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For 2015, the Dodge Challenger gets a major overhaul. Headlining the act is the new SRT Hellcat, which gets a supercharged V8 engine good for a rather outlandish 707 hp. On all Challengers, you'll find new styling details, a revised and upgraded interior and a new eight-speed automatic transmission.

  • Strong V8 engines, topped by the new 707-hp Hellcat
  • Supple, quiet ride
  • Huge trunk.
  • Room for four adults
  • Poor rearward visibility
  • Beefy size dulls acceleration and handling.

User Reviews:

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  • Great car fun toy - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Hats off Dodge this car is just fun to drive and looks great mine may not be a Hellcat or R/T its still has that 70 s fun factor with modern ride and handling . Great car thanks Dodge.

  • Great Toy - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

  • Not For Everybody But Ideal for Some! - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    This is the most fun I've ever had with a car. Have about 6500 miles on it with no issues. Got the B5 Blue, a heritage color with black interior. Almost daily comments on the cars looks. Gets 25 mpg combined on regular and accelerates just fine with a very satisfying engine sound. Drove the Hemi 375 and it had more low end torque but did not feel faster or justify the bigger price tag and use of premium unleaded. I use this car as a daily driver. The driver's seat is my only complaint. It is narrow and somewhat flat. The left bolster hits my thigh (I am 6 feet 180 lbs.). If the seat was changed just to be a couple of inches wider and a little better on the bottom it would be outstanding, as is it's ok and not a deal breaker. The high intensity headlights could be brighter. The voice recognition software is superb and works easily and flawlessly. The interior is laid out intelligently and I appreciate its simplicity. Obviously a lot of thought went into this interior and it shows. I may keep this car a long time if it holds up.

  • Pitch Black Perfection - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Purchased our '15 Challenger SXT on 7.23.15 and already put about 3,400 miles on it. Although she's only a baseline (albeit with the Super Sport Group for a sexier look and the Driver Convenience Group for more safety tech added) with cloth interior, she's still won trophies at car shows with 200+ cars entered. Granted we've added a K&N cold air intake that gives her a throatier, almost V8-like, growl on acceleration, even before then the performance was considerably good for a V6 3,800-lb. car. The engine is sound and takes punishment from the throttle like a pro, and its steering performance around tight corners is surprisingly good. Adding the cold air intake ($267 for K&N 63 series) has added about 10 more hp and I'd guess 3 more mpg. I use about a quarter of a tank less each week since I've put it on, so I'd recommend that mod even if it's the only one you do. I will say that I wouldn't buy another Challenger unless it has the Driver Convenience Group as an add-on! The blind spot assist for that big block of metal behind your shoulder is a must have, same with the reverse parking sensors that use similar software to BMW's that includes a visual map that shows you where the object is hidden behind that big butt of yours. NOTE!: Factory settings do NOT have an audible chime for the blind spot sensors on the side mirrors, so you'll have to activate that feature going through the settings on your vehicle's touch screen...not hard to figure out though, but you'll definitely want that on. It will only chime at you when your blinkers are on and a car is in the blind spot area in the lane you're getting over on. That all being said, I 100% recommend this car as a daily driver. Having a V8 was of course an option, but my husband is under 25 and I wanted to keep the insurance as low as possible and be able to use it as a daily driver as we live about 30 miles away from work places. The performance doesn't disappoint and, honestly, even after test driving the R/T with the 5.7L I figured the noise was better, but the acceleration and gain on hp wasn't so drastic that it says "buy me". With the 3.6L we have plenty of fun, tons of stares and enjoy paying only $89/month as a 24-yr-old female and 22-yr-old male on our insurance, and I only spend max $30 on gas per week filling up from the 1/4 tank line. An acquaintance of ours drives the same 3.6L engine in his '14 (also with CAI) and builds 1,000hp+ drag cars for a living, with magazine articles in his honor, so there's nothing to be ashamed of driving this V6.

