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  • Great vehicle, very happy - 2016 Kia Soul
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    We just purchased a 2016 Kia Soul.. After giving several makes and model's much consideration and alot of research we test drove the Soul. My wife and I love it.. Why ? For one this car has a great smooth ride for such a short wheelbase. It's surprisingly quiet as well. We traded a 2011 Hyundai Sonata for this and although it never gave us any trouble this Kia out performed the Sonata in ride and noise level. The base model which we bought has alot of great feature's for the money. The visiblity out of the window's is nice. Your a little higher off the ground than the new sedan's out there. As for the storage space there is plenty for a little car. No, your not going to haul lumber home with it but the rear storage compartment is well thought out. My wife has back problem's and the vehicle height is just right. You don't have to get "down into it". or climb up either. The seat's are firm yet comfortable. It come's with a great warranty as well. Acceleration- It's no speed demon unless you floor it but we were'nt looking for that . At take off it's a little slow at first but does well just the same. The braking is responsive and handling is nice too. There are three levels of steering sensitivity you can control with one button while your driving. Comfort, which give's the steering wheel a more luxury car feeling,, medium,, and sport for a quicker response. It has bluetooth and a ton of nice features in the radio. I'm 54 and have owned everything from 70's Cadillac land yacht's to pickup truck's and I have to say that in initial quality and and all around comfort the Kia Soul is suprisingly smooth and comfortable. It's just plain fun and economical to drive..

  • Fun car and a great value! - 2016 Kia Soul
    By -

    I shopped for a Soul a year ago and ended up buying a Honda Civic instead. No knock on the Civic, but it just wasn't the right car for me, and I found myself still looking. I came back around to the Soul. Kia had special financing, and the dealer was offering a better deal than I could find a year ago, so I took the plunge and bought the 2016 Soul+ with the Audio/Nav package. Wow! I'm so glad I bought it! I love the extra driving height and extra headroom. There's more room in the back seat. There's more cargo room. It's fun to drive. Acceleration is good with the 2.0 liter engine. Handling is good. Pro reviewers talk about "numb" steering but I don't notice it. It drives and handles fine. That said, it's not a sports car so don't buy this if that's what you want. It has lots of creature comforts like a great audio system that thumps you in the chest if you want it to, but can be tamed if desired. The nav system works well. I didn't think I wanted it, but now that I have it I use it often. I like the climate control system. I have it set and never need to touch it. It keeps the cabin comfortable no matter what the outside temp is. It has a large touch screen that is easy to use and pretty intuitive. You can check Kia's site for a full breakdown of features. For me the important thing is the features it has all work together to create a fun and comfortable driving experience. I've only had it a month so I can't comment on long term durability, but so far there's not a squeak, not a rattle, everything works flawlessly, and the materials and workmanship are first rate, especially for a vehicle in this price range. A+ for the Soul!

  • "ITS A SLEEPER" - 2016 Kia Soul
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    I looked and test drove tons of vehicles and the fact that I finally settled on my 2016 Kia Soul Exclaim w/ premium package amazes me. I wouldn't think originally that it would be the one. First the fact their isn't many on the road enabled me to get a good price unlike a Honda. Secondly it has a classic 6 speed automatic and NO CVT, I have the upgraded 2.0 which in this class is hard to get something thats not underpowered like the Subaru cross trek. The 2.0 has more then adequate power, my first drive on the highway I was sandwiched between a semi and a lane that was merging so I punched it and was very satisfied with the passing power. The vehicle is very easy to maneuver and drive, the back up camera is very helpful. I have the 8" touchscreen infotainment and it's very responsive the navigation is on a SD card but is excellent with lane guidance. The leather seats are nice and comfortable I will say the passenger seat sits kinda low but I don't care I'm not the passenger. I also have the upgraded infinity stereo and it sounds good but could be better maybe I need to play around with settings. One of my favorite features is the panoramic sunroof with power sunshade it really brightens up the inside of vehicle. In closing I'm very happy with my Kia Soul and really believe for the money it's a sleeper vehicle.

  • This little car is amazing - 2016 Kia Soul
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    I was looking for a Honda CR-Vibrations but decided to get the Kia Soul. No regrets. - The best infotainment in the market. - 10 way power - very comfortable - heated and cooled front seats. Heated rear seats. - Cooled glovebox - Panoramic moonroof. Spectacular! - Best warranty 10 years - Great design. Unique. - Smooth ride - Easy to get in and out

  • On NUMBER 2 - 2016 Kia Soul
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    This is the second Kia Soul that I have owned; the first being a 2011 (WHICH I LOVED, but can't drive standard anymore, which is why I had to buy new) I must say; I LOVED my old one, but this one... OMG SO MUCH nicer!!! More features for the base model (which is what I had before and now) MORE power, MORE room, MORE of everything... I am absolutely IMPRESSED with Kia and how much they have grown since the first few hit the market some years back (I owned a 99 Kia Sportage Convertable 4x4) the quality and pricing is SO awesome! I recommend these cars to anyone and everyone and turn non-believers to believers... Our family NOW owns 3 Kia's we are going onto 5 within the next few weeks... A Sorento (moms) Soul (mines) Sportage (my niece and her husband) and another niece who is going for an Optima and one of my sisters is looking at a Sportage for herself... We are TRULY becoming a family of Kia; absolutely LOVE the new Kia's! If you haven't switched; go take a look, a drive, etc and decide then... I give my Soul and A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • 2016 Kia Soul, big car ride in a smaller package ! - 2016 Kia Soul
    By -

