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  • So I pulled the trigger - 2016 Mazda CX-9
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    I ended up with a Grand Touring, not Touring. After 2 weeks of driving, I brought the rating down to 4 stars. - The driving dynamic with 2.5T engine takes getting used to. Although powerful in 2-4K RPM range, the engine gets to 3-4K RPM relatively quickly and then the power tempers off. I wish the engine was more powerful overall. The driving and handling are still a lot of fun and it's hard to believe one is driving a 3-row SUV. - The braking assist system is overly sensitive. The first two days of driving in suburban NJ it went off on me four times! When it does, the experience is both unpleasant and potentially dangerous, as the car brakes hard and I feel I can get slammed by someone else by from behind. The system can be turned off, but it comes back on every time you restart the engine. What I realize now is that the system is forcing me to drive more carefully and break sooner than I am used to! This might not be such a bad thing. - I turned off the lane keep assist since it's more annoying than helpful. - The driver's seat is uncomfortable - it is hard and the raised sides, although providing great support, add to the discomfort. I am not a "wide" guy in any way, so I wonder how uncomfortable the seat can be for someone big. - infotainment system is fine. Once you get used to it, it's not bad to operate at all. - the looks are impressive still, inside and out. The car is often confused with Infinity (what an insult!). The Bose sound is great. The hunt: When CX-9 appeared at local dealerships only a couple of weeks ago, I test-drove it twice before going on the actual "shopping expedition". That day I drove Honda Pilot, CX-9, Toyota Highlighter and Acura MDX. I dismissed Highlighter right away as it seems to offer and do everything that Pilot does, only a little worse in every aspect. The Pilot is the ultimate family SUV and I see why there are so many of them on the roads already. Coming from my Odyssey, I can say it is a blend of SUV and Mini-van. The engine is strong enough. The car is roomy and full of tech. The problem to me was that it is a good and solid choice, but unexceptional in every way, from the looks to the engine to the driving/handling dynamic. Acura MDX drove very nicely, but I didn't like the central console layout and its third row space was the smallest of the bunch. Just like with Honda, I see why there are so many of them on the roads. MDX didn’t excite me and for the $10K more than CX-9 (although MDX would offer more bells-and-whistles), I better feel excited. CX-9 felt like the perfect blend of sportiness, luxury, and practicality. I was so impressed that I decided not to wait another year or so to gather feedback from actual drivers and let the company buffer out the little issues that normally plague new technologies. I had to have it! I ended up with Touring with the Package as it seems to offer the best value for the buck, and found it at about 3K below the MSRP. I ordered it in the Machine Metallica Gray (that’s the color in all the ads) with black interior. The dealer will need to find or order one for me. Style The looks are subjective, of course, but I love the sleek exterior styling. To me, this is the only non-luxury 3-row sitter that doesn’t look like the designer started with a minivan and tried to smooth it out. The cabin feels like BMX X5 and the higher central divider creates a feeling of a closer space, similar to a racecar cockpit. The info-tainment screen is not intrusive since I look over it and it does not obscure any of the windshield window. Inside material quality is excellent. Space I am 6’ even. I adjusted the driver’s seat and the seat behind the driver for my height, and then could relatively painlessly fit in the third row behind that. The car is definitely not as spacious as my mini-van, but I can see how the third row can accommodate a couple of adults for 1-2 hours if needed, and kids or even teenagers may find it to be even more tolerable, if not comfortable. The second row is definitely comfortable for two adults and spacious enough for three. When I read the numbers, I knew CX-9 was supposed to be less spacious than the competition, but it did not feel this way in real life. Perhaps, the 1-2” difference is simply not noticeable in real life. Nevertheless, I am sure I’ll miss all the space I am now enjoying in the minivan. Driving I was truly impressed by the driving power and dynamic. Driving three turbo cars in the past, I can say that this CX-9 has very little turbo lag. The engine feels like a typical V6, only more powerful at the initial pickup. The car handles very well and feels much smaller and lighter in turns. One quickly forgets that this is a 3-row SUV. Driving dynamic is where the car really shines. Road noise This is one of very few gripes I have with my wife’s CX-5, however, Mazda handled it well with CX-9. The roads noise is low and car feels luxurious.

