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For 2013, the C-Class sees a number of changes that include a larger (3.5-liter) V6 for the C300 4Matic that delivers better performance and fuel economy than the former 3.0-liter V6. The C-Class also gains a fuel-saving automatic engine stop-start feature (C300 4Matic and C350), available adaptive cruise control, standard mbrace2 smartphone-integrated telematics and a newly available Sport Plus package.

  • Meticulously engineered and constructed
  • Refined ride and handling
  • Rip-roaring C63 AMG model.
  • Excellent brakes
  • Diverse engine and model lineup
  • Good fuel economy
  • All-wheel drive only available with one engine.
  • Smaller and pricier than some competitors

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  • My dad's c250 sport sedan - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    My dad bought a c250 sport sedan used with 8900 miles from RBM north. He has put 21 thousand miles on it in least than a year, he loves it. It is like driving a go kart it's a true sport sedan. The brakes are outstanding, the handling is sublime, the acceleration is great. The build quality is top notch the door panels are solid the gaps between the panels are practically invisible, no other car is built as good as a MB. Average 23 mpg, maintenance is inexpensive , hasn't given any problems. The interior is well designed, luxurious and looks interesting with two tone MB tex. Dual exhaust should come standard as well as 18 inch wheels. Back seats are cramped and narrow.

  • C-300 Sport Great Value - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I just turned in my 2010 E350 Coupe for the C300 Sport 4Matic for weather issues. While it doesn't have the speed of the E350 (which of course, it is not meant to), it is spry and actually more fun to drive as the car has no blind spots and you can zip in an out of city traffic with ease. (I am 5' 3" and can see over the roof.) I love it!!! Great traction on wet roads and the ECO option and the gas mileage are added benefits. Kept the same Panoramic Roof and stero system as I had in the E350. Couldn't be more pleased. I came from having BMWs and Volvos and Mercedes does it right!!

  • Used to love the car, but so unreliable... - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I used to love the car until recently, but I now cannot wait to get out of my lease. It is the perfect size for me, comfortable, easy to navigate, and have everything I need. However, I clearly got a defect car with a bad ignition system. The car is only 15 month old, and I got it as a brand new. I have less than 5,300 miles on it. Everything was fine for the first 1 year. Then in this April, I drove 30 miles away from my home, and parked on the side street for coffee. When I came back, I was not able to turn on the engine, and MB Roadside Assistance told me that the key didn’t recognize my car. I had to wait for 3 hours to get my car towed. It took 2 weeks for MB to replace the igni

  • Great starter benz - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    ive been researching about this car for months and im going to say what i wanted others to say in their reviews. the car isnt huge, but it is roomy im 5'7 and i fit prefect in the back seat, my step-father who is at least 6 foot also fit fine in the back, of course hes not going to want to be there for a long drive or a road trip but this car isnt small for the average person or average family. the power another story, there isnt much turbo lag maybe 2 or 3 seconds then you're off!. forgot to mention the system for the younger buyers that like that kind of thing its a great system. its no hardon kardon system but it will do its job and do it well. overall if you're looking for a starter benz

  • Good MB but short on comfort - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    The good: recent 1600 mile trip to MSY over thanksgiving netted 27.5 mpg overall. 650 mile hwy trips with slight tail wind netted 28 - 30 mpg at 80mph. Here in STL around town and commuting to work I average 26 mpg. So not bad for all wheel drive. The infotainment system is great, even the cheaper one like I have with the cheap nav. It's all u will need. Now for the bad: dash rattles a bit over rough roads. The sport ride is too stiff (I'm 35). The front seats are terrible... It was hell driving 10 hrs. I bought it because I wanted a MB but I probably should have gotten something else more comfortable. It is a great car but just not right for me. I'll keep 1 yr no more.

  • my c250 - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I have owned BMW’s, Jaguars etc and for the first time ever, I now own a Mercedes-Benz (We’ll call it MB). Although I have owned the car for a few months only, so I far I can safely say ‘no regrets’. After shopping for a new car, I finally had narrowed it down 5 choices… The Jag XJ type, the Licoln MKS, Ford Explorer and the MB GLK. Then it all came down to the Lincoln MKS or the GLK (what a contrast hu?) and I chose the GLK. Well, one thing led to another at the show room and I ended up driving the c250 out of the lot. Why? Let’s just say it drove like a champ– and with a twin turbo (fully warranted under MB for 5 years and a special offer of free services for 3 years) it feels like you ar

  • nice if you like to drive a sewing machine - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    Having traded in a G37 for this car, I am totally disappointed. The engine is noisy and is now making a clattering sound that the dealership is trying to figure out. I never had any sound issues with the G37. Also, the performance is terrible. I got the same mileage with the 328HP Infiniti as I do with this Mercedes and I didn't have to deal with a turbo and the lag. By the way, the turbo lag is terrible. If you stomp on the accelerator in E mode, you can fry an egg in the time you will wait for the transmission to get in gear to move the car. All in all, this car is a terrible disappointment and I cannot understand why it gets such great reviews.

  • Much better than the 2011 Model - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I've driven the 2013 C300 Luxury for 5000 miles. It is far better than the older 2011 with the increase in horsepower from 228 to 248 - it really moves now with the 7-speed. My gas mileage is 21mpg around town and has reached 30 mpg on highway trips (~65 mph). The exterior is neater and interior comfortable - it is well made and solid. It has the mBrace system, with Sirius radio, Bluetooth capability, and navigation (which works unexpectedly well). I accepted a rear camera, that works well but not something I would have normally purchased. Not too happy with the stop-start ECO feature, but it has worked flawlessly so far (it can be turned off, but must be turned off each trip).

  • HANG ON TIGHT! - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    Purchased my '13 C63 AMG with the P31 AMG Development Package and Carbon Fiber option over labor day weekend. In a word, this car is..ridiculous. Cross shopped the CTS-V / Audi S5 / BMW M3. If you are looking for the best handling car with the best driving dynamics to track on the weekend - buy the M3. This car has intoxicating torque and the exhaust is a symphony. If you're looking for the equivalent of a German muscle car at a decent price point that will make you smile during your DD time - then consider this car.

  • class all it's own - 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    By -

    I purchased my 2013 C300 luxury 4matic in November of 2012. The new dash redesign inspired by the E-Class was a big improvement over the old design. The ext and int fit and finish is flawless. Great V6 acceleration. The ride is firm, smooth & quiet. The opt leather seats are firm & comfortable but lack a full range of adjustment for the front seat bottoms. I get 27-30 mpg on the highway. 7 spd trans shifts smoothly. Nav system works well. Blind spot warning feature is excellent. Get the keyless go feature. Glove box is to small. The blue tooth phone system is very clear to the person being called. The last C-Class to be built in Germany for the US market. A car to keep for a long time.

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