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This Year's Model Updates:

The Dodge Charger adds a trio of trim levels for 2012: the midlevel SXT, the high-performance SRT8 and a less-luxurious version of the latter known as the SRT8 Superbee. An eight-speed automatic is also now available with the standard V6.

  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Abundant performance options
  • Composed ride and competent handling
  • Strong brakes
  • Easy-to-use 8.4-inch touchscreen interface.
  • Tight rear seat headroom
  • Aggressive personality won't suit everybody.

User Reviews:

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  • Sad to see it go - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    Bought this car New, in 2012, loved the color and interior, the 20in rims look beast. The Car drove like a beast, even parked, it looked tuff. high way driving the best.. passing cars, it was man and machine as one. I really took care of this car being my first ever major purchase, so very few hard drives, dealer service oil changes, reg car wash and vacuum,, mostly weekend family trips. until 30k, first service sparkplugs +/-$300. After that I started to notice more, Bluetooth had a hard time to sync with multiple devices hooked up, transmission shifting got jumpy, One rim cracked twice then another, took it to dealer and not there problem but I could buy a set of factory rims for $$$$. to repair $100 each time. guess which way I went? then at 60k sparkplugs again? another $300.. then I couldn't get Dealer to fix my driver side airbag light on dash under warranty, oh, but after warranty expired.. now they want to fix it for $$$.. then the battery died, couldn't jump start the car, had to buy a booster. Battery replaced new from autozone $200. wife took car to dealer, they charged her $800 for service and the airbag light.. that ends up coming on again right before she drove it home???? Might be normal spending for some but not for me, having a Toyota Tacoma base pickup, that I bought also new in 2010.. now having close to 100k and only service where oil changes.... So I drove my beast Charger R/T to the Toyota dealer and drove off in a 2016 Tacoma TRD 4x4 Offroad.. Maybe in 10yrs i'll buy a 2012 charger r/t , by then they should be preety cheap..

  • Beauty runs skin deep - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    I bought this car used from a local dealer,I've had nothing but problems with the way the transmission downshifts.I found out that the transmission was replaced a few thousand miles before i puchased it.It had 35,380,dealer never told me nothing .It feels like the engine is trying to run at higher rpms and the brakes don't want to stop correctly.I got no satisfaction from the dealer and tried another,they downloaded new software and told me it was not covered under warranty or any extended warranty that i purchased seperatly.I paid the amount and it still did not take care of problem,service told me to give it time to learn my driving habits,it never got better.Since then my big screen that controls everything has locked up twice,they had to do updates on.I had problems with drivers side window and i could go on and on.I'am very disappointed in this vehical and have only had it for 10 monthes.It does run down the highway nice and is a good looking car.I wish i had some help in resolving these issues.I would look over other sedans if i were you.I will probably trade it after the new year.

  • Beware of Electronics! - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    I had my 2012 R/T for 3.5 years and 65,002 miles. Here are my final thoughts on the car: The performance is spectacular. The 5.7 Hemi is more engine than most drivers will ever need (but then again, so is the 3.6) and is really a gem. It is smooth and docile when driven gently, and turns into a snarling monster when you put your foot down. Combined with a cold air intake and a Flowmaster dual exhaust it really became quite an animal. Let's just say I never needed much room to pass a bad/slow driver, and the sound coming from the exhaust was more than enough to let them know I didn't approve of their driving style. The car really was a bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Again, driving gently the engine was very docile, and the ride was borderline supple. Though the 20" wheels never allow it to get too soft. When you're driving it closer to the edge, the engine is right there with you and the suspension seems to tighten right up and allow you to take corners at speeds that would have been suicide in a car this large 20 years ago. On top of the craziness, it was not uncommon for me to obtain 30+ MPG on the highway and low-mid 20's in the city. Make sure you're using mid grade fuel though. The interior is fantastic. The seats are probably the most comfortable I have ever sat in. With severe back issues I could easily drive this car for 12+ hours and not have a problem. They are supportive and comfortable. The materials used on the interior are also great. Is it Audi great? No. But it is definitely a fantastic place to be. Everything is laid out intuitively, and access to most controls is through the touch screen or through the steering wheel. So why did I get rid of it? One word: electronics. Simply said, the electronics were complete trash. When you're making bets with yourself over how many of your 12 speakers are going to work on this start, there's a problem. When the radio decides you really didn't want to listen to that song, and then literally refuses to play that one song until the car is shut off and restarted, there's a problem. When it decides you really didn't want to connect your bluetooth, mid call, there's a problem. And finally, when the bluetooth call quality sounds like old tv static being transmitted through an olympic size swimming pool, it's just time to move on. The dealer said they would basically replace the entire system, at a very substantial cost to me due to the fact this all happened after the warranty was up. So it was time to walk away. I've been told mine was a rare occurrence, and that may be. Still doesn't change the fact that it happened and those horrifyingly bad electronics ruined the entire experience of the car.