    If you are looking for a smaller vehicle that rides like a big SUV but want something more economical, the Kia Soul may be for you. I did not want to pay 25 or 30 thousand for a conventional SUV. I was on a trip and rented a Soul for a week. After flying back home and getting into my car I realized how much I enjoyed and missed the Kia Soul. Very roomy with a smooth ride. Great storage especially when you fold down the rear seat. Paid a bit over 17 K. You cannot beat the Kia warranty. Vehicle quality is top notch, very solid vehicle, oh, they call it a wagon. I have the 1.6 L engine, I would suggest going with the 2.0 L engine if you live in a mountainous or hilly region of the country. If I keep it around 2000 rpm my mileage has been about 33 mpg on a regular basis. Overall, love the Soul, it is a fun and surprising vehicle to own.

  • First KIA purchase - 2016 Kia Soul
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    over all this is a great car it may seam small on the outside but inside it feels roomy. The telescoping wheel is a great feature with my long legs I can sit comfortably with the wheel close to me so my arms are not stretched out straight. My friends have commented on the amount of leg room they have in the back seat as well. the acceleration is a tad slow but with a 1.6 liter engine that should be expected. I opted for the manual transmission by choice, I love shifting on long car rides to help keep me awake. With that being said the shift knob is less than uncomfortable imagine a cue ball mounted on top because that's basically what they give you. The palm of my hand will start to hurt wile I'm stuck in traffic. I have purchased an aftermarket shift knob to replace it. The EPA rated gas mileage at 31 highway, but with good shifting and keeping with the 65mph speed limit I'm getting 34.5 mpg commuting 100 miles round trip to work and back each day. I do very little city driving, the highway is about 2 miles from my house and my work is about 7 miles from the exit so most of the miles I put on the car are true highway miles.

  • Kia has officially blown me away - 2016 Kia Soul
    By -

    Let me preface this review with the fact that my daily driver is a BMW X5, and my previous vehicles were Infiniti JX and 2 Lexus GX470's. So I tend to be very harsh when reviewing non-luxury cars (I absolutely can't stand my wife's Toyota Sienna, but then again, I don't have to drive it). We purchased this car primarily as a third family vehicle now that our son is driving. My goal was to find a nicely equipped vehicle with excellent safety and great visibility. Honestly, I wasn't too concerned with interior quality, fit/finish or ride quality. My goal was a decent car for around $20k. We looked at quite a few different cars: Mazda 3, VW Golf, Honda Fit, Honda Civic, and Toyota Corolla. After test driving the snot out of all the above named cars, we kept comparing everything to the Kia Soul. We ended up purchasing a 2016 Soul + with the audio and primo pkg's and some add ons (MSRP $25,550) for $21,325. We actually had an offer from a dealer that was 3 hours away for $20,680 but I didn't really feel like driving 6 hours round trip to save a few hundred dollars. What floored me is the fact that the Kia Soul absolutely blows away the competition for what you get for the money. The interior is excellent at this price point: Leather seating, a mixture of soft touch, hard touch surfaces and a very intuitive navigation/entertainment system with a feature called Evo that allows you to set notifications on various parameters such as traveling outside of a certain geographic radius, driving over a designated speed or driving past a set curfew (all of which are excellent for keeping track of your young drivers), plus the feeling of a spacious cabin. The ride is firm yet comfortable and cabin noise is far better then expected and the fact that for $21k you get auto on/off headlights, leather, navigation, keyless remote entry and keyless engine start, remote start, panoramic sunroof, upgraded audio system with subwoofer (that is actually pretty darn good), fog lights, LED interior lighting, speaker lighting, homelink rear view mirror, rear view camera, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, leather wrapped steering wheel, etc. Simply put, the Kia Soul was far better equipped for the selling price vs. all of the other cars we considered (the VW Golf was close to $30k for similar equipment and still didn't include cooled seats or heated rear seats). My only complaint is the cheap Nexen tires that came on the vehicle. They are pretty bad. Within the first week, we had a pretty light rain and I was spinning the tires from a stop. Needless to say, I took off the Nexen and put on Pirelli's and the difference in performance is not only night and day, but the road noise has improved as has the ride quality. The point of my review is that Kia was never on my radar screen, but my wife thought that the Soul was cute and quirky so I drove it expecting to quickly cross it off the list. I never expected this type of quality from a car that only cost $21,000. I remember sitting in an MBA class about 5 years ago with a fellow student doing an analysis of Kia and thinking to myself that "Kia will never be able to compete with the major automobile companies because they make cheap crap." Well, today I'm eating crow.... gladly. They've given us a very nice vehicle for a reasonable amount of money. Great job, Kia.

  • My "Soul" mate! - 2016 Kia Soul
    By -

    I was tired of the low seating of sports cars and sedans. Driving my Soul feels like a small SUV, solid, smooth, quiet, roomy, no blind spots. Love it!

  • My "Soul" mate! - 2016 Kia Soul
    By -

    I was tired of the low seating of sports cars and sedans. Driving my Soul feels like a small SUV, solid, smooth, quiet, roomy, no blind spots. Love it!

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