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This Year's Model Updates:

Aside from some minor equipment adjustments, the 2014 Dodge Challenger is unchanged.

  • Supple, quiet ride
  • Glorious V8 engines
  • Distinctive exterior styling.
  • Huge trunk
  • Room for four adults
  • Mediocre handling
  • Bland interior
  • Past-its-prime automatic transmission.
  • Outdated touchscreen electronics interface

User Reviews:

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  • Jazz Blue Beast - 2014 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I love my Challenger! I special ordered a R/T base with some options (HID Headlights, Sound Group II, Sunroof). Power from the 5.7 is adequate, but it isn't exactly fast considering how heavy the car is. I solved that little problem with a ProCharger, now it moves with authority like an SRT8 (490 wheel horsepower), but without the insurance costs. It's big, roomy, and for the most part, comfortable. Enormous trunk. I do have a hard time finding a comfortable driving position for long drives though. The car would benefit greatly from either more telescoping in the steering column, power adjustable pedals, or moving the shifter (6spd) back farther toward the driver. The car rides like a Cadillac. Optional HID headlights work very well, and are bi-xenon, so you get both low & high beams in HID. Optional mid-level stereo (Sound Group II) is absolutely amazing. You can crank any type of music up to full volume with no distortion. The first thing you'll want to do is toss the 18" "green" low rolling resistance Michelins in the garbage, and get a set of proper tires to keep from roasting rubber. Then, you'll need to get a Barton shifter to keep from constantly missing 3rd, and to eliminate the ridiculous throw from 4-5. A skip shift eliminator or programmer is also mandatory. I didn't buy a manual transmission to be forced to shift from 1 to 4!!!!!!! Bluetooth "works", but takes quite some time to pair. And quite some time again when it un-pairs right after you get out on the road! And don't bother turning off the incoming SMS message alert... no matter how many times you turn this confounded feature OFF, it still breaks into the music for EVERY single text message. A new aftermarket head unit is in my near future. The voice recognition sucks. If you need to call "home", good luck. I'm not sure how the engineers who designed the voice recognition system talk, but I have tried every conceivable way of saying "home", and the car simply refuses to call home. There is an option that allows the car to learn your voice. It's a joke, don't bother wasting your time. I love the retro styling, but it does make for some LOUSY outward visibility to the sides. Lane changes are basically floor it and pray you can get ahead of whoever may happen to be in that ENROMOUS blind spot. If blind spot detection had been available in 2014, I'd have ordered it for sure. If you get the 6spd (of course you did, who buys an automatic muscle car?!) do yourself a favor and get the resonators removed right away. It makes the car sound like it should have from the factory. There is no drone on the 6spd (autos drone and sound like crap when MDS kicks in, you're better off leaving the stock exhaust in place)

  • rt classic auto - 2014 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Have owned my RT classic for three years and have over 9,000 miles on it. The car is great looking black with red side stripe. Rides very comfortably and I average 27 mpg highway at 70 to75 mph. The 5.7 motor also runs on regular gas as apposed to the larger motors that require premium gas. The interior is very good quality, red and black leather. The dash board some complain about being out dated, but looks similar to the original 70s. As I wanted to stay looking like the 70 challenger I went with the classic with the polished mags , and don't mind the older style dash. Car runs great goes when you want it to and can be used as a every day driver. Only complaint is the exhaust isn't load enough.

  • LOVE MY ORANGE SXT PLUS - 2014 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Amazing power for a 6 cylinder car. Stunning orange color with sharp black graphics. Have gotten more compliments on this car than i did on my silver 1997 C5 Corvette. Smooth riding, corners well and has plenty of pep, considering that it is not a Hemi!

  • Soaked in my Challenger - 2014 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    So far I had a heating problem where the heat system would start blowing cold air.Took 4 trips to the service center and it is still not fixed a hundred percent.Next all the bearings fell out of the seat.Had to wait a week for parts.Then I got a recall notice telling me the alternater could stop working with no notice shutting the car down completely.Imagine driving out 95 and all the sudden you have no power steering,power brakes,no ABS system,No windshield wipers and no lights.And Dodge told me this was not putting me in harms way.It took 4 months to get replacement parts.Also the alternater could catch fire at any time.Next the airconditioning system started blowing a water mist into the cab of the car.At first I was told all systems do that,I told them BULL.They came back and told me the drain on the system was clogged.They said because of this the duct system had mildew in it and would have to be disenfected. Charged me over 200 dollers.Three wekks later I have mist again.WOULD NOT BUY ANOTHER DODGE EVER.

  • 2014 SRT8 Challenger Review - 2014 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    The Challenger is a big, heavy girl make no mistake about it. It gets terrible gas mileage as a result. But if you are in the market for a muscle car and gas mileage is a concern, perhaps you need to rethink your decision. It has some blind spots due to its size. Its way better than muscle cars of yesteryear in terms of fit/finish/braking and handling. But it is still a growling, snarling beast that you hear and feel almost every step of the way. She can be a civilized daily driver if you want it to be, but there is no escaping knowing what is lurking just under the surface. If you understand what a real muscle car SHOULD be then you will appreciate this car as a homerun in look and attitude

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