is terrible. Led lights going out, rattles, popping and cracking noises in radio, keyless go issues, loose parts p, engine errors, hard shifting tranny. Hoping I can get it declared a lemon by far the worst built car I ever owned it made my Cadillac look reliable. Most of my loaners were c300's as well and most of them had issues too. Mercedes you let me down back to bmw I go.

  • Please read this before you drive it off the lot. - 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I loved this car - and still do to a point. However, I noticed when I was driving off the lot that speakers were making a buzzing sound. I honestly thought it must be in my head so I kept going. 6 months later, I've had it in for this to be repaired for three days and it still does it. Internet forums are filled with users complaining that their premium Burmeister sound system buzzes and rattles. Some dealerships claim they can't hear it. One forum poster said he's had it in 9 times to fix the buzz. Yesterday, I made a video of EXACTLY how to reproduce it here. https://youtu.be/VjPDFnf6TOI Please do yourself an enormous favor and try this test to confirm that your new car does not buzz. Once you buy it, odds are it is permanent. I would not have spent 70k on this car knowing this.

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