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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Dodge Durango gets an available Beats by Dr. Dre audio system, and the R/T can be decked out with vibrant red leather upholstery. The Blacktop package (technically a late addition for 2014) adds assorted styling enhancements and generous helpings of gloss-black exterior trim.

  • Well-trimmed, high-tech cabin
  • Powerful optional V8
  • Generous towing capacity
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Available 4WD with low-range gearing.
  • Mediocre ride quality on rough roads.
  • Ess maximum cargo room than rivals

User Reviews:

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  • To Durango or not to Durango? - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    My husband and I have expanded our family with a new baby so it was time to upgrade our vehicle. We looked at several SUV’s from Chevy to Toyota, crossing Buicks and Fords, we even visited the jeep. The Durango was the very first vehicle I drove (test) and none of the other really gave us what all we wanted not only in space and safety but also price and comfort. We also have a 21 foot camper we haul therefore whichever vehicle we bought would need appropriate towing capabilities. Our dealership really hooked us up with some awesome warranties and life time powertrain coverage (with stipulations). Thus our buying experience was very pleasing after 10 days of running around everywhere comparing. Now I have owned my new Durango for almost a month. My review…I love how it drives and hugs the road. My children have their own separate seats and there is no issue with crossing each other’s paths. I am pleased that if one of them turns on the lights in the back, it does not cause any distractions with my driving I do not even know it’s on actually. Most of the extras like heated seats and multi adjusting seats are nice to have for convince and comfort. My husband is 6”6 and husky. I am 5”9 and a lil fluffy and we have plenty of room together no matter who’s driving. I can also sit in the back seat and tend to my newborn comfortably. Third row seats, my four year old love them. The GPS is a pain is the bottom though. It is one that I am working on figuring out. The voice recognition is not exactly my cup of tea. It’s like asking for a representative when you call the IRS… I do have a slight accent so I am not sure if this is the issue. Works good for making phone calls but if I want to go somewhere new I have to add 5 minutes to my itinerary to mess with it and pray I don’t hit it with a hammer. The Automatic high beams are not as punctual as I would like them to be. I feel I blind a quarter of the other drivers and another quarter thinks I am a vixen because the high beams flash on and off at times making it seem as though I am asking them to dim their light…thus I get flashed back. And last the rear hatch door does not seem to have a safety sensor for object in the way while it automatically shuts. So push the button and shuffle quickly out of the way. The good thing is, is that all my issues can be resolved by disabling them through the vehicles settings. I hope this helps anyone looking into this vehicle, as for me I will be keeping mine for a while!

  • Solid Vehicle - Plan to keep for 10+ years - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Purchase experience was excellent - Dealer experience was the best. Great looking vehicle that drives and runs well. Well built, quality SUV that I plan to keep and drive for many years

  • Durango R/T AWD does everything! - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    We were looking for a family hauler that had a luxury sport presence, also fitting to drive clients around in. This beauty does it all. Handled the 16" blizzard with gusto in regular AWD or 4Lo. Electronics are intuitive, and can be customized to your liking, from full on "nanny" to utterly silent. Handles two iPhones in the car at the same time without issue, Bluetooth phone or USB media input. Built in Detroit, fit and finish rivals anything out of Germany or Japan. Looked at an Audi Q7, cost $10k more equally equipped and the regular maintenance would be four times as much. I'll update this as well continue to drive and enjoy!

  • New suv that lasted only 470 miles - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Picked up new at dealer with 33 miles on it. Drove it to Beaver Dam Az. and the trans. went out at about 470 miles. They towed it back to dealer that said it would be about 3 weeks before they could even look at it. So now we are stuck with a peace of junk.

  • SXT AWD - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    I am a saleman for CDJR and love the Durango. I just purchase done for my wife. We needed a larger SUV and I wanted AWD this time around. For the price I couldnt find anything comparable. Its an SXT so its surely not "fancy". It has some nice creature comforts though. Back up camera(and sensors), NAV, heated seats ans steering wheel. The 8.4N is a great setup and very easy to use. We came from Ford and werent too happy with the easy of use on the Sync system. There is plenty of room for our 3 kids. Very pleased with our Durango overall!

  • Can't believe I bought a Dodge either - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    I was looking at BMW, Mercades, Lexus!! Saw a used Dodge Durango Citadel and didn't stop until I was driving one!! Best decision I ever made! I love it!!!

