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One of America's most storied automotive brands, Dodge has been around since the early days of the auto industry. In the past couple of decades, it has revitalized itself to be a producer of aggressively styled and performance-oriented vehicles.

Two brothers, Horace and John Dodge, began the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle company in 1914, after having worked as manufacturers of bicycles and automotive parts. Their first vehicle was a touring car that proved a fast favorite with car buyers; it was soon joined by a roadster and a four-door sedan. By 1917, the company's model line had grown to include trucks. Dodge cars and trucks were used as staff vehicles and ambulances in World War I.

Dodge was briefly owned by a banking firm and subsequently sold by its new owner to the Chrysler Corporation in 1928. From there, the brand slowly evolved into the division responsible for trucks and performance-oriented cars. Post WWII, Dodge introduced vehicles like the military-inspired Power Wagon truck, Hemi-powered Coronet and the Royal Lancer; in addition, the manufacturer began offering dealer-installed air-conditioning.

Vehicles like the Dodge Dart and the Coronet kept the manufacturer in American driveways throughout the 1960s. That decade also saw the launch of one of Dodge's most iconic vehicles, the Charger. Dodge's muscle car was based on the Coronet platform, and featured a fastback roof line, hidden headlamps and a full-width taillamp panel. Best of all, the Charger could pack one heck of a wallop under the hood. A 318-cubic-inch V8 was standard, but buyers seeking maximum brawn could upgrade to a 426-cubic-inch, 425-hp Hemi V8. The company also introduced a Mustang-fighting pony car, called the Challenger, in 1970.

As with other American auto manufacturers, Dodge's fortunes started to slip in the '70s due to changing tastes and increased competition. The company was saved from extinction in the early '80s thanks to government loans and the sales success of its Omni and Aries economy cars (the former an attempted copy of the VW Rabbit). But 1984 was when Dodge made its mark in the history books with the introduction of the wildly popular Caravan. Ideal for families and able to seat up to seven, the space-efficient Caravan started a whole new vehicle segment -- the minivan.

The early '90s saw the company wow the public with the V10-powered Viper roadster and an all-new Ram pickup that set a new standard for big-rig-like styling. A few years later, Dodge came to be part of DaimlerChrysler, a result of the merger of the German company Daimler (owner of Mercedes-Benz) and Chrysler.

The merger never really worked, however, and Daimler sold Chrysler and Dodge to a private equity firm in 2007. Soon after, America's economy slid into recession. Due to poor sales and debt, Chrysler had to declare bankruptcy. The federal government intervened and eventually Dodge came under control of Fiat, a European automaker known for its small cars, an area where Dodge's entries had been roundly criticized for mediocre build quality and unrefined performance.

More recent years have seen Dodge concentrate on the more practical vehicles in its lineup, making notable improvements to the performance and overall quality of its midsize Avenger sedan and Journey SUV entries. Dodge also spun off its truck line, making it a separate Ram brand. But make no mistake; Dodge is still considered Chrysler's performance division thanks to cars like the Challenger and Charger. Time will tell how successful Dodge's latest makeover is.

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  • 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan - 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan
    By -

    I had a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and the automatic doors would keep shutting with an object in them like a body. I was bruised pretty good once because the door shut on me took it in to a dodge dealer multiple times could not find the problem. Now the 2019 is having the same issue it closed on someone the other day but she was able to get out of it without injury. This problem could severely injure or kill a child. I even called dodge corporate office and am being told they will check it 1 more time and file a "star" and then close my case. I lost $5000 on the 2016 because of the door problems and fear of injury and pain from having to pull on the automatic doors that were not working properly now the 2019 is doing the same thing and again Dodge is not going to fix the issue. This is dangerous but they have my money and I have the van so it is not their problem it is mine.

  • Dodge Ram front ends - 2017 Dodge Ram 2500
    By -

    Pay $60,000 for truck been back to dealer 3 times before 100,000 miles. Now at 107,000 miles paying out of pocket for front end works. Would not recommend dodge. I am on 3rd one in 20 years and last one they have fell way off and do not back up there trucks. Front ends are main problem and expensive to fix. Not to mention hard to get miles out tires due to abnormal where. Will not own another.

