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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Mazda CX-5 is all new.

  • Very good fuel economy
  • Agile driving dynamics.
  • Stylish design
  • No optional engine upgrade
  • Mediocre sound and navigation systems.

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  • After one week - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    This car makes weird noises. The motor sounds like birds chirping and it makes me nervous. Is it supposed to sound like this? Sure wish I had a rear camera. The visibility is bad over the shoulder. Interior noise is fair. Car is bulky for it's actual size. Handling is pretty amazing. Really holds the road. Very fun drive. However very little power, but probably enough for normal driving. Not a race car, but kinda handles like one. Boasts some good gas mileage, but haven't experienced that yet. I hope it's just because it needs to be "broken in".

  • Just got a GT ! - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    We were having issues finding CX-5's in South Florida but found a good assortment at Ocean Mazda in Doral, FL. First of all, let me start of by saying that i've been looking into buying a car for the past year 2 years but never pulled the trigger. I've test driven the new RAV4, CR-V, and a few other used vehicles. They weren't enough 'checks in the box' for all of them meaning there was always some sort of compromise. Well, I bought a white Grand Touring with leather, bose audio system and moonroof for 27K on May 5th. This is the complete package. Great looks, great interior, great features, great driving feel, and great MPG. Power is average compared to my 4.0L Tacoma but no complaints.

  • Nice Car - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    I like my Cx-5. It doesn't have the get up and go my old explorer had, but it has excellent room in the front and back seats and plenty of room in the back when you drop the seats. It has better gas mileage than the Explorer. I like everything about my Cx-5 except the Tom-Tom GPS. It is overpriced and looks like a cartoon. It works most of the time. I have owned my Cx-5 for 4 months now and am happy with my purchase, except the gps. It recently told me to update the maps because the information is 14 months old. I contacted my local dealer and now they want to charge me $280. for an update disk. The GPS cost $500 initially now they want more than half to update it. Good car, bad gps.

  • CX-5 PROBLEMS - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    I had this car for 3 month 10,000 miles So far many problems showing up Excessive gas consumption is not as dealers told me from 11.0l/km to 11.0km/h in the city without AC an only driver In emergency situation you can go over 160km/h only down hill you can get 180km/h although limit in the car is 190km/h The battery will discharge after couple hrs. when you're in music and you will need AAA to restart your car A lot of noises inside of the car seems like old car and the noise of the engine is like a oil issue The blind spot monitor is not good to trust because sometimes can not detect a big truck in one side of you or sometimes stay active all time without cars in the sides & more.

  • My 2013 CX 5 - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    Hi, Got my Silver metalic CX-5 sport model two months back. Ride quality is very good. Acceleration feels slightly under powered as it feels little sluggish while changing lanes or moving after a stop light, the brighter side it's fuel efficient. No regrets. Love it so far.

  • Feels more expensive than it is, still... a few bugs - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    Fully loaded CX5 GT AWD is fun to drive and feels higher lux than you'd expect. 19" wheels give a stiffer ride than I hoped - Mazda should offer 18"s I think as an option. Since April 2012, 28 MPG city. Need to carefully modulate gas pedal to optimize performance without slipping into passing gear, but even so, good accelleration. Overall, nice. Problems: A/C fuse blown at purchase - blew warm air at idle- Fixed. Noticed a gear slip, momentary RPM redline, and "clunk" when engaging passing gear at highway speeds - Not Fixed yet. Ordered rear sensing system - beeps constantly in Reverse - Not Fixed yet. Could use better TomTom nav controls (zoom lock) and a constant compass readout somewhere.

