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This Year's Model Updates:

The Kia Sorento has been completely redesigned for 2016.

  • Versatile second-row seat
  • User-friendly controls
  • Well-made and attractive cabin
  • Long warranty
  • More spacious than five-passenger competitors.
  • Ample features for the money
  • Turbo engine available on two-row version only
  • Less spacious than most seven-passenger competitors.

User Reviews:

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  • Lots of good, some things to work on - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    Had my LX V6 over a year now. Great ride. Nice finishings. Gas mileage almost always EXCEEDS the 18/26 posted. On highway, I usually get about 30 mpg- wirh a V6 engine! Car insurance is starting to go down but it can be pricier than other SUV in its class. Something to keep in mind. Driver seat is nicely shaped but slightly firm. The wing-up edges can pose a challenge for those with mobility issues requiring help getting into the 2 front seats. Plenty of leg room in the front and back. I enjoy driving it a lot but I have a list of a few things KIA could do to really spruce things up: 1. Please add adjustable brakes. Brakes are a little mushy if you're a light-footed breaker. 2. Please, please PLEASE add the option to silence that annoying alarm that rings when it's 40F outside. It's annoying and startling at times!! 3. It's hard to wash the top of the back window with that fin in the way- esp with the squeegee. Can that fin be reshaped or removed? 4. It's annoying that you can't change the radio station when the backup camera is on. Really?! Also, with the wheel radio control, you can only change the radio position one station at a time. Would be nice to be able to hit the button 4 times and actually go up or down 4 presets. 5. Please, please, PLEASE, KIA add the Global Open-Windows feature to the remote. It would be a god send for people like me with heat intolerance. PLEASE!!! 6. Daytime running lights on L, LX models, please! 7. Would appreciate a rubber cargo mat for 7-passenger cargo area when seats are folded down rather than the less-than-helpful carpeted cargo mat available. 8. Automatic up and down driver window feature is nice but it takes a lot of finessing to adjust the auto-down if you need interrupt it. 9. UVO system is OK on LX- nothing spectacular. KIA- please make the 7"/8" navigation system standard. The Sorento is a good value and a nice drive, despite my little nit picks. But I think it's the little things that separate good cars from the great ones. Sorento is not a disappointment but a good car that has the potential to be a really great one with a little attention to details that make the driving experience even more of a pleasure.

  • Month 1: Happy | Mnth 3: Sad | Mnth 4: Hating It - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    Edited After owning this for 4 months: I should not have bought this vehicle , Feeling very bad for throwing money down the drain. The Vehicle Suspension is very bad. Took to Dealer they said everything is fine as per specs. I noticed that the Vehicle is deteriorating very fastly. In Just 4 months - It shakes as if roller coaster and no suspension is there and too much vibration. Gear shifting is not smooth. Ride comfort is not there , Cornering is not good. and engine has become noisy. Also noticed Wind noise is not acceptable - it is getting worse now at 50 miles Wind noise is too much. I am already hating my vehicle within 4 months. ---------------------------- I own my 2016 sorento Lx for just one month now. Though I was very happy initially now I feel there are areas of improvement like air and road noise at higher speeds like 70 mph. And vehicle suspension is smooth but left-right bumpiness is too much that is annoying and continues for a long duration - I always owned sedan and this is first SUV so not sure if this is normal. Ride is smooth. 3 Mirrors and rear view camera All have different zoom ratio which is very confusing and needs real improvement. Overall I am happy. I always owned Brand value cars like Honda. Trusting Kia as they have shown serious improvement. Hope they don't fail me on my first Kia. The warranty of 10 years 100k is what made me trust Kia.

  • Exceeded Expectation- Everything Well Thought Out. - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    I have owned 65 + vehicles- luxury to economy cars, high performance cars, SUV's, and Minivans. The Sorento has gotten more things just right than any vehicle I have ever owned. The push button start works perfectly, headlights give you the right options, controls layout is excellent, the ride/handling balance is very good and the engine and transmission perform flawlessly in sync. The engineering to get the amount of space and passenger capacity in a vehicle only 187 in. in length is a real accomplishment. Most other competition is 7 to 10 in. greater in vehicle length. With this space efficiency, comes weight savings and the strong V6, so it has good performance for a vehicle in this class. We got 24.7 mpg on highway trip. At this point of 2,500 miles, we could not be happier with our decision.

