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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Kia Soul sees just a handful of minor changes, which include newly standard Bluetooth connectivity for the manual-transmission base model, power-folding outside mirrors for the "!" trim level and revised Kia badges for all.

  • Long warranty.
  • Ample passenger space
  • Funky style
  • User-friendly controls
  • Loads of available features
  • Low price
  • Stiff ride with 18-inch wheels.
  • Limited cargo room versus a few competitors

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  • Easy in and out - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    CD players are not available after 2013. We have a huge collection and that was desirable to us. The main driver has a paralyzed left leg, and getting in and out easily was our top priority. Very pleased.

  • Best car for the money!! - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    I've owned my 2012 Soul+ for a little over a year and have 17K miles on it and can't say enough about it. I love the Infinity sound system upgrade I got and would highly recommend it. It's pretty peppy which I like so I guess I can't complain too much about the fuel economy. I'm a large person at 6'2" and 350 pounds and this is the most comfortable vehicle to get in and out of I've ever had. I'm someone who loves to buy a new car every year (Sometimes even more frequently) but this car I will definitely be hanging on to for many years to come. I don't see how you can beat this vehicles options and warranty for how cheap they are. What a value!!

  • Kia Soul - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    I have recently purchased a 2013 Kia Soul. So far I have no complaints. The car is gas efficient which is key for me. The interior is very nice as well. It's my first experience buying a brand new car. { I have only purchased used cars in the past } so I can totally say buying a new car is wonderful. As far as the car, I just love it.

  • Fun pickup truck - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    This little car goes to Lowes and Home depot and handles everything I put in it including 2" x4"s x 8'-0 long.

  • LOVE my S-O-U-L! It's wonderSOUL! - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    I have had many new cars and trucks over the years, and by far I was the most impressed by the 2013 KIA Soul Exclaim I bought recently. The Exclaim is the top of the line Soul, but even the Base Soul is well loaded and an excellant value. But the Soul is more about value than "just" being inexpensive. I love the standard moon roof on a warn sunny day! It has remarkable quality...perfect paint, very well assembled, top crash test scores, all the safety equipment available, great looking vehicle that stands out compared to the common vanilla Corolla/Civics that you see everywhere. And the 100,000 mile 10 year warranty is just icing on the cake!

  • Great Little Car - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    We got a Soul+ with the 1.6L and are glad that we did. The over all ride is good. If you can, like I did, take off the factory tires and get a good set of tires like good year or such it will make the ride even better the tires that are on them are what they call hard tires and make for a bit of a bumpy ride not bad but it is there. Also you should understand that there are blind spots that are really bad that is cause of the back pilards are so thick. The shifting when down shifting in the auto can be a bit jerky. 1.6L has good amount of horse power enough to get you going when you need to. The real test for us anyway is the back seat lots and lots of room for tall people

  • I love it!! - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    I bought my Kia Soul ! In white back in November of 2013 and I have never been happier with a vehicle. Everywhere I went for the first year I owned it I received nothing but compliments from friends, coworkers and even strangers at gas stations and other places. The look from the outside made me think that the car was extremely small but when I stepped inside I realized I was wrong. Nearly 2 years later I've only had a problem with the spoiler and the aux input, which my dealership fixed for free and also washed, waxed, changed my oil and rotated my tires for free as well. Needless to say, it's a tiny car that packs a punch, I love to drive it everywhere and I will def choose Kia again.

  • The Soul is unique, stands out in a crowd, and a great value! - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    Kia and Hyundai are the same company, and both build great, value packed vehicles. The KIAs are more targeted towards people who like sporty and stand out styling in their daily drivers. I love my 2013 KIA Soul Exclaim..and after more than a year after purchase has proven to be reliable, extremely well made and overall a fun car. The standard level of equipment is astonishing for what you pay. The powerful 8 speaker Infinity sound system for example is the best I've heard in ANY car. It even includes a separate powered sub-woofer! 8 speakers in total!

  • That's Normal for this Car - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    Just got this car 2wks ago. During a rain storm I noticed condensation in front headlight. When the sun came out it cleared up. In order for it to be fixed, Kia has to examine it and they will not except the photo I took. Posted this and pic on Kia Soul Facebook. Had several responses, they have the same problem and Kia told them this is normal for that car. My 1st car hesitated at lights and turns. again several Soul owners said Normal for this car. I was proud to be a Soul owner, but not now. This is a small problem, and if my car was a couple years old it wouldn't bother me, but again this is a new car. And Kia won't do anything to satisfy a customer. This is my 2nd Soul & last 1.

  • Ideal for a tight budget - 2013 Kia Soul
    By -

    Last winter I had to part ways with my beautiful 2004 orange Pontiac GTP. I loved that car ~ but I could not keep up with repairs after the electrical started to fail (bought used, had more problems than I was aware of at the time). So after car shopping for months (because I was reluctant to let go of a beautiful car) I settled upon a Kia Soul+. I knew a couple of people that had one and never complained about it. So let me tell you the perks of owning one. Seating is comfortable, for both drivers and passengers. Visibility is great - unlike my Pontiac I've yet to encounter a blind spot while driving. Steering is sensitive, acceleration is nice - though I'm not impressed with the noise (sounds like a fart car compared to my Pontiac). Out of all the vehicles I test drove, I felt comfortable behind the wheel and actually felt the car was from this galaxy when I checked out the entertainment bit. You have a usb port, a jack, two lighter sockets, and the controls on the steering (volume, blue tooth call, etc) are easy to learn. Millage is good - if you have proper tires, and filled properly, and use your cruise control and don't drive like you're in the Daytona 500 you may get more millage than you expect. I'm getting about 30 in the city, and 32 on the highway. Now for the cons... It's not a fan of bumps. You'll feel them unfortunately. I once went over a bump so hard I nearly popped out of my seat! If you're in the US, you're missing out on the rear parcel shelf - it's a hard top that doubles as a privacy shield to hide your things in your trunk. Google it and buy one - don't waste your time with the flimsy canvas stores and dealerships try to sell you. The wheel; it's nice, but if you're used to a larger wheel size it can take some getting use to. I once hit what I thought was my horn in the parking lot to alert a distracted driver and instead hit my blue tooth call button. Speaking of blue tooth, it syncs better with an iPhone. I have an android and even though I'm able to sync for calling, it doesn't sync/provide volume for when I try using my phone for maps or music. Lastly.... THE TIRES! THE TIRES ARE TERRIBLE. They're fine at a 16" for snowy weather, but the brand they have on their is TERRIBLE. If it comes with Nexen - ditch the wheels straight away. I tried driving on them in my Pontiac and they were not suited for winter, despite saying all season tires. Hankooks are a little better but I still wouldn't recommend it - buy yourself some proper tires. If your dealership tries to sell you something other wise, take it to a trusted mechanic for better tires or google what the best tires for a Kia Soul would be. Lastly.... if you're thinking about getting a Soul Base - don't do it, at least if you live in a snowy climate like I do. The wheel size is smaller as is the engine. Spend the extra cash and get yourself a Kia+!

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