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This Year's Model Updates:

For the 2015 Chevrolet Impala, the hybrid-powered eAssist model has been discontinued. All models get a new 4G data connection with WiFi hotspot capability. Also, a gasoline/CNG bi-fuel model makes its debut.

  • Sleek, feature-rich cabin
  • Excellent crash test scores.
  • Big backseat and trunk
  • Serene and quiet ride
  • Touchscreen interface can be slow to respond
  • Four-cylinder engine lacks oomph
  • A few subpar interior trimmings.

User Reviews:

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  • serious safety issue - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    I bought this beautiful vehicle in March with only 14 miles. Approximately 5 months after purchase, I began having trouble with the engine and Stabilitrak® system.  While traveling on the highway my check engine and traction light illuminated simultaneously.  I was also alerted that "engine power was reduced" and my vehicle would not accelerate when pressing the gas pedal.  I took my vehicle to the dealership for repairs and was informed that one of my fuel pumps had stopped working and the problem was corrected.  In September while traveling on the highway my check engine and traction light again illuminated simultaneously.  I was alerted that "engine power was reduced" and my vehicle would not accelerate when pressing the gas pedal.  I took my vehicle back and wiring in the fuel pump area was repaired. In October the same issue! Fuel pump was replaced AGAIN. GM refused to buy back stating this isn't causing safety issues despite being in a compromising position 3 times with an infant in the car. They offered an accessory certificate. This has been a nightmare.

  • Long term rental - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    I was on an assignment so I got an impala for a long term rental. I drove it to and from work, to and from my home, and around town. I generally like it. However, my biggest peeve is the noise. I was convinced that the rear window was open because of all the road noise I could hear in my left ear. But, no, that is just its lack of sound deadening material. In every other aspect this is a nice car. But, it is just too noisy. Trunk is quite large. It is a large car.

  • Throw away all your pre 2015 Impala knowledge - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    As a retired Federal Officer I have been driving the “police version” of the Impala pretty much all my career. Forget everything you have known about the Impala –the 2015 Chevy Impala is a totally different animal (no pun intended) than the previous Impalas. I bought the 2LTZ loaded model and had no regrets. The LT model I suppose will give me a slightly better mileage by buying the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder 196 horse power LT model but to be honest, the advantages is not sufficient for me to downgrade the 3.6 liter V6 305 horse power 2LTZ. 1. Performance: My 3.6 liter V6 305 horse power engine is much more than impressive. Just a little push on the gas and it goes from zero to sixty in about 7 seconds. The handling is nimble and almost sporty. Although not proven, I have a belief that the steering assist gets reduced at higher speed since I can almost feel the road in tight mountain road turns. Since this is a new car for me I cannot say this with great certainty but I have a belief that the shifting is a little late which made me feel a little uneasy. It is possible that due to weight, that this car must rev through some high RPM before it can propel this heavy car. This somehow gives a little gruff edge and when I connected an OBD 2 engine sensor, the RPM over rotation alarm always sounds when I do a “jack rabbit” start. 2. Safety: The 2LTZ is loaded with the safety features found only in luxury cars. ABS, traction, and stability control comes standard. While included in the 2LTZ trim, the advanced safety package can be had for around $900. It includes adaptive cruise control forward collision warning lane departure warning blind spot warning (on the side mirrors) and rear cross-traffic alert making it the most complete crash avoidance system you can get. With the addition of daylight running light of beautiful LEDs, all these safety features will give you a handsome insurance discount. My insurance went down by $300 from my previous vehicle (Hyundai Elantra Touring wagon) which is surprising considering the more expensive price of the Impala. While some safety features may trigger false alarm which resulted in you wanting to turn it off, I strongly suggest you don’t. The lane departure warning for example, will train you to signal before departing your lane –it promotes good safety habit and it can save your life the day you nod off while driving. You’ll get used to the now and then false alarm when you drift or approach the car in the front with too high speed and you’ll be thankful the day you need it. See “Technology” below for additional safety features. 3. Ergonomics: The human interface of the controls of this car is highly logical. You can operate almost every control from the steering wheel and the voice recognition is a nice addition. The touch screen center screen is just awesome. rear window visibility is a little small and inside storage is limited. 4. Comfort: The big front seats are roomy and plush. It can have seat ventilation/AC and seat warmer, heated steering wheel, and heated side mirrors. The automatic dual-zone system performed well. The seats are supportive beneath and comfortable on long trips. The seats also have plenty of adjustments, including generous fore-aft range and adjustable lumbar / lower-back support. Full power adjustments for both front seats are standard on the LTZ. Two adults will be very comfortable in the rear seats. I was able to cross my leg comfortably in the rear seat. There's plenty of knee, foot, and head room. Three adults will fit side by side, but the center seat is hard and a very pronounced center tunnel consumes leg and foot room from the person in the middle. The rear trunk is extremely spacious. All my previous cars have been of the station wagon type of body since I have always been the interstate mover for my three children college moves. I was shocked to see the trunk size. Imagine my surprise when I found out the rear seats can be folded forward to a flat position allowing me to stick in a mattress in the trunk. 5. Technology: This car is loaded with technology too much to list. In addition to all the safety technology features listed above, the car comes with the Onstar system and Xirius radio for free trial. Once you use these, you probably would like to keep the convenience. Did you know that this car can have its own phone and phone number (and also a 4G WiFi?) It provides access through satellite which means it can give you phone and internet access in mountains and areas outside the range of cell tower –which can be a life saver. The 2015 Impala is definitely a new contender in the sedan that can outscore luxury sedans. The ride is comfortable, the noise level is low, the cabin is spacious and the handling is responsive. While the LTZ model is by far not the most fuel economical model, the average 22 mpg overall which my electronic display provided, is still impressive for such a strong engine.