  • Love my 2016 CX-9 - 2016 Mazda CX-9
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    If you like performance test drive this car after others you may be looking at. There is no comparison to the CX-9 drive in this class. This baby moves. Love the interior. Super quiet and roomy. And it looks awesome! I could use some better gas mileage though but still getting used to the cars algorithms. Weirdly Mazda thinks that you need 4 full gallons as reserve in the tank. Still working through that. But overall love the upgrade from my 2010 CX-9.

  • Luxury for a non-luxury price - 2016 Mazda CX-9
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    I have been shopping for a third row SUV for a few months now and have been looking at the Q7, MDX, Q60 and the Pilot. The CX-9 by far has the best look of them all and the technology you get out of it for the money is amazing. Ride is very comfortable, quiet, and sporty. Literally stands behind what is said as being a driver's SUV. It gives you the feeling of wanting to take it out for a spin for fun. Now the power of 250hp is a bit less than the competition but not by much. The torque is at 310lb-ft which engages at 1700 RPM so instant power for your everyday driving. The CX-9 is definitely built for your regular everyday driver which is why this is a BIG score for Mazda. On top of it all none others get the gas mileage this one gets either. 21city/27hwy. Give it a shot, compare it yourself and you will be impressed.

  • We chose it over the Q7 and XC90 - 2016 Mazda CX-9
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    Now that we have had the CX-9 for about a month I feel I am qualified to provide a detailed review. We have a 2016 in the Signature trim. We also have a 2015 BMW 328i X and we traded in a 2011 Honda Odyssey. Believe it or not, I was looking at the new Audi Q7 and the Volvo XC90 and chose the CX-9 over both of them (and not just because the Mazda is $20k less). In short, we love the Mazda and I feel it is the best car we have ever owned (I have owned about 7 cars). We needed the utility of an SUV/Van that fits 7, but wanted better driving dynamics than the Odyssey. While we lost some of the utility of the van, the Mazda is almost as fun to drive as our BMW. For $45k, the overall level of refinement and luxury is amazing. The car is by far the quietest car I have ever had and almost everything has been well thought and executed. With every car I have owned I frequently thought to myself, why did they do it that way – did they ever drive the car after they designed it? With the Mazda I thought yes, that makes perfect sense (with very few exceptions). Both the interior and exterior styling are great and the car feels so much lighter and smaller than it actually is. The 4 cylinder engine provides more than enough power and I have never felt I needed more. So far we are averaging about 23MPG in mixed driving. All seats are comfortable and the access to the third row and space in the third row is fine for our needs – occasional car pooling for short rides with pre-teen kids (we have two kids). The ride is a great combination of compliant and sporty. It is far more forgiving over broken pavement than either my BMW or the Odyssey, but it is still fairly fun to throw into a curve. I think Mazda has a real winner here and they could compete directly with Audi and Volvo if they just added the option for a few more features: front parking sensors, heated steering wheel, birds eye overhead view, real time traffic on the nav, vented seats, Apple Car Play, and a 10 way driver’s seat. For the $20k difference in price, I was willing to go without these, but if they could make them an option for $5-$10k, that would the decision a no brainer. The Audi and Volvo have a few more available features, but they were not important to me. Further, I just don’t like the styling of the Q7. While it is a great to drive and loaded with tech, who wants a homely car? To me it looks like a bloated station wagon. The Volvo looks nice, but does not ride well. It has that typical truck/SUV bouncy ride. The Audi and Mazda drive more like a car. Further, the Volvo appears to have big quality problems in this, its first model year. I read the owner’s forums whenever I am considering a new car and there are many, many owners complaining about problems they have with the Volvo. Both the Audi and Mazda don’t have nearly the number of complaints. In summary, highly recommended.

  • zoom zoom for real great suv - 2016 Mazda CX-9
    By -

    Shop around and ask to see dealer invoice ..if possible. Also use Edmonds .com/ true car / costco/ and AARP for quotes before you go to dealerships to price the car.

