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This Year's Model Updates:

The hybrid-powered Malibu Eco is no longer available, but all Malibus receive a 4G data connection with WiFi hotspot capability.

  • Strong turbocharged engine.
  • Well-appointed interior
  • Comfortable ride
  • Outstanding crash test scores
  • Snug backseat
  • MyLink touchscreen interface can be finicky to use at times.

User Reviews:

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  • Do People Really Test Drive These Cars - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    Since its just the two of us interior is ok. Dash easy to read, front end hard to tell where that's why you notice other cars crunched. Mirrors are limited have to double check. Road noise is like driving with windows down you can hear everything like the Kia Rio they loaned us. The turbulence of mirrors is annoying and in a head wind drowns out radio. GM has known about this since 2014 did not fix till now on all 2016 models. With 7800 miles already have loss in power does not roll over hills as easy. Dealer say everything normal we only notice since we`ve driven from start. I`m glad they got rid in eco system nothing like sitting in 110 degrees and it shuts off takes more power to cool down.

  • Test one out for yourself - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    This was my first car right out of college. AND I LOVE THIS CAR. I had driven a 2004 malibu classic with a 2.2 engine for the past 6 years and got to say the 2.5 engine was a pretty good upgrade in performance. I would admit the start-stop tech took a while to get used to, but with the upgrades to the starter and engine gaskets you will be safe from the constant on and off feature. I use this car everyday for work and look to keep it for some time.

  • Enjoyable car, but not best of the best - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    I've had the car for a year now. I've never owned a car that had an MSRP of over 25k, so I only have so much to compare it to. Overall I have greatly enjoyed owning this car. For the bad: In that time, I have had it in the dealership for issues three times. The first was the airbag module gave up the ghost (it just popped the warning light, nothing bad occurred). Second time was for an OnStar module recall. Third time was for the hands-free calling not working. Turned out the hands-free calling not working was because they put in the wrong OnStar module during the recall appointment. All of the work of course was done for free as it was under warranty. Each time they arranged a loaner car that was in impeccable condition. Each time the dealership was friendly and polite. For the good: I have found this car to be quite comfortable. It is by no means a luxary sedan, but six hour drives in it didn't overly fatigue me or expose uncomfortable parts of the seats. It handles quite competently under all the weather conditions I've had it in (hot, cold, rain, and wintery mix) and has always made me feel safe. It has plenty of power to get up to highway speed by the end of the on ramps. I was originally skeptical of the electric power steering but have come to enjoy how precise it seems to be. I personally like the stop-start tech, and it does seem to legitimately boost MGP. Of course, it remains to be seen what the extra starts does in terms of engine wear. I like the styling in general, and I like the accent lighting and size of the buttons on the various dash controls (for when wearing gloves). I especially like that it has power seat high adjustment on the base model. Annoyances: in the base model, bluetooth does phone calls but doesn't support music streaming from your phone. This seems to be purely a software roadblock put in place to try to sell the higher trim levels. The times the start-stop does NOT kick in seem to be a bit random sometimes. I know it is based on battery levels and accessories in use and whatnot, but I see no reason why after driving 20+ minutes highway time in mild weather, with minimal accessory and HVAC use, why it would not stop the engine when you pull up to a stoplight at the bottom off your off-ramp, when you are not doing stop-and-go traffic. Also, while the transmission is largely competent, it does not seem as smooth or as intelligent as comparable Mazda models that my friends have.

  • GM needs some help. - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    After 3000 miles what a poor constructed vehicle ride and road noise is poor. Come on GM is this really the best you can do on this vehicle ? Also get rid of that auto stop makes the vehicle feel like I am driving a cheep golf cart. Fuel mileage is poor I do better in my full size Dodge Challenger with a V-6 engine .

  • Love this car! - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    It's easy to hook up all of you wife and blue tooth, making hands free a standard thing. Great on gas, love the interior, Had other Malibu's in the past that lasted and lasted. I mean like 190,000 and still humming along! Dependable, safe and beats everyone on price except the inferior brands. Would let my daughters travel in it or recommend to someone's mom. I love this car~!!!

