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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Chevrolet Equinox carries over largely unchanged. There's a new trim level, the L, and OnStar now includes a 4G LTE connection with an in-car WiFi hotspot.

  • Spacious and adjustable backseat.
  • Premium look inside and out
  • Strong optional V6 engine
  • Quiet interior
  • Comfortable highway ride
  • Steering isn't very precise.
  • Low V6 mpg ratings as well
  • Less cargo space than rivals
  • Four-cylinder version feels sluggish on the highway and real-world mpg falls short of EPA ratings

User Reviews:

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  • Don't Believe The Mileage Claims - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    I purchased the Equinox because of the claimed EPA Hwy mileage of 32 mpg. As a driver, I have always achieved and even bettered the hwy mileage estimates of other vehicles I have owned. With the Equinox, instead of 32 mpg on long road trips, I am regularly getting 26 mpg. It doesn't make any difference if I use Cruise or not. That is almost a 20% discrepancy from the claim. Additionally, my transmission has begun to slip when taking off from a stop. Had it to the dealer but it is intermittent and they were unable to determine the cause. Buyer Beware!

  • 10,000 miles in 6 months - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    Leased a 4 cylinder as was not sure I would like it and the lease cost was excellent for 12,000 miles per year. Overall the vehicle is smooth, stops as predicted, and very quiet. I did not think I would like the center console with all the buttons but found just the opposite, as all the buttons are easy to understand and reach. Using a touch screen in a car can be difficult and dangerous as it takes your eyes off the road to long. Hence I use the buttons and really like the back button to return to the previous screen, just like a computer. The seats are comfortable on long trips and the vehicle rides nice. It is a SUV so the handling is just normal. Engine does not have a lot of pick up but the trade off is very good gas mileage. The chevy My Link is excellent and even read my text messages. Trunk area is not large but put down the seats and it has plenty of room to move furniture..... I would like to see a turbo in this vehicle as it would improve performance. Not sure Chevy will do this as it is their base brand. If they did I would consider buying one, not lease. I did drive a 6 cylinder GMC version and it was horrible. The one thing I don't like is the exterior styling. It is pleasant but very boxy. I will probably lease this again if the lease is a great price. Not sure the long term trade in or sale value is good enough to buy it.

  • Bought it, traded it in within 4 months. - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    Cheap, slow, uncomfortable. I bought this against my better judgement. Never been a Chevy guy but the deal was great. After the first drive home on the highway I was miserable. Bought it in July yesterday went back to Hyundai and traded it in. I will never stray from Hyundai again

  • You Should have a V6 AWD - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    There was no option to select the V6 for review. It seems there is a big performance differences between 4 cylinder and the AWD V6. First off is the power, Shocking! Plant your foot and go to warp. Passing is a pleasure, not "I think I can, I think I can". With the V6 and AWD combination you get an upgraded suspension that gives you precise handling and very little body roll without being too stiff. Stuff not easy to find in the specs. The major complaint is the transmission. It' not always as intuitive as it could be and for god's sake DO NOT use the manual shift buttons. They lag in command and once badly downshifted so let the computer do it. The so-called premium sound system is only fair. Would I buy it again? Yes, can't beat the bang for the buck.

  • Love it! - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    Although I am no expert, I have owned several different cars, so I can speak from experience if you will.. The Equinox is a smooth ride, safe, sturdy, and sexy in my opinion :-) I had a Mazda cx5 temporarily, and if felt like I was in a tin can compared to the Equinox, and it was the same price, if not more...I have gone over most of the reviews, and it sounds like most of the negative comments are from people that are never satisfied, its pretty obvious..My parents are on their second Equinox, they love it!

  • Give other comparables some serious consideration! - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    I'm all about quality, which means how much you get for your $$ as well as the valuation of a product. The Equinox falls significantly short of expectations, especially for the $$, compared to other SUV/CUVs. My first impression was cramped discomfort. I'm 6' 200lbs, so I'm not small but I'm not huge either. The seats were uncomfortable, although did have lumbar support and power on the driver side, the seated experience was "get out, now!". Although the dashboard was rather plain, I appreciate that lack of clutter the center console MyLink system was abysmal though. Too many buttons to figure out what goes to what part of the dashboard to make this a driver-friendly experience. Road noise is horrible - for a FWD, there's an awful lot of noise from the rear end, which seems to only highlight my experience with GM products. There's far too much plastic and too little attention to sound-dampening (and seriously, a dealer inventory vehicle that had 20 miles on it has either brake or bearing whirl on the back end? - not a testament of solid engineering!). It made me think that the '80s and '90s were back. I honestly expected a lot more from this car and I'm glad I didn't buy it after the weekend's test drive. It was disappointing in pretty much every way, especially when compared to equivalent vehicles from other manufacturers. Creature comfort is important and it seems that Chevy has dropped the ball on this one. The engineers and designers at Chevy need to take a long look and a long ride in their competitors' inventory more value for the $$ exists in others, no matter which one you choose.

