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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Dodge Durango gets a few minor improvements. Among them are a six-speed automatic transmission for V8 models, newly available second-row captain's chairs and revised trim levels.

  • Sophisticated ride
  • Generous towing capacity.
  • Powerful optional V8
  • Adult-friendly third-row seat
  • Easy to maneuver
  • V6's performance still not as sprightly as some rivals.
  • Less cargo room than rivals

User Reviews:

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  • If there was a cliff near by.. - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    This was the biggest letdown experience I have ever had in a vehicle purchase. I could not even drive this truck! Every time the vehicle would shift my head would go forward as it lagged until the RPM's slowly got up there and which shift again and my head would go forward and lag.. Anybody to say different its just a Dodge fan and there sticking to their guns.. and that's it!! I have a 2002 trailblazer that the durango don't even come close too! I believe the newer ones with the v6 they put a better transmission in. Dad should have a slap on the wrist for putting this vehicle out I will never buy a Dodge again because of it

  • Great looks with a very poor heart. - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Currently own a 2012 Citadel V8 5.7 Hemi. The vehicle looks great very attractive lines, comfort, technology and gadgets... However where it lacks is in its engine this vehicle came with a few problems and Dodge does very little to help customers. The engine suddenly turns off while driving." Be a Magician when this Happens " Or embrace yourself for a potential accident. What do I do? I put the vehicle in neutral and with a soft touch to the brake pedal Start the vehicle again and go. This was supposed to be a recall and dodge is fixing it ... BS I did took the car to the dealership, corrected the recall and still doing it. The other issue is the rattling whenever you try to accelerate to pass someone or to floor the car a bit. Check engine light comes and goes, the computer shows cylinder misfires. Like I said I have nothing to complaint in the looks or technology is the engine that came with issues and Dodge don't stand behind it.

  • Great Choice! - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    The high initial depreciation makes this SUV an compelling buy if you're looking for a relatively-new SUV. I appreciate the narrow body and tight turning radius which makes parking easier in parking lots and garage. The ride is smooth and quiet. I am getting 19/24 mpg.

  • Junk - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Please review recalls on this vehicle prior to purchasing. I only had Durango for year and 1/2 and happily got rid of it yesterday. Within short time 2 recalls. Alternator problems still without permanent fix. This is by far the worst vehicle I have ever owned. Panel behind passenger door handle fell off. Trim around gear loose. Terrible blind spots. Against policy to offer customers rental cars when you are having recall work done. If you are considering the Durango just look up the recalls and see that there is still no resolution. Had new alternator put in and with weeks Durango is making noise and starting to vibrate.

  • Had looked, now own - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Very happy so far with my Durango R/T AWD. The V8 Hemi is a solid engine to have in this size vehicle. Plenty of power when you need it. I have yet to tow anything, but from the feel and performance of the V8 engine so far, towing will never be an issue. The AWD is a solid feature to have in the NW when it does snow. Be sure to buy one fully loaded if you can. Even if you think you may not need the extra goodies, you will find a need or want later.

  • Great Value 5.7 Hemi - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    So when I was looking at a 3 row SUV, it came down to these choices, 4 Runner, Explorer, and Durango. I'll Open with what I liked about the Durano, plenty of space and a usable 3rd row. the re-design is quality and refined. 5.7 hemi has great low end power. Uconnect was easy, and displays friendly. For the same year 4 Runner or Explorer, with similar miles and features, I saved 5K with Dodge. If there is one thing, I will have to take points away, is that the 5.7 hemi is a gas eater, but I knew that going in. For the other reviews that talked about the transmission and shifting, I can see what they are talking about, but for me it recovers quickly and should not be compared to a sports car.

  • Fantastic SUV, it just can't get any better - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    This is a fantastic vehicle.. And I have owned many many cars before, this is one of the vehicles I love the most. I've always had BMW's and Mercedes (Still have) and I love german technology, I think Mercedes Benz ownership over Chrysler inherit a lot of nice features, this truck handles like a german SUV, its not short on anything, it is very comfortable, amazingly nicely equipped and very attractive, fantastic MPG. I get around 22mpg in average driving here in Orlando, FL. Don't ever think twice if you are buying one, this car is amazing. Similar cars owned before: - Chevy Tahoe 2007 - Ford Explorer V8 2007, Explorer V8 2010 - Toyota Tundra 08 - Toyota FJ Cruiser 08 - Grand Cherokee 07

  • Durango in Eastern Oregon Snow - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    Tried the Durango in the snow and more WOW. Took it in doughnuts and couldn't even get it to slide sideways with the 5.7L hemi. And on corners there a 4x4 would be in the curb drove like on dry road. They took Subaru's technology 6 years ago and took it 6 years newer even with Goodyear all season tires. Comparing subaru with Toyo Open county AT, sipped. I had it sideways in the same circle turning. Still in the WOW stage.

  • Great SUV!! You dont need a minivan guys!!! - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    I had a 2007 Ford Explorer fully loaded, loved it except for horrid fuel mileage from a weak V-6, i found out me and my wife were expecting twins and it was time to get a vehicle with a third row. We bought our bright red Durango R/T with the 5.7 litre V-8. This SUV is big and its crazy fast!! Catchs all the looks and gets alot of compliments. Great stereo! Plenty of power passing or merging on the highway. Even smoking some young punk in his V-6 mustang or the guy next to you at the stoplight in his truck -) Every feature you could ask for, four heated bucket seats, and a third row that folds revealing a ton of hauling space. Get this guys, not a minivan!

  • DODGE DURANGO 2012 - 2012 Dodge Durango
    By -

    I just rescently purchased a dodge durango 2012 about a month ago, being my 5th new vehicule from dodge, chrysler and jeep products since the last 15 years. I've always loved dodge products but this new durango really surpasses all my expectations. From performance, comfort, cargo space, looks, it's a beauty. Only a month and I love this truck more and more, only remains to try it in the snow. Great fuel economy versus the power it has and gives. So far, two thumbs up for a well built truck and hoping for many many more to come.

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