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This Year's Model Updates:

The Ford Mustang has been fully redesigned for 2015.

  • Wide range of engine options
  • More refined interior.
  • New rear suspension provides better handling and ride dynamics
  • Cramped rear seat.

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  • 2015 2.3L Convert Stang fun to drive & sexy - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Ford finally put quality into the '15 Stang! This sexy eye catcher is a great summer ride. Rides and handles like a dream and is extremely comfortable. My only complaint is the poor grip on wet and almost dangerous on snowy roads even with their std All Weather Eagle GTs.

  • My 33rd car and the best - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This car is perfect for my life, but not a family car. The interior fits like a glove and the back seats are somewhat functional for small people. Car has excellent take off and control, it's a blast to drive. I LOVE this car!!

  • Custom Mustang goes wrong! - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I purchased this car, built to order in Sept. 2014. Dealership made an error on order and actually received the car nearly 6 months later. Got the car and it was BEAUTIFUL. Had a great time driving in the first few months. Then the problems started. Brakes started squeaking at 3 months and had to be replaced. Its a black car so the swirls started arising after 3 months. Although, I was promised that this paint was such a great quality that it wouldn't swirl for years. Had to replace the front two tires after 5 months. The tire center said they were defective but of course I'm responsible for it. Then at 8 months, the car is in the shop for huge white smoke coming from the rear. A lot of problems for a brand spanking new car. Again, the car is a beauty but it has been consistent issues for me.

  • Ex- Chevy guy - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Finally, the new GT lives up to its reputation and becomes an ''adult" within the global community of entry level super cars. The lines, and styling are on par with any high end European vehicle, yet, retains the Detroit muscle look at second glance. The interior is no different, the word luxurious for an automobile that usually cries out, 20 year old kid with a wrench, can be used legitimately. Controls are ergonomic, easy to reach, and have a high quality flar. The front seats fit like an Italian glove, and make high speed cornering slip past with little notice. Shaker system needs no further explaining, nice. The suspension is surprisingly nimble for a heavier car, planted, but, not jarring. The IRS is a welcomed addition, and long overdue. An engine that not only makes short work of highway miles, is rev happy, willing to grunt out any twisties that you'd be more than interested in finding, and finding often. The 6 speed manual is light, crisp, and not a chore. Reverse issues have been resolved, and the added backup camera easily makes one feel in charge in tight situations. I cannot fault this new generation of Mustangs, other than a few more gallon capacity tank could provide more time carving up pavement...but, then again...pulling up to a crowded gas station? The smiles and nods of adoration warms the owners decision for their purchase.

  • Hopefully your car isn't mine. - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    The 2015 Mustang GT is finally a sports car. The removal of the solid rear axle was the best thing they could have done. The rear end hop has been eliminated which has taken a drag racer and made it into a touring car. The stock ride is surprisingly comfortable for the driver and passinger. Both have heated and air conditioned seats the driver has lumbar support and I don't know why they didn't put one in the passinger seat. As always the back seat is more of an ornament than anything else. Child seats or a few grocery bags is really all that you'll be able to use them for. The power and sound is great for a stock car but I'd like the exhaust to be just a bit louder. The headlights and signals are top notch I have the adaptive cruise control system and it's been problematic. The automatic windshield wipers will suddenly come on for no reason and the adaptive cruise control shuts down in heavy rain and ocasionally for no reason at all. It claims the sensor is blocked. The remedy is to pull over and restart the car. The adaptive cruise control is operated by a radar head mounted below the grill and it also serves as a colision warning system. It beeps and puts a red bar on the windshield. Having that shut down during a rain storm is not something you want to happen. The interior far exceeds previous standards and it isn't a plastic rattle trap that we've come to know and love. It has plush parts now and real metal. The navagation screen is sharp and large enough to read. The home screen can be reconfigured with personal wallpapers of anything you want. Unfortunately the leather on the passinger side dash started to bubble on the inside front corner. Ford had to replace the entire dashboard and the replacement dash has done the same thing. Two dashboards before the first scheduled oil change is a bit much. The car handles well even in normal touring mode. There are 3 steering modes and as far as I can tell they just decide how much power steering you have. By putting the pedal to the floor the tachometer gage will turn red at night when you touch the red line. I haven't used the line lock feature and probably won't. New tires are expensive. The car comes standard with W rated tires and I personally feel that they should change that to the Y performance rating. The car is very responsive and I have broken traction once on a tight curve. When these tires wear out I will be replacing them with a Y rated tire if for nothing else better traction. The convertable top has an insulation layer that reduces road noise and makes for a quiet ride. I can recommend this car over the Camara and Challenger. The Camara has 1.2 more letters but you only gain 20HP. The Camara isn't as comfortable to ride in and has less features.

  • Boost'n 4! - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    This is my 3rd Mustang that I have ever owned. My first was a 1981 coupe with the in-line 6. My second was a 2000 GT Convertible, slightly modified. I have been shopping an found this gorgeous Race Red with the upgraded wheel option, 2.3 Ecoboost. After looking at the GT and the Ecoboost, tossing around the numbers and scratching my head for my new daily driver. I just could not justify an extra $10-15K for the GT plus it's additional costs. Plenty of pull, lots of looks, great mileage for my commuter. It is just my wife and I, so I do not have to worry about back seat usage, we have a '15 Escape Titanium for that.......

  • Love this car! - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

  • Awesome car for the money! Fast and Loud! - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    It is a sports car. Bought for my wife and put the Roush cold air intake and exaust. The car really growls and turns heads. Fast, fast fast!...acceleration is where you get all the fun! My wife uses it as a daily driver (40 miles each way through mountain roads). She loves it. I drive it for fun but I am not responsible enough to own one ) I have had a Corvette, Audi TT, and Audit A4. This car is refined and a heck of a lot of fun. For the money you cannot beat it. We went shopping and the dealer fired it up while we were standing beside it. That was all it took! The 5.0 growl cannot be beat. 435 HP stock? For less than $40K? Great deal..BTW.I have an autistic son who jumps in the car and insists on going for multiple rides every day )

  • Best Mustang I've owned so far! - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    I got rid of my 2011 Mustang GT. Premium to get the 2015 Mustang GT. Premium with Performance Package and I can honestly say that I'm not disappointed. This car handles way better than my old one did, looks sharper and the interior feels like a luxury vehicle until you downshift and hit 3500 rpms and hear the sweat exhaust rumble. Of course, I'm not leaving my car stock but the beauty of this one is that it doesn't need much tweaking. Tires are staggered, suspension is lower and sound system is great. About the only things I'm tweaking is adding a cold air intake, exhaust and tune. Over all this is a great car as is! I would definitely recommend this car.

  • I'm 33 and this is my 5th Mustang, Love LOVE it - 2015 Ford Mustang
    By -

    Coming from someone who has owned a 1964 1/2, 1995, 2000, 2005 and now 2015 the 2015 is by far my favorite to drive. It's important to note that this Mustang handles much better on slick roads (I'm hoping snow too). I live in Ohio and deal with very harsh winters and driving a Mustang can put a damper on your parade when trying to get to work. Since I bought the car just this summer I'm not sure how it will do in the snow, but I've had zero problems in the rain. I don't slide around in it like I did in my other ones. This Mustang reminds me more of a sports car than a muscle car (which I happen to like). Even the base model offers many, many features. (my favs backup camera, bluetooth, push button start, keyless entry, steering mode, etc). The only complaints I have about my car is the lack of storage space in the cabin (where is my sunglasses holder??) and no XM on the base model.

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