  • Would do it again - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would own a Dodge - this is my 5th! Bought new in '12, wife hogs it. Set out to buy an Infiniti M, but the Dodge wins on noise, room, entrance/egress, toys, and performance. The AWD is not as good as BMW, reminds me of my Aspen. It kicks in after you slip a little - I guess they wanted you to know you were changing envelopes whereas my 330XI was hardly noticeable. Only issue so far was a bushing squeak in the steering column that was fixed under warranty.

  • Multiple Displacement System Ruins the Car!! - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    I had my 2012 Charger R/T Max for 17 months and sold it. The 4-6-8 cylinder system fights with the transmission in traffic. It's constantly trying to drop back to 4 cyl mode which cuts your low end torque in half, makes it downshift, then the other cylinders kick in while the engine races. It's totally confused! Build quality is great except, drivers seat power actuator moved jerkily and had to be replaced. Had radio replaced once and then rear channel failed again. Started smelling antifreeze inside the car at 25,000 miles, needs new heater core. Clunk in rear end when shifting gears in stop and go traffic. Over engineered and under built!!!

  • Interior lights wont shut off automatically - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    Lately when I crank my car all of the interior door lights in both the front and back will remain on. Ive checked to make sure that all doors are shut tight. Ive also checked to ensure that the roll light button control wasn't accidentally turned on. To make matters worse the only way that i can turn off the interior door lights is to individually press each light to switch them off. So literally I have to pull over and get out of my car and walk to the rear seats and passenger seats to press the light fixtures to off. Ive owned many vehicles in my 29 years and have never experienced such a problem. Any suggestions?

  • Beware buy Charger RT used not new!!! - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    Purchased my brand new 2012 Dodge Charger in march 2012 . So far in less than 6 months Ive put on over 19k miles. This car has very strong acceleration, and is truly a head turner especially with the 20 chrome wheels. Some concerns that i have with the car is that after a long hard highway drive this car has a very strong exhaust gas fume which enters the car. Ive taken it to the dealer twice and they cant seem to pinpoint the problem. Ive owned 11 new cars in my 30 yr lifetime, and have never experienced this type of chemical odor. This issue seems to be random and seems to happen more when the temperature reaches over 70 degrees outdoors. Has anyone else had this same issue?

  • The best car that you are over looking... - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    First things first... I have never owned anything other than V8's. I kinda feel than anything less is... unamerican. So, for my first big family four door, I had two real choices. Ford Taurus or Dodge Charger R/T...and they dont make V8 Taurus(siii?) So Dodge is was the winner. The vehicle is very well appointed, great sound system (Beats By Dre), and its not too shabby on the eyes. I wish I could read the minds on the BMW and Merc owners that pull up next to me... Not the typical look and feel of the Dodge of 10 years ago, or even two years ago for that matter. I dont have enough characters remaining to list the standard items on this car... Just Great!!!

  • Dodge Has Turned it Around! - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    I have had my 2012 Charger R/T for 9 months/16000 miles. Prior to buying this I drove nothing but imports. This car is INCREDIBLE! It handles great, is super comfortable, has gobs of power, and is one solidly built machine. Even with the 5.7 Hemi I can get a consistent 30MPG on the highway and around 24MPG around town. The interior is very nicely appointed using mostly high quality materials throughout. If you told me 4 years ago I would be driving a Dodge I would have laughed in your face, but now I can't see myself driving anything else besides maybe a Ram or a Chrysler.

  • Great car! - 2012 Dodge Charger
    By -

    I have been looking at the Charger for over a year. I looked at alot of cars but I kept coming back to the Charger. The way it drives, looks, handles, and the features you get for the money make it hard to beat. I have only had my R/T for 2 weeks so far so good. My Samsung phone is not compatible with UConnect but that isn't the cars fault. It is quiet, powerful, comfortable, gets relatively good mileage, and looks great. And boy does it get the looks. This is a keeper.

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