  • American-made, AWD and comfort - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    Drove several mid-size SUV and cross-overs as rental car on 300-900 mile trips before buying my Equinox. Almost all rentals were FWD but I bought the AWD for Kansas City weather. Only drove the Escape one time, didn't like it at all the older models were pretty nice but like most Fords, rough riding on a trip. Never rented a CR-V so test drove one. Seemed much smaller than the Equinox/Terrain. With seven rentals of GM's, I failed to get the published MPG only once, and got 37.4 over a 50 mile range coming home out of St. Louis. I have gotten 34.3 over 50 miles on my AWD. As for other reviews, seriously, its a 4 cylinder SUV why even mention performance. It is almost as good as any regular V6 of a few years ago, merges fine and passes fine as well Really like the 8" front-back adjustment on the rear seat, really roomy when back all the way. Didn't know the rear seats reclined until i read other reviews! The 8 way driver seat with power lumbar is great for my 6', 260 frame. My 5'1" wife uses a small pillow behind her back on the manual seat and even in our late 60's can drive 650 miles a day with no problems. The Sirrius Radio is great, and reception locally is excellent on AM and FM. Radio is higher tech than I am can't figure out how to use my phone charger in the USB port in the console without it searching out and playing some voice recordings off my phone! Just changed to a "lighter" power source. We got the ivory color after having a red Monte Carlo, and a blue Firebird. Seriously, I like the styling of the Terrain better, and most of the rentals we drove were Avis Terrains. But they drive the same and saved a couple thousand dollars. Like I said, you want a Hot Rod, get the V6. But for the mileage, I think the 4 is fine (this from a guy that owned 5 GTOs, 3 Firebirds, and a Dodge with a 440!)

  • Wow a REAL DUD! - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    Run away from this Chevy. The engine is loud, the front end lurches and feels unsteady. I know plastic rules in todays cars but this is way overboard. Cheap nobs for radio and A/C. It is hard to keep in a straight line, always fighting the steering wheel. The free Sirus radio for a few months is nice. It is a cheap car. Please check the Toyota and Honda in this class as this is a big LOSER.

  • Hate the sound system - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    I am so sorry I didn't stick with a GMC. I decided to get a smaller SUV, I hate this car, it drives fine since I don't drive very far. But the radio just gets on my last nerve, the sound is awful, it is so flat even when I have the base turned up. The radio keeps going to XM which I didn't use when it was free so I sure don't want to pay for it. The blower on the heater/ air is so loud you have to turn up the lousy radio or talk louder or turn it off in order to talk to anyone. But yet they put in a box in the back of the car to take up storage room, that blocks OUTSIDE sounds! WHY? I needed to put the seats dow to put some boxes in the back, the second row of seats DON'T lay flay, so most of my boxes which had breakables kept shifting towards the back of the car as I was driving, what a stupid design! I want rid of this car so badly, but probably won't get diddly squat for a trade in even with only 6000 miles in a year on the thing.

  • Great for Family and travel - 2015 Chevrolet Equinox
    By -

    I was looking for a safe vehicle that was easy to get in and out of and have a lots of room for my family. The chevy equinox is the best choice. It is a complete package. Large and quite inside with more leg room then my Lincoln town car just not as wide. Has air bags both front and sides. And the doors have acoustic glass to keep it quiet and protect you in case of roll over. Equinox comes with active noise cancelation technology to combat the noise of its engine. The system Vallance and his team up with consists of an ANC module that kicks in when the engine is running in the 1,000 to 1,500 rpm range. Two microphones in the vehicle interior measure the amplitude and the phase of the engine noise sound waves and relay this information to the ANC module. To ensure it targets only the unwanted engine noise and not other noise inside the cabin, such as the stereo or passenger conversations, the module also takes into account the engine speed to calculate the target frequency that needs to be cancelled. Seats are very comfortable for my 14 hour trips I take once a month and commuting back and forth to work every day. The four cylinder is smooth, quiet and refined and works well with the 6 speed and seems to have a gear for every need. Does not work hard going over the mountains and still gets 28.4 miles to the gallon every day driving at 65 mph. Has four power ports one USB and one 3.5mm jack. This is an easy vehicle to live with and I would buy another one.

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