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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Dodge Challenger lineup receives a renamed base trim, a new, optional premium audio system and available shift paddles for the five-speed automatic.

  • Strong V6 and V8 engines
  • Compliant ride
  • Upscale interior quality
  • Distinctive exterior styling.
  • Huge trunk
  • Spacious and comfortable cabin
  • Handling not as sharp as rivals.
  • Compromised rear visibility

User Reviews:

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  • Bought my 2012 Challenger 392 used - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    The fuel economy of this car is quite good for the horsepower given that you drive conservatively. If you are an aggressive driver the gas mileage will not be as good but, this is what I knew I was getting into. This car still turns heads despite newer 2015 Challengers on the road. My model is Tungsten with Black Stripes. The steering is responsive and the power delivery is fantastic. It did not come with back up sensors which is what I wanted. I've been driving for over 20 years so I'm accustomed to cars with no aides. The interior has some lite rattling in the C pilar. Fortunately after reading forums it's just a matter of the interior paneling coming into contact with the frame, a quick fix.

  • 2012 SRT...Going great through 25K - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Moved from 4 cyl honda accord to SRT Classic, Automatic, fully loaded. I drive highway, I'm getting about 20 miles to the gallon, again 1 year 25K miles into ownership.

  • 2012 Dodge Challenger RT Classic - Best yet! - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    To date, I have owned twelve vehicles. My first, a 1964 Mercury Comet to my current 2012 Dodge Challenger RT Classic. The worst car I have owned is a 2009 Mazda 5 Wagon. The 2012 Dodge Challenger is by far the best vehicle we have ever purchased. This vehicle has the Super Trak Pack, 6-speed, sunroof, amazing leather and a rocking sound system that can play movies, blu tooth audio and read music from a thumb drive. Modifications made thus far Magnaflow X pipe, Pettys Garage Strut tower brace, LMI cold air intake and skip shift eliminator. Do want a car that handles corners with ease, has amazing acceleration and looks great? If so, this is the car for you. We love it!

  • Challenger SRT8 392, 6 MT, Yellowjacket Edition - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    05/12/13: Traded a 2012 Hyundai Gen Coupe, which definitely was not my cup of tea, for this. In comparison, the Challenger is a huge car, but pleasantly so. Needless, to say, the 392 is a torque monster, which puts a constant smile on my face, and the Yellowjacket paint is a real head turner. Gonna flush and fill all the lubes with Amsoil synthetics this week at about 300 miles or so to protect the investment. I'll review reliability at the end of summer. In the meantime, gonna have one fun summer getting to know this BEAST of a car.

  • Best car ever owned - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    Having owned a 1973 Challenger at 19 yrs old, it was my favorite for many reasons. But after owning the 2012 SXT Plus for nearly 2 years - its now my all time favorite. Like the original, its coke bottle shape is timeless. Add today's quality standards, reliability, comfort, driving characteristics, and modern features like NAV, handsfree phone, heated seats, etc. - its awesome. This Challenger is trouble free, quiet, and smooth despite our sometimes rough midwestern roads.

  • Smokin' HOT - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I LOVE my 2012 Rallye Redline. She's a show stopper and a pleasure to drive. Since I cruise in her and will take her cross country, it was important to me when selecting a sports car to find one that looked fabulous, drove well, and didn't rattle my teeth out with every single bump in the road. Comfort is a key component of my Challenger, along with the strong look of a muscle car (no mistaking what a Challenger is), and muscle car action. I drove a Mustang and a Camaro before choosing the Challenger. Okay, the Challenger is not as fast, but how could it be with it's size and weight? However, it sure the heck rides and looks a LOT better!!!

  • SuperFunCar - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I traded a 2012 Ford Fusion for this car and I am extremely pleased with my decision. The MSRP was a little over 30K and I was able to purchase for 27K which is very reasonable for the features the Challenger has. I currently have 4000 miles on the car and have enjoyed every mile! It is black with chrome 20's which make it look great! The car is very comfortable as long as you are in the front. I normally drive on a 150 mile round trip and average around 30 mpg. I drive up many hills and there is always power to spare. The car handles great around curves. I have Sirius radio and really enjoy that. This is a Great college car! I have to hide keys from my mom.

  • I made a good choice! - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I came from a 2004 BMW 325i to this 2012 Challenger SXT. I had in mind The Focus, 2013 Ultima, or Buick Verano. Roads are saturated with Mustands and Camaros. Some pulled behind me on my BMW and looked through the rear view mirror and saw the Challenger's headlight it's grill, it looked intimidating, aggressive and from there I felt in love and wanting one. It gives me good gas millage better then the BMW. Works great for daily driving (I was told that the comfort concept was of the 300C). Nice trunk size. In the cabin a lot organizing compartments. I have it all blackout. It looks bad ass. ast. If I was wealthy I would buy two. One for collection and the other one for everyday

  • Best retro car to get! - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I was in the market between a Camaro, Mustang or the Challenger. Of the three, I bought the challenger because it is the better of the three to live with. All of them have awesome styling, all have v-6 engines delivering decent MPG and of course, all are American! But what made the challenger stand out was that is was more livable for the day to day stuff. While the base Camaro and Mustang feel like your sitting in a rattling plastic tub, the challenger wlecomes you to a nuetral black interior with better build quality (still not a bmw) and great styling. The bigger body means a better ride, but it also means its heavier. Definitly a great cruiser!

  • World Class Muscle Car - But no Backup Camera Option - 2012 Dodge Challenger
    By -

    I purchased this superb 470 hp Super car for my son as an early graduation gift. This car has incredible acceleration, braking and handling, far beyond anything I have ever driven at twice it's price. This car in Metalic Blue Streak with Factory Silver-White stripes is beyond gorgeous and turns heads wherever it goes. I bought it fully loaded with Dodge's highest end GPS. Strangely enough it does not have a backup camera and you can not purchase one form Dodge or Mopar even if you wanted to. I called Dodge to find out what the logic for this was. They could not explain the logic or lack thereof. Otherwise My Son Loves His SRT-8

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