  • Header Orange. Love it! - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    This car is terrific! I ordered and leased this 2014 Header Orange RT Plus for 2 years and almost hate to give it up. And even though Dodge may not offer Orange in 2016, I'm going with Plum Crazy this time. I have to get another Challenger. I love almost everything about this car from the classic muscle car look to the sound it makes when you put your foot into it. And it just makes me feel great when I'm driving it. I have leased my last 9 cars which have all been average, but this is the first time I've ever felt like hanging on to one. I love this car! Gas mileage was expected just as the blind spot in the back. Hey, you can't have everything. It's solid and I have had no issues regarding any repairs or complaints with the car. Dodge has done well with this one and now I'm a confirmed customer.

  • Sinister SRT 392 packs a vicious punch - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Well where do I start. Hmm oh yeah the 6.4 Liter Hemi is a beast. Have put down consistent mid 4 second zero to 60 times with no effort whatsoever with a best so far of 4.2 seconds. Took it to Route 66 dragway and have turned mid 12's all day long at an average of 111 mph. Nothing has even come close to beating me on the street and most don't even try. I opted for the Redline Red Tricoat paint job and it literally can look like three different colors depending on the lighting from fire engine red in the sunlight to Candy apple in the shade, absolutely wicked! I nearly settled for a Scat pack but I'm really glad I went with the SRT. For about 5 grand more you get 6 piston red Brembo calipers up front and red for piston Brembo's out back that clamp this hefty muscle car down from any speed with ease. I'm averaging 17.5 miles per gallon at excessive highway speed along with aggressive of highway driving. This thing comes standard with a rocking 18 speaker Harmon Kardon 900 Watt sound system that has some serious bass provided via 2 perfectly placed subwoofers where the spare tire should typically reside. But I barely ever turn it up because of the absolutely sick sounding soundtrack provided by the 2 tailpipes pumping out the best sounding V8 music I've ever heard and it's utterly addicting. Put the fun pedal to the floor and those babies open up like I put a $2000 exhaust system on it. I've never experienced a vehicle from the factory with the raw power, sound, ride quality the list goes on and on. Especially for $50K it's an unbeatable vehicle in every way. The SRT drive mode selectors are truly amazing that gives this monster the ability to drive like 3 different vehicles and you can mix up the ride pretty much any way you like. I usually go with full traction control along with track transmission which doesn't allow the 4 cylinder shutdown to occur and offers lighting quick shifts. Then stiffen up the suspension and steering a bit and have a blast anywhere I need to go. There's a never ending list of cool technology and excellent safety features this vehicle offers I could go on all day. I've owned Camaro I've owned Mustang and they don't even come close to competing with the 392. 100 percent satisfied with my purchase and plan on keeping this beast for a long time.

  • Unleash the HELLCAT! - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    These cars were a blast! With the 6.2L V8 there is definitely no shortage of power. Check out this video that we made with ours! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dClhLaJjFTQ Needless to say, we recommend getting a couple extra sets of tires with this car.

  • BIG LET DOWN - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I special Ordered this unit and it came in with cloth seats next to Zero Options and I paid top Dollar and I am very, very Disappointed. So much as if I wish I never purchased it yes it has 700 HP but that's it! Big , Hard to Handle , Ugly. Not much of finishes or paint Burns Gas like you have a hole in the tank, Even if you tried a HUMMER is like a econo car compared to this one, So far 155 MPH it can do 200 if you have the Balls ! I'm staying with Chevy My SS can run rings around this Beast and its fun to drive the Hellcat is like driving a Truck Yep that's it like driving a truck. The dealer was in Larchmont NY they were nice until I signed the paper then it was get lost. My Chevy Dealer in Waterbury CT Vin is the best and treats you right. DODGE is