  • Think twice or roll the dice - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    4 months after buying a BRAND NEW 2015 Chevrolet Impala and the paint is flecking off of the ENTIRE front end of the car!!!! A 40K car and GM has not been very nice to me. They have blamed me for this. It started off as a little defect in the paint on the front bumper and over a two week time period the problem GREW to HUGE area the size of my Torso. It looks so bad that I'm utterly embarrassed to drive this car. The paint actually flys off of the car while I'm driving it. Now my family and friends make fun of me for driving a Chevrolet. Its so embarrassing. This is supposed to be the crème of the crop flagship sedan of Chevrolet and only now that the car looks like it has 400,000 miles on it will the dealership do anything about it. GM has just totally lost me as a customer. I feel ashamed that I spent so much money on this car. This is the NEW body style people. I've already had three break downs since buying this. Left me stranded twice. I thought GM had changed since the bankruptsy but apparently not. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!! Should of bought a KIA. They have better paint jobs.

  • not sure about this, looking at dumping car - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    be wary of GM, that's all I have to say... Brand new car bought 2 months ago and leaves me stranded in the middle of nowhere. Engine just lost all power and died. lost powersteering and braking ability. I thought GM had fixed these issues with making cars that kill years ago around the recession??? Typical GM. Should have known better!!!!!! Car looks and drives like a dream, when it isn't breaking down like a nightmare. Wouldn't keep after warranty is over. I need better dependability.

  • good sedan - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    Overall, a good full size sedan. I am 6'5" and found that I have plenty of head room and am not in the least cramped and still have adjustment room left in the driver seat (normally, I run out of room for my legs, not so with the new Impala). You absolutely need the V6, as the 4 cylinder would be highly stressed in this size vehicle. The V6 has plenty of power and mileage is acceptable (I am getting 22 city/27 highway). Acceleration is excellent and the tranny shifts smoothly and efficiently it likes to keep your rpms under 2400. I like the "manual" mode, which I use in town. Large trunk, rear seats fold down flat, adding more trunk room. A good vehicle for tall people.

  • Possible defect in navigation screen design may make visibilty unreliable. - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    While driving, if the sun's glare hits the 45degree front screen in the 2015 Chevy Impala, the navigation picture may suddenly become invisible. This is especially hazardous when in reverse, when you expect extra rear visibility as an additional safety feature.

  • Impala LTZ: Big, Fast, and It Feels Special - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    Spacious sedans are everywhere, but WOW, the new Impala is a standout. Dramatic, aggressive styling inside and out makes this car feel special...there's a positive emotional appeal to the design. This car is not designed for autocross flinging, but handling is secure, and the steering wheel is satisfying to grasp. The 3.6L V6 performance is stout, and the exhaust note even burbles sweetly. The car's overall comfort, style, acceleration, interior detail all shine. The Impala provides quiet, relaxed motoring in the city clutter or out on the flat open highway. Lay into the throttle, and it provides a smile every time.

  • Finally, the perfect car for me! - 2015 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    Replaced a 2014 Lexus ES 350 with this Impala and I am shocked how superior this car is to the Lexus in seat comfort, ride isolation, hushed quietness, control design, navigation and many other areas. The Eco Tec 4 Cyl comes with active noise cancellation and it really works. I was talking on my phone doing 70mph in heavy freeway traffic tonight and after 10 minutes into the call, my friend was shocked to learn I was driving and not at home on my couch. He couldn't hear A THING! Great comfortable seats, easy controls, beautiful compliant absorbent suspension that soaks up the bumps and cracks (but not floaty) better than Lacrosse, XTS, 300C, MKS and many others.

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