  • BEST CAR EVER - 2005 Dodge Neon
    By -

    I gotta be honest, the Dodge Neon is the freaking best car ever made. I got mine around 12 years ago, at 109k miles. I have never sent this for repair, only regular maintenance. I have driven this in the city (most of the time), and on the highway occasionally. Mine is the SXT 2005, 5-speed automatic. Engine has an exellent performance for a car with 140k miles. Transmission has never given me any issues. No leaks at all. I can even beat the hell out of any shitty Civics/Corollas in the highway whenever they wanna pull up, even with the newer models. This has been fantastic, Ive never owned a better car than this, and Ive owned lot of cars. Even now, I prefer driving long distances in my Neon than in any of the similar-range cars that exist. Dodge really nailed it with this model, and Im even looking forward to get another one, the SRT-4.

  • Night Runner Durango 2007 5.7l HEMI - 2007 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Ive owned this one for just over 2 years now. But I must admit. This is an awesome suv. Power of the Hemi, comfort in the seats, roomy, rides like a dream, and excellent racing steering and suspension. This by all means, sharing I have done a good deal of parts repairs, but dont regret any of it. This has been an awesome vehicle to own

  • Junk - 2018 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I just bought the challenger rt. Its has 500 miles and transmission went out. Ive only driven it 3 times. Once test driving, once home from dealership, and once on a short trip. Dealership had it for 2 weeks and still cant figure out whats wrong. So needless to say I think its gonna get traded and Im going to buy a Chevy. Not a happy dodge owner!

  • Second Dodge Magnum - 2006 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    Ive owned an SRT8 and now an RT. Wept when I sold the SRT8 and felt compelled to go back. Now have an 06 RT with SRT8 wheels ( wont work for an AWD). This is the perfect daddy wagon if your younger kids play sports. Its a high powered masculine minivan what car doesnt have stuff wear out or break but you gotta keep after these babies. My RT has over 150k mi and I think it will out live me. I know the HEMI will! It is a king on the road and folks move over when I am behind them and not even tailgating. Stock exhaust is a little too quiet for hellraising but perfect for the long ride home from the tournement with a load of ball players snoozing away with their gear safety Stowed in the rear. The car is ready for its next assignment and you can get a full mattress in the back with the seats folded down. Perfect for inexpensive overnight boat commissioning! And other stuff Im sure. This is the last true AMERICAN wagon even though it is made in Canada. There is nothing that looks like it -not anything that has the hidden utility, power, and speed. If you buy one make sure you service it. Put a K&n filter in it and dont panic if you get locked into park. Pull out your I phone and fix it yourself. This is a car that deserves to be preserved as part of the AMERICAN motoring history. Remember the commercial? Sports car driver looks over to the Magnum driver at the red light and asks "Hey whaddya got in there?" Magnum guy pauses and turns around the replies, "A ladder, surfboard, shovel,..." The daddywagon rocks.

  • Never a Dodge or Chrysler again! - 2006 Dodge Dakota
    By -

    I bought a 2006 Dakota several years ago . It only had 65,000km on it Cost me almost $17,000. To date Ive spent close to $8000 in repairs. I now have a problem that the dealership cant diagnose. Operating cost of this vehicle (not including gas or insurance) averages aprox. $2.69/km. Imagine a100km trip costing you $269.00 and you havent even factored in the gas or insurance to drive it. I will never buy another Dodge or Chrysler product.

  • 2003 Dodge Stratus Coupe - 2003 Dodge Stratus
    By -

    I bougth a eclipse with a stratus costume, it was in very bad conditions, with a large list of missing parts, doing its service a large truck spark plug appeared, the water pump was broken, one belt missing, radiator leaking, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, after severe repairs incredibly still working, and used it on highway constantly, good luck or a complete mystery, bought by 700 bucks, repairs for a cost of 300 bucks

  • 99 Dodge Dakota - 1999 Dodge Dakota
    By -

    I have a 1999 Dodge Dakota with the 3.9 I will admit it is not the fastest or most powerful but 6 out of 7 days a week I haul stuff with it and I do leave the pavement with the truck and it does every thing I ask of it very reliable truck.

  • X police charger - 2006 Dodge Charger
    By -

    Bought an 06 ex county Police charger with 120k on it from a dealer...besides oil changes and now one set of tires at 165 k I have done nothing but enjoy the handleing and performance of the car...the extras left on it like the push bar and cage and the two anyenas due help to cut through traffic as well....was a great purchas and has been a reliable car

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