  • Traded in a 2012 Chrysler 300c AWD Luxury Series.. - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    If you are buying this car for the gas mileage...don't! Although if you don't go crazy around town you can get 15 of the most fun miles per gallon you have ever experienced. If you travel on open roads, look for around 22 - 24 MPG. This car is not about gas mileage, it is about fun, and it delivers that! I am old enough to remember the original Challenger the current 2015 is based on (1971) and Dodge nailed it on this one. A classic look brought into the 21st century. I have the 6 speed Tremec manual transmission that is hooked up to the new 392 CID Hemi engine from Dodge with 485 HP and 475 ft/lb of torque. What a blast to run it thru the gears and hear the Active Exhaust screaming - this car is not subtle! Take all of the good things you remember from the 'old days' and add safety to it, and you have the Scat Pack. (Active Exhaust re-routes the exhaust gases around the baffles, basically giving you 'straight flow pipes' from the catalytic converters to the rear of the car, i.e., no mufflers, no resonators. It is electronically controlled so driving around town or highway under light load the car is (relatively) quiet. Step on the gas pedal hard, everything gets re-routed in an instant and OMG! what a nice sound!) The car rides very comfortably and is surprisingly nimble for 2+ tons of fun - lots of back roads here in Western Pennsylvania and this car does well on them. It isn't a Porsche by any means, but it also isn't an aircraft carrier either, LOL! Straight line acceleration is scary - you are hitting red line and road speed limits *REAL* fast. Nice thing is that it also stops REAL quick with the 4 piston Brembo brakes at all 4 wheels. The interior is well done, with nice finishes and materials - nicer than the current Camaros and Mustangs by a longshot. When at cruising interstate speeds, the car is quiet enough that you can have a normal conversation with your significant other. The back seats are actually usable if you're not 6' or taller, and have nice leg room for a two door coupe. The U-Connect entertainment/NAV unit is probably the best and most user-friendly system on the market. I have an iPod, a USB stick and an SD memory card, all with music on them active at the same time. I can also connect my phone via Bluetooth for the normal stuff - and it can read my text messages to me as I am driving. I do wish that they had used either a faster processor or more memory in the unit, it takes a few seconds to get a screen every time you browse your music - even if you just did it. It appears that they don't index once and remember until something changes, but re-index on every browse. When you have 60 Gb of music, that takes about 10-15 seconds! Let's get back to performance for a minute - did I mention it is fast?! I haven't had mine on the track yet, but others I know with the same car are running in the range of 12.5sec/110mph for the 1/4 mile - on stock tires and wheels. If I had to find complaint with this car, it's that the tires just aren't wide enough to hook up quickly - only 245/35 tires and 9"x20" rims come on this beast. I guess Dodge figured the aftermarket would take care of that. To put this in perspective, this is faster than those original 426 CID Hemis that everyone remembers from the 'old days' by a wide margin. Isn't Science and Engineering wonderful!!! You can bring up 'Performance Pages' onscreen that let you choose how you want your Sport Mode button set up, such as quicker engine response and opening the Active Exhaust, turning off traction control, increasing or decreasing the effort on the electrically powered steering. It also has a Launch Page - set your RPM, it takes the engine to that speed and helps keep the wheels from spinning when you release the clutch. Did I mention it is fast and fun? Yeah, I think I did.. Would I make the deal again, trading in a beautiful, smooth, high end leather and wood interior, all wheel drive Hemi for this, knowing what I know about the Scat Pack now and knowing that winter driving will be limited in the Scat Pack because of sooo much torque at any range??? Hell YEAH!!! In a rapid heartbeat!!! This car has the best price/performance ratio of any car out there.

  • SXT rental was a winner - 2015 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Well I upgraded my rental car while on vacation in California, had it for a week, put 1400 miles on it, going from Sacramento to Santa Cruz, Yosemite and Monterey bay, and San Francisco. Got it for a bit more money, because I always wanted to test drive one of these beautiful cars. Was disappointed that it was only a V6 at first, but let me say this car was a blast.I it was surprisingly quick and i accelerate quickly as a rule, and the fuel economy was unreal. Averaged 31 mpg over 1400 miles, better then rated. mix of hwy trips (often 80mph on crazy cali highways) and even going up over 7000 feet at yosemite still was 30 that day. I was shocked made me want to trade my kia sorrento which i previously loved and just purchased. I would be more then happy with the v6 model and I have always felt that a car like this belongs with a v8, but with that wonderful 8 speed tranny, its not much of a performance downgrade over the previous years 5.7 hemi with 5 speed tranny and it gets much better fuel economy.

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