  • Ooops I did it again. - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Only other vehicle I have had this kind of trouble with in my life was my last Chrysler product, a Jeep Grand Cherokee 20 years ago. I swore then that I would never buy another Chrysler product. The design of this SUV is great. Love the way it drives, ergonomics and gas mileage. Smooth, quiet, solid, predictable ride and handling. The gas mileage exceeds expectation: 18 under hard city driving, 20 normal city driving, 25 around town and have been able to go over 30mpg with a mix of suburb/hwy relaxed driving. Have not read the manual or watched the CD provided but find the controls intuitive. Bluetooth pairs with everyone in the family's phone quickly though sound quality playing music is very poor (not sure why). Best logical/practical operation of controls than any car I have owned. Now the bad: plastics and chrome interior surfaces are scratched easily. This is more wear/scratches appearing than my Kia with 75,000 miles or my VW with 100,000. At 6 weeks old a few thousand miles this is unsustainable. Loud squeak in the driver's seat and what sounds like a phone on vibrate going off in the front passenger dash. This is over certain roads so cannot be reproduced at the dealer (of course) so may never be remedied. Check engine light came on so back to dealer, unfortunately dealer took two weeks to get into due to so many Dodge recalls. Broken fuel line was fixed but oil change was over $62 or twice what I pay for other three vehicles I own. Spent all day at dealer so lost day of pay = $300. Considering I have never needed a repair call for Kia or VW after 75k miles am disappointed. Better brakes requiring less pressure would go a long way. More bite would really shrink this SUV and be more in line with its responsive characteristics. Too much pressure required to stop vehicle and I find the vehicle beginning to creep forward at stop lights requiring more pressure. If GM buys Chrysler they would have a great matchup. Dodge design team deserves A+ and GM could bring a lot of quality control and better materials/brakes to the equation. Reviews about getting into third row of Durango are poor but big reason I bought this is that I have adults using these seats and found the Durango to be the easiest ingress egress over, Ford, Acura and Kia. If Dodge can shed 300lb+ using this engine and new structure they would go a long way to dominating MPG + performance in this segment. As noted in other reviews, transmission clunks in lower gears if you accelerate, lift off, then accelerate again (I don't know if this is going to worsen with age). LOVE the large gas tank and don't know why other non german SUV's don't incorporate them.

  • Did my research, ended up with a Dodge? Yup. - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    I wanted decent gas mileage. Big engine, small vehicle "package", that includes trailer towing: the best I could find. Needed to pull a travel trailer (just under 5,000 #), AWD vehicle for snowmobiling / pulling that trailer and being able to fit some kids and even grandkids in. Did opt for the factory trailer tow package, a GOOD thing. Reviewed the imports, chevy, gmc etc. Dodge kept coming up as an option (I kept trying to ignore). The only reason entertainment is not 5 stars is the lack of a CD. player. I guess that's old technology. I bought a battery operated CD player and play it through the aux. jack. The only reason not 5 stars for acceleration is because I decided I did not want to opt for the Hemi $, or poor mileage. Could use a little more storage behind the 3rd row seats but bearable. 63 years old, many cars/pickups in the past, honestly "love" this thing! Not HUGE like Tahoe, Armada, Sequoia. Easier to park, maneuver and get in and out of garage. Pulls the trailer, along with 7 passengers, unlike most other smaller cross-overs/SUV's. Actually gets the mileage indicated. Love the 8 speed tranny with paddle shifters, especially towing. Good looking, great underpinnings, think Jeep / Mercedes. Look in a Jeep and the interior is almost identical. But much less $! Fine looking and riding vehicle, glad to be seen in it too! Ignore the Dodge insignia and just buy it.

  • MB to Dodge - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Traded in my ML500 for the citadel and am a happy camper. It's one of the best SUV's that have owned. Blows the MB away.

  • After owning 38 cars I LOVE this one. - 2015 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Ignore the name and drive the car. I have owned a large number of cars over the years. My last was a GMC Envoy. I set out to buy another GMC or possibly a 2016 Pilot but after two weeks of test driving I couldn't find anything I liked better than my old Envoy. A Facebook friend suggested a Dodge Durango. I know they make nice trucks but I had no interest in driving a Dodge. So I sent my husband to drive it while I went wine tasting with my friends. When I got home my husband said I "Had to drive it, I would love it" I reluctantly took it on a test drive and within a mile down the road I knew I wanted it. It turns on a dime, so nice to get it into a parking space, shifts smooth as glass, sets you back against the seat a bit when you accelerate, heated seats first and second row, dual climate control passenger and rear, touch screen controls, dual power seats, third row seat, sleek, just wow, nothing but compliments and "is that a Dodge"? Every time someone sees it. ha ha. The remote start is fabulous, and I love the key fob. I can't forget my purse or the car won't start because I keep the key in there... lol. Starting it remotely with my phone hasn't worked so far but I hear that the program is not compatible with eye phones. Getting 21 mpg even with my lead foot. I am a Realtor and Dodge offered Realtor rebates. Plenty of room for my signs and family with the third row seat. LOVE love Love, this rig. (We went with a Limited) model.

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