  • Solid traveler but lacking acceleration oomph! - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    Recently had to have a rental while my 07 Camry V6 XLE was in for collision repairs. Let me say right away I never was fully satisfied with my Camry's ride. It's far too taught and the ride reminded me of a go-kart. The Camry is fast and nimble, but hard to endure on long road trips. As soon as I sat into the Malibu's driver seat, I was instantly comfortable. Of course, it's a 2015 and its not a sport edition, so it may be disingenuous to compare the ride comfort of the Camry vs the Malibu, but even the later 90's Camry had a better ride than the 2007 Camry. One thing my V6 Camry is good at however is acceleration. It's a loud V6 at idle, but it moves swiftly. The base engine Malibu on the other hand is too slow on acceleration, and when it does respond, it is anemic and I almost feel like I may be injuring the thing when I step on the gas. But the ride is awesome. Comfortable without feeling too plush, and not claustrophobic like some other newer model cars. Visibility is not great, but no worse than the Camry's. What ever happened to large side and rear mirrors of yesteryear? The materials are much better than my Camry or any Chevy I had been in recently. Overall, if it holds reliable, this would be a solid choice if the base engine was quicker. If you can afford a step-up in engine level (turbo or a v6), it may just be perfect.

  • 2015 Malibu Rental Car - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    I rent very often due to work. I think this is the first time in long time that they gave me a Malibu. Most of the time I would ask for something else. It has been a disappointment. Like someone else stated, the driver's seat is one of the most uncomfortable car that I can think of. You are sitting so low that you cannot see over the dashboard. If you raise the seat, your right leg has to press down on the seat to reach the pedals. I guess this car is designed for long legs. Anyway my biggest complaint is the steering. I strongly suspect this is because it is a rental and has been abused but the steering give a step change whenever I turn it slightly right. This is extremely dangerous but I was too lazy to switch it out.

  • Makes me smile ! - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    I bought my Malibu LT about 2 months ago and I love driving it ! It has great acceleration, and engine noise is minimal, handles great and feels very secure when driving. Other things I like : huge trunk space, awesome mileage - 33 mpg overall, Chevy dealers everywhere if needed-even rural areas, ambient blue lighting at night, remote start for Wisconsin winters, back up camera for parking and safety, road hugging , interior/exterior fit and finish, styling, concealed tail pipe, value for the money, buying experience at my local Chevy dealer- no hassle or games. Things I don't like so much: no spare tire, complicated My Link ( I hate reading a manual ) , FM reception, that's about it 😀 Overall, I would say this car should be driven and checked out if you are looking for a good looking car that performs well, can be serviced almost anywhere, and is a great value for the money.

  • Great Car - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    First I'd like to say that the negative reviews seem to be from people who've rented the car (and know nothing about it), bought it used, or are weirded out by the Eco 4cyl engine. I bought my 2015 Malibu LS new after trading in my 2006 Malibu LT. I love the start/stop engine which cuts the engine off after you brake for extended periods of time, then cuts back on after you let off the brake. quite a few cars have this set up, you hardly notice it and it saves a good deal of MPG's. Especially if you're in traffic!! As a bonus you still take off just as fast if not faster than you would had the engine still been running. The trunk can be opened via key fob or a small button on the middle tail light when doors are unlocked. It's a huge step up, just the amount of space I'm used to in front and back-it's a bit more snug in back, but the trunk is a bit bigger now. if you're a fan of Chevy, want a midsize sedan with a some "getup and go", a bit of style, and want good MPG's this is the car for you. If legroom in back is an issue, grab an impala.

  • dont buy!! a waste of road space - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu
    By -

    this has to be the most uncomfortable car ive ever driven, i actually traded a cobalt that i wish i had back, im a long time chevrolet and long time GM customer, i will never buy again, this car is junk, GM offers no support, i was actually tol "too bad, you bought it" "maybe you should have shopped more" no way to treat a customer if you ask me.

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