  • 21005 miles so far - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    I've owned this vehicle since April. It now has 21005 miles on it. The following is my experience with this CX5 Grand Touring FWD. Mazda, the Tom Tom navigation system is a HUGE disappointment. I've updated the maps (twice) using Tom Tom home (which one must be able to do on their own home computer- you out of luck if you’re not tech savvy), and it factory reset 4 time ( based on the recommendation of the Tom Tom support staff) This hasn’t helped. The GPS has lead me down dead end roads, constantly lost the GPS signal in the middle of a route, routed traffic the absolutely longest route possible, instructed me to turn with no road, jumped off the route into neighborhoods along the interstate and navigated thru neighborhoods I’d rather have not visited. The navigation system has limited ability to zoom out so one could see a “short cut” or the way to the nears main road. Once zoomed out, it loses the small roads. It has been in the Mazda shop twice. Today, they are putting a new antenna on the vehicle. I no longer trust the navigation system, (which is one reason I bought this vehicle) . I keep my Droid phone available and a paper map. This was never an issue when I owned a Honda Touring Van- with maps on it from 2007. Next, when programing the GSP ( BECAUSE OF SAFETY LOCK IT CAN ONLY BE PROGRAMED WHEN THE VEHICLE IS NOT IN MOTION) this is a HUGE safety issue for me. At times, I just want to get out of a neighborhood, as a home health nurse. I’ve learned don’t keep driving somewhere I don’t know, however, stopping is not such a good plan either. While programing the GPS, the air conditioner vent freezes my hand. There is no back air, so people sitting in the back seat are forced to sweat while the air is turned off, or the one programming the GSP must take breaks to warm their hands to keep them from freezing. The driver’s seat has clips which are supposed to hold the leather material clipped to the underneath side of the seat. These clips continually come unattached causing the seat material to slide around. This will have to be replaced. There is no arm rest for the driver’s seat right side. The left arm can use the door. I’ve had to use a pillow to support my arm on long trips. Obviously I have driven quite a bit since late April with 21005 miles. A back light at the hatchback would be MOST helpful while loading and unloading at night. The little lights in the front and middle do not offer enough light for the rear of the car. My tire sensor has gone off, indicating a low tire. Which one?? Who knows! There is no indication of which tire, so each and every tire must be checked. The mechanic who checked it in a small town in northern Arkansas said each tire had exactly the specified air. Mazda hooked it up to the computer and I was told that my tire was low, however it was fine now. I added no air, and did not have the tires rotated (which may cause a problem I’ was told). But now, miraculously, the air has been restored. I wonder if there is a faulty sensor? Gas mileage has been between 26 and 30 in the city (I have lots of hills here) and 30 – 33 on the highway. It takes a little umph to get this car moving to pass. These are all little things – except the navigation system-. I love my heated seats, automatic garage door opener, the sporty style, the amazing rocking sound system and the overall drive. Would I buy it again…. Maybe Update: Mazda dealership bent over backwards, lending me a Garmin to attach to the dashboard and after several attempts, including replacing the GPS system and antenna, the GPS is working. It occasionally loses signal and goes into the searching for GPS signal mode, however this is rare. The Tom Tom system isn’t as user friendly as the Honda system, Google maps or a Garmin, however using Tom Tom and Google maps, I have an accurate map.

  • My favorite Mazda yet! - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    I purchased my zeal red 2013 Mazda CX-5 in AWD touring package in January 2013. I absolutely love this vehicle! This is my 3rd Mazda. My first was a 2004 3 touring (GS), and the second was a 2007 3 GT Sport hatch. I purchased the CX-5 because I wanted an awd vehicle with good fuel economy. The exterior is beautiful, interior is simple, yet clean and easy to look at. Fuel economy is wonderful (actually better than my Mazda 3GT was!) I have no complaints about this purchase. Yes it is slightly underpowered, but I only notice that while merging onto the highway. I almost bought a CX-7 I test drove a few months prior to this and WOW am I ever glad I didn't.

  • Love my Mazda - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    I had been searching on the internet for three months for a new car. I had decided between the Mazda CX5 and the Mitsubishi Outlander. The day I did my test drives I found the CX5 to be far superior to the Outlander. The Mazda has lots of pep as opposed to the Outlander's sluggish acceleration. Also, my husband is 6'6'' and he found the CX5 to be more comfortable. The CX5 also has more space in the hatchback. The fuel economy is also excellent. It's great to have a car that is economical and a blast to drive!!!

  • 3 Series to CX-5, no regrets! - 2013 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    We loved our 2006 330i dearly - but we were conscious about the spiralling fuel costs as well as ptential maintenance cost for the bimmer though we were yet to have any. My wife and I were int he market for a long time and I had 3 cars that I was considering - GMC Terrain, Honda CRV and well, a used Q5. And that is when I drove the CX5. I new that the 2.0 litre engine will never satisfy coming from the 3 litre Bimmer V6. I was just hoping that it does not disappoint me completely. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the capability of the mazda powertrain. I could live with it. For my priorities this was the overal winner.

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