  • Love it!!!! - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

  • Beatifull eye catching Suv - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    I bought my 2016 Kia Sorento on Oct 31 ,2015 shiny Red Apple exterior and beige interior , wood trim on doors and shift knob,,it looked like a very expensive import Suv,,,heated front seats ,etc...well the tires pressure was 45psi and I was surprised because on the side wall of the tire says 44psi max but the mpg was 32 for the first few days, ride was very bumpy and I could feel every single imperfection of the road, so I decided to lower the tires pressure to 40 psi ,, ride improved a lot much smoother and quiet but mpg went down from 32 to 25/26 and that caught my attention very much,,I kept that psi for 2 weeks and mileage was very low,,so I went back to 45 and " Wow" my mpg went up again !!! Now I keep 42psi on the 4 tires and mpg average 26/27 , still good because 39 dlls gets me a full tank of gas for 1 1/2 week of driving..my only concern now is a very weird jolt on the transmission when I come to an stop, it launches forward lightly when I am waiting at the stop light and when slowing down to stop the shifting is lil bit abrupt, not smooth as it should be in a brand new car,,,engine is dormant in Eco mode ,,but very alive fast and powerful in sport mode, but every time the engine is turned off driving mode goes blank meaning you have to set Eco or sport mode again and again....overall I am happy with my Sorento I will take it to a Kia dealership to have the tranny and engine checked, but the Sorento looks are great ,comfort is superior if tires are kept at low psi,,noise is lil bit high at 60+ mph and you have plenty of room for long legs ,tall people and lots of hide away places under the rear back seat if you carry expensive items...and I am a happy owner of this gorgeous Suv..Sorento LX 2016

  • Take another look - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    Traded in a 2013 Sorento for the redesigned 2016 EX V-6. Outstanding vehicle. Quite, plenty of power, excellent handling. I will definitely keep this one. Also have a 2011 Kia Optima EX fully loaded and love it. Traded in a Hyundai XG 350L in for it. Have 79,000 miles on it now with no problems. I will continue to buy Kia's. UPDATE: Had the vehicle now for 10 months, 14800 miles. Still completely satisfied. Get around 26 city/30 highway. No complaints. Would definitely buy another. Extra alarms like the back up warning and cars in your blind spots are very nice features.

  • Great car, great value- worth a look - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    My wife and I were looking for a practical road car for our extended weekend getaways, with lots of room and creature comforts. This car definitely meets all of our expectations, but also works well on my daily commutes to the office. The quality and workmanship are outstanding, and the ride is solid and capable. Great car.

  • From full size truck to mid sized SUV - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    Initial impression...very positive. I have driven full sized trucks for a number of years and was ready for something a bit more economical while retaining some utility. I was drawn to the size of the Sorento, not as small as other utes but not full sized either. Similar in size to my father's Highlander but MUCH less expensive. I am impressed with the fuel economy - 29 on interstate, approx. 22 in town...averaging 24.5 currently. Back seat is roomy. Back up camera turns with the car, nice feature. Much more room and quieter than my wife's RAV4 with similar economy. My only nagging item is a significant delay when using the Bluetooth phone dialing function. I am going to "resave" some of my more frequently utilized contacts to see if that helps. Phone clarity is good, just placing the call takes time. The warranty was a selling feature and I got a really good deal at Fredy Kia in Houston, TX. I have installed a Curt 2" hitch but I have not yet installed the wiring kit or towed anything.

  • Love This New Kia Toy! - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    Do your homework. The only things I miss in the technology area is a compass, the front passenger seat has no height adjustment, remote start is not standard equipment. There is a lot of stuff I will never use. We were looking for an SUV with lots of leg room in front and this has it, an impressive 44 inches. Way more than others, even Jeep. Another selling point was the 60,000 mile warranty. Mileage is outstanding. I drive mostly highway and am averaging 31-33 mpg combined in Eco Mode. On my way home from the dealership I was in Standard Mode and got 31.8 mpg for the 75 mile trip. Overall we love this vehicle. Comfortable and quiet. Winter in Iowa will be the real test!

  • Gorgeous SUV with incredible handling - 2016 Kia Sorento
    By -

    This car is hands down the nicest car in its class. It handles like a dream with superior suspension and clean, tight handling. Seven seats and way too many features to list here. This is a rock solid, high performing SUV. You won't be disappointed. All wheel drive. Awesome. Test drive one for yourself.

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