  • 3rd Awesome CX-9 - 2016 Mazda CX-9
    By -

    new model - redesign is awesome, safety tech additions put it up with BWM, Audi, and Mercedes

  • BMW Of Japan....ultimate Zoom Zoom machine! - 2016 Mazda CX-9
    By -

    I have always been a Mazda fan, have had Mazda 929 and MX-6 while in college and the new CX-9 exceeds exceptions in every way. The car truly feel the interiors and ride is at par with any premium brands. I had been contemplating to buy a Honda Pilot or a CX-9 since last year, but wanted to wait for this years model. And it has been all worth the wait. Pilot felt bulky, unstable and plasticy. CX-9 on the other hand is top class luxury. Being an owner of BMW, I can definitely say for the the handling of a SUV, this is the best of its class for the money. Mazda has hit a home run with the new CX-9. Sporty and luxurious. Best compliment the car received was when a co worker thought it was a Lexus...(of course he had no knowledge of the logo's). Engine is punchy in the right RPM however I would have preferred an option for a bigger engine. You cannot tell you are driving a 2.5 turbo unless you hit the lag at lower RPM, which you would notice only once in a while. Passing and lane changing is a breeze and its a pleasure to drive. I would recommend this SUV as a perfect family hauler.

  • Better than Pilot - 2016 Mazda CX-9
    By -

    Great for 3rd row access with 2 car seats in 2nd row. Honda did not think of this for the pilot

  • A FLop Instead of a Pop on Trim/Color Options - 2016 Mazda CX-9
    By -

    Have looked at every brand for a replacement second vehicle and are looking for comfort and ease of driving. Mazda has entered the higher end price market with the CX-9. In most repsects, it competes head-to-head with its comparably priced SUV rivals, some with 3rd row seating and others without it. The climate and infotainment controls and functions are the best/easiest we tested, and access to the 3rd row is excellent for its size. Handling and performance also get an "A". There are only a few things that keep it from being best of breed, all of which led to our not buying the vehicle. First, the interior color choices are limited across the exterior color pallate. Only black interior is offered for most exterior colors on the Grand Touring trim, including silver that is popular in this region. The Signature model (top of the line) is offered in very nice leather, but only in one, somewhat tackey, if not ugly, two-tone, color pallette. This makes the interior look cheap though the materials are not. The height and tilt range for the driver's power seat on the GT and Signature should be enlarged ( either in the existing 8-way or as a new 10 way), and the 4-way passenger power seat should be at least 8-way, like its Volvo, BMW, and America competitors. Heated/Cooled front seats would hit it out of the park. Last, there is no front parking assist. Front beepers would be ok, and a surround camera would be a plus and bring the CX-9 in line with its Asian competitors. With the Signature model selling for over $45K, Mazda has placed itself in a higher class with this SUV. The targeted market for this class of vehicle can afford, and should be given more interior/exterior color combinations at the Grand Touring and Signature levels and certainly more power seat positioning options. We hope Mozda will make some changes in this SUV so folks like us can buy one.

  • New 2016 cx9 signature - 2016 Mazda CX-9
    By -

    Fantastic SUV. Don't let the 4cyl turbo dissuade you. More torque than competitors and uses Regular unleaded. Needs 3rd row climate control in Desert climate. Bose is spectacular. All safety features great except the City braking feature to sensitive at times. Ingress and egress to third row good , however 3rd row is not for adults . Power band on the low to mid range . Once more the 5k rpm power tapers off significantly. Outside styling is spectacular. 20 in wheels ride comfort is above average. Interior color scheme nice. Materials are soft and comfortable. Mpg initially 16 avg. but has improved to 20 combined. Hwy 26 is almost as rated. Overall the drivers choice for an SUV for sheer driving dynamics. Transmission is smooth as silk. Only the highlander and pilot come in around a 7/10 and 8/10 respectively. Mazda is 10/10. Mazda hit this out of the park. Extremely capable family hauler with style and pizzaz. It's obvious that at Mazda, driving matters!!

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