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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Corvette gets an eight-speed automatic transmission option (replacing last year's six-