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  • A Helluva Car!!!! - 2016 Dodge Challenger
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    Well after reading all of the reviews and listening how people were raving over there RT Plus, or Shakers, Hellcats etc, I decided to do a review on the SXT which is what I have. Not everyone can afford $40+k for a car, so I decided to go for the base model SXT in white, with Blacktop package, 20" wheels, black aluminum rims, 8.4" Uconnect with Nav, and premium speakers. First off for being the base model even with just a V6, it's awesome. The entire care is white and black which together go beautifully. But the fact that the car is white, rims, spoiler, stripes and fuel door are black, just makes it look amazing!!! Then you have the inside with the huge 8.4" screen, the beautiful instrument cluster, awesome sound system, I mean you can't go wrong. Yeah it is just the base model with extra ad ons, but it suits me just fine!! I'm tired of reading all the reviews and how people are slamming the base model saying it doesn't offer much. BS!!!! For someone wanting a muscle car, but who is on a budget like myself, it's an awesome model to get, especially if you opt to get some of the ad ons like I did, which kept it at around $31k. The V6 engine at 305hp is nothing to be disappointed at, and realistically where are you gonna use more horsepower than that??? 305 gets the job done for me!!! I wish there was a way I could post pictures of my baby!!! She definitely gets a great deal of looks and compliments, and again, is only the base SXT model which I am extremely happy with!!!

  • Romp'n' Red Torred Ripper SRT 392, 8-sp. Auto - 2016 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I have had the car for 2,000 miles now and I love it. I never thought I would own a Dodge, but the exterior styling of the Challenger sucked me in, the awesome power plant set the hook, and then the interior redesign in 2015 sealed the deal. It is no sports car, but it is true to muscle car heritage being big, smooth, with gobs of power. It makes a great touring car for two. I thought I wanted a Hellcat, but I was not going to pay $25K over MSRP, and after driving the 392, I have no idea what I would do 222 MORE horsepower. The 392 is a brute as it is and will light-up the back end with ease. So much so, it can be tough to not spin the rear in wet conditions. I decided on the 8-speed auto since my wife cannot drive a stick. This would NOT be the car to learn to row through a manual gear box with tons of power and a firm clutch. On top of that, the auto is quicker 0-60, quicker in the quarter mile, gets better mileage, and allows for adaptive cruise control which is great on the freeway. I love the rain sensing wipers since proper wiper speed to rain ratio is part of my OCD and the auto-dimming head lights are sweet. These are the best head lights I have ever had on a car, much better than my previous car which had HID lights (I do miss the cornering lamps on my last car, though). The front seats are very comfortable, but being a 2-door, they do not have power back adjustment. The car and doors themselves are large so getting in/out in tight city sized spaces can be tough. Getting in the back seat is challenging (no pun intended), but most passengers will forget about that when they get seated in the ultra soft leather... and then you slam their heads into the head rests a few times. :) The tranny is terrific over all, but sometimes it can shift a little hard and be a little snatchy on the throttle at lower speeds since it loves to use compression breaking on deceleration and the MDS shifting from 8 to 4 and back to 8 cylinder mode is sometimes noticeable. But it it typically very smooth...get on the gas from a stand still and she shifts quick and smooth launching you to 60 in what seems like a blink of an eye. The thing will throw down from 8th to 4th in a blink and putting car in track mode makes it even more aggressive holding gears longer. The Mercedes lineage shows through with a ride that is comfortable yet solid in standard mode and the dampers firm up nicely when in the performance settings. The exhaust note is just right and makes the coolest burble on down shifts when in track mode. Stand behind the car when the engine is cold, hit the remote start, and it barks to life with a crack that WILL make you grin ear to ear. The exterior styling makes me weak in the knees every time I see it and believe the design will prove to be a timeless (the sheet metal for the most part already has 8 years under its belt). The 2015 interior update makes it a great place to be as you eat up the pavement. I was a little disappointed in the Harmon Kardon stereo, which to my ear lacks mid range, but it seems to be better at higher volume and seems to be improving with use (the bass is thumping loud if you want it). A couple down points are that some of the controls are behind the shifter making it is easy to bump the shifter into manual mode. Some of the plastic exterior trim pieces could fit better and the plastic may not age very gracefully. The side mirrors are small as part of the style and there is a HUGE blind spot looking over your right shoulder to the rear quarter, but the blind spot monitoring/cross traffic alert/back-up camera help that...plus, you can use the accelerator to clear the blind spot, too. I really think the Chally is a car in a class by itself. If you are looking for a completely FUN car, great for long road trips, you can drive daily (except maybe ice), and shred some tires, it would seem pretty dang hard to go wrong with a Challenger SRT 392.

  • scat pack shaker 6m - 2016 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    the sound power ride handleing braking infotainment system everything about this car is awsome if you are thinking about getting this car just get it my wife bought sxt plus with 6 cylinder and most of the options you could get with it with the 8a auto transmission it can smoke them tires transmission shifts smoothly and aggresivly when you get on it i liked it so much i bought a scat pack shaker with a 6m tranny this car is a beast touch the gas and you go touch the brake and you stop it is hard to drive this car slow it just wants to go the sxt gets great gas milage for such a big car the scat pack shaker is getting average 12.5 mpg still on first tank of gas but i did not buy the sp shaker for everyday use the sxt my wife uses as a daily there is a challenger modle for all tastes take one for a test drive and you will see

  • 2016 SRT 392 is a great car - 2016 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Recently took delivery of my 2016 SRT 392, six speed manual. This is a very strong engine/gear box combination, much more than anyone will need for daily driving. The monstrous torque gets you addicted really quick because the car just moves so effortlessly in any situation. This engine is just perfect for this car. The exhaust note is loud from factory, at startup you know you're in for a treat. When cruising the car is quiet, there is some road noise but that's normal for cars like this - don't expect Lexus LS quiet. The manual gear box is very good, the ratios are close to each other and soon you'll be in 5th gear cruising around town, and 6th gear at freeway speeds makes it really quiet without any drone. The hydraulic clutch is also pretty good, and after you get used to the car you won't even feel the gear changes. The infotainment system is upgraded for 2016, now you can customize the lower row of icons just by dragging the ones you want down there. I think this uConnect 8.4AN is the best on the market by a long mile. No German or Japanese system comes close in features and ease of use. The climate controls in the SRT Challenger work very well - I can leave it in auto and it will take care of it. This is a car to keep for longer than most others because not only it looks great, but it sounds great as well and the engine noises are pure pleasure. FCA knocked this one out of the park, this is an icon of a car, renewed and modernized and it feels absolutely great. If you get one you won't regret it for a minute.

  • Hellcat fever - 2016 Dodge Challenger
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    Had a 2015 Challenger SRT 392 and traded it for a 2016 Hellcat version. liked the 392 but love the Hellcat. Still breaking it in but it runs smoothly and very comfortable. I like the automatic transmission. The sound is louder by about a third over the 392, but that said, both sound great. The navigation is easy to operate and gives turn by turn directions better than any other car including Lexus and Mercedes. Love the car.

  • 2016 TorRed Shaker R/T Plus (8A) - 2016 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Well, I've only had the TorRed Challenger RT Plus Shaker for a couple of months-2300 miles and I must say it's simply an amazing car. We rented a 2011 RT years ago when we were in Phoenix during the MLB All Star game. The airport rental company ran out of cars that we'd reserved (paid for) months prior. So after a heated discussion, not in a great mood after 12 hours on an airplane, they offered us the Challenger as a consolation prize of sorts. And I must say I was thoroughly impressed! So after our return from Japan the Challenger has been on my "radar". We finally went and test drove the SXT, RT Plus Shaker and the RT Scat Pack. The SXT was very nice, but a bit spartan (at least the one we drove), good power, surprising for a V6. The RT Scat Pack was very nice, loads of power and an amazing exhaust note. But the RT Plus Shaker was right there in the middle for power and every options one could ever want. You can scare yourself with the launch mode, or go into the super track mode and have loads of fun scare the neighbors. When I say; "in the middle for power" don't get me wrong, it has enough power that you can lose your license doing burn outs at stop lights or passing traffic at some crazy unlawful speed. All of the time with a big smile on your face. Yes, from the minute you start it until your put it back in the garage you'll be smiling. It's true the gas mileage is awful, 14~18 around town, maybe 25 on the highway. If you can drive in city traffic at a normal speed, your city miles will improve, but honestly who bought this car for that.The 8AN Uconnect radio is awesome or awful, depends on what your doing. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, it takes a few seconds to re-index your SD card or USB device. It sounds amazing once you get the eq and balance all setup. I will advise against the nav option. For the money you can buy an awesome GPS with lifetime updates, not this thing. The interior is so much improved over the 2011 we drove; dash instrumentation, 8 inch UConnect (the awesome part) has all the driving modes; at least on the R/T Plus Shaker you'll likely need; shift point, paddles, traction control, steering, etc. Seats you can actually keep your butts in all day and rear seats that are usable. If you need or want the family version get the Charger. Also, I'm not sure what is standard on what models, but I recommend the leather seats, Driver Convenience Group, Technology Group and the 8A UConnect radio with the HK sound system, you won't regret it. I never use a sunroof, have one on my 300C (Hemi of course) so we opted out of the sunroof so we don't miss it. The good: That lovely motor and new 8 speed auto transmission, interior, and you'll love that Shaker option. You will get a lot of comments and looks from other drivers. The HK sound is great once setup and all that technology... The bad: Blind spots, but that's why you want (get) cross path/blind spot warning system. The UConnect 8AN nav system is way overpriced, buy your own GPS or use your phone. You'll almost be able to afford those new tires for the price of the 8AN system. The 3 season tires suck in cold or wet weather, but they won't last long anyways!

  • My R/T Plus is a 2016 A8, not a 6M--and it rocks! - 2016 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I can't pick the exact model that I have, but I have a 2016 R/T Plus with the 8-speed automatic transmission. Now. . .on to the review. Dodge knocked one out of the park with this car! Is it perfect? No. Is it a comfortable, easy to enjoy, good daily driver--and a kick in the pants when you stomp the pedal? Hell, yes! I rented a 6-cylinder version of this car when mine was in the shop. I had the six for a week and was surprised by how often I was pleased with the car so, when I got my car back, I traded it in and picked up a Challenger with a little more pep, a 2016 R/T Plus (which has the 5.7L (350 cid) motor). What surprised me most (after the yee-haw! acceleration) was how thoughtfully laid out and tastefully appointed the interior was. The center console is decidedly non-egalitarian--it's slanted towards the driver (as it should be, this is a driver's car, not a minivan), the cup holders have soft lighting around the rims to help you see them at night, the information center is a snap to learn how to use, and the Driver Information Display cluster (between the tach and the speedometer) is similarly easy to use. And when you're resting your hand on the gear shift lever, the center console controls are literally at your fingertips--brilliant! The torque (which most of us drive) and the horsepower (which some of us drive) are both a seriously legitimate kick in the pants. And I have the SMALLEST and least powerful V-8. Zero to 60 in less than six seconds, zero to 100 in about 12, and zero to goofy grin in nothing flat. The steering is surprisingly responsive and the car feels more nimble than it looks, which is good--because the car is big. Really big. And the hood feels a mile long. I could go on and on about this car but, for someone like me, who learned how to drive on land yachts and grew up driving V-8s, this car is a delicious throwback. It's not without its faults (the gas mileage is just plain bad and the rear pillars make changing lanes an adventure) and it's not for everyone, certainly, but if you've ever had even a secret liking for muscle cars, you owe it to yourself to check out the Challenger. Especially if you're a middle-aged driver who also wants some creature comforts like heated seats, honest to goodness back seats, a usable trunk, and a comfy ride. I'm actually a little embarrassed by how much I wound up loving this car--but, boy, do I! Well done, Dodge-FCA! Well done!

  • I went PLUM CRAZY !!! - 2016 Dodge Challenger
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    I just traded in my 2015 Lime Green Challenger RT with 512 miles on it for a 2016 Scat Pack in Plum Crazy Purple. A lot more motor. Huge difference!! Great car and great color. I removed the ugly stripes on the trunk and had the spoiler painted Purple also. Looks great. I've only had it a few days but this is my 3rd Challenger and they were all very nice cars.

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