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  • One great Lexus - 2016 Lexus GX 460
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    You cannot go wrong buying the Lexus GX 460 premium

  • Best most comfortable suv - 2016 Lexus GX 460
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    It is very comfortable and quiet.

  • This Is My Second Lexus GX - 2016 Lexus GX 460
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    Drove a 2006 Lexus GX for 10 years and 130,000 miles. Not one problem from the day I drove it off the dealer's lot. In August 2016 I purchased a new 2016 GX 460. It is a solid car; extremely quiet and the workmanship is high quality. Very pleased with it. I looked a numerous SUVs ( not crossovers ) and kept coming back to the Lexus GX. For the money it is a good value. Anticipate driving this one for another 10 years.

  • My 1st Lexus - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    I love this car! For all the complaints listed in the Edmunds rating, I'm not finding them to be true. I will definitely be buying another in the future.

  • Please make a V8 4Runner again Toyota! - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    Let me start by saying we did NOT buy this because of the badge on the hood! I have read so many comments at the bottom of reviews for the GX that rip it shreds and proclaim it nothing more than a mall crawler, trophy wife truck and an outdated one at that. I will not disagree that in many instances those comments apply, but I applaud Toyota for offering a BOF SUV with a V8, I only wish I didn't have to buy a Lexus to get it. This vehicle is for my wife, and yes she's my trophy and yes she does a fair amount of mall crawling, BUT....we also regularly tow a travel trailer and aren't afraid to traverse trails, cross small streams or other off road activities with bikes mounted on the roof, kids and dogs in the back. We actually NEED capability and USE it! I am a long time Toyota fan, having owned multiple Tacomas and Lexus LS400's when I was in sales and I can't say enough good about their quality and longevity. I sold my last LS400 with 267k on the odometer running strong! With a travel trailer, two kids and a dog the '03 Tacoma double cab V6 wasn't cutting it for tow duties any longer and we test drove and fell in love with the 4Runner's looks and attitude. What I didn't fall in love with was the 4.0L V6 and 4,700 lb tow rating. With that bad news, my research led me to the "Lexified" version of the 4Runner, aka GX460. From the moment we drove it, she loved the interior feel, looks(controversial) and smooth V8. I liked the 6,500lb tow rating and the interior upgrades over the 4Runner. We looked at Tahoes/Yukons but didn't need that much size, looked at Jeep GC's but wanted a 3rd row and also looked at the Land Rover LR4. I absolutely loved the LR4 and was smitten with it's feel, looks, heritage and off road prowess. She didn't care for it at all, and since we plan to keep this vehicle for a long time I figured it was much wiser to go with a Toyota rather than a Land Rover. I quickly realized that Toyota took a smart pill and figured out "Why sell a V8 4Runner, when you can push consumers to the Lexus brand?" We bought in hook, line and sinker. It's a great truck, albeit heavy,thirsty, and expensive but if you want or need to tow and go off road your choices are pretty limited these days. I'm confident it will serve us well for years to come. If you don't have a need for "duty" get an RX or one of the other countless lifted sedans out there.

  • Loooooooove!!! - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    Just traded in my 2013 RX for the 2016 GX, which is what I should have gotten in the first place instead of the RX. Can't say enough about how much I love it. Great ride -- feels much more substantial than the RX (although the RX was great), and has all the features I need. Yes, the new remodeled RXs definitely have more bells and whistles but the GX is fantastic!

  • Love this SUV - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    This is my second GX. My first was a 2012. I am always surprised by the expert reviews of this SUV. I have driven a Subaru outback, a Volvo XC70, a Toyota highlander and a Chevy Suburban and none of them can come close to the performance of the GX in the snow. I live in Wisconsin and missing a workday due to snow is not an option for me. I have been on the interstate in three blizzards this winter alone and the GX is solid on the road. The gas milage well outperforms stated (22-23) and in a SUV with true 4 wheel drive capability I am pleased. Unlike my husband's suburban, and my neighbors Mercedes and BMW, my 2012 GX has had no mechanical issues, even minor, ever! I traded only for new tech options and safety features and because my neighbor wanted to buy my 2012. I wonder if the reviewers have ever really driven in snow... because the is no better SUV in my mind. My teenagers often use the third row and have never complained. The way the back door swings open, even when parallel parked has never been an issue. The blind spot is huge and the addition of the blind spot monitor will be welcome, I did not have it on my 2012.

  • 2016 GX460 - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    This is the SUV, not crossover or anything like the BMW X5 or Acura MDX. It drives like a true SUV should be. I have less then 1000 miles on it. I consider it as a full size and luxury type of the Toyota FJ curser. Which is the go everywhere kind of vehicle. I am very happy with the vehicle.

  • GX is great - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    This is our third GX. Our '04 GX 470 had almost 200k miles. It's cooling pipe went bust on the freeway, by the time we pulled to the next exit it over heated. It ran another 6 months afterwards before we sold it to CarMax. We bought the new '15 GX and it was totaled a month later after being rear ended by a careless driver. The frame buckled and the rear bumper had the guys front end imprinted on it. I was able to walk away with only a stiff neck.. the other driver had a fractured jaw, broken arm and leg and ribs. The GX saved my live. We bought our third GX a few weeks later. This is a heavy traditional SUV, the acceleration is measured and "stately". Fuel economy is in the high teens, not bad for this type of vehicle. Handling is good if you get used to the truckiness. On the freeway, it is stable and quiet. It's not the quickest, but it does get to 80 to 90 mph before you know it. The only complains I have is the poor placement of the two USB ports in the center console. When plugged in, the sliding hatch cover have to be open. And there are no power ports for the 2'nd row. It got a little irritation having to charge the Kids' ipads on long trips. The Lexus roof rack cross bars are nice looking, however, they sit too close to the roof making tying down cargo a bit difficult. also you need a Torx key to move them. I liked the old GX's roof rack, with plenty of tie in points to strap your cargo.

  • A tank - 2016 Lexus GX 460
    By -

    I don't get this. Why is this truck not getting 5 stars in every review . I traded a 2014 VW Touareg TDI for the Lexus. I got tired of the running that the dealer give me. ( Is normal is a German car, is build for performance). Well, in my eyes , the most important thing is to get me where i want to go without having to call a tow truck. Lexus , please don't pay attention to all these spring journalist that think , they know what and how a truck should perform. Please keep making this truck the way it is. I would love to have that 2.8 diesel engine that is been sold everywhere around the world but <<<< for now i will settle for this silk smooth 4.6 engine . Maybe a little turbo ??? next generation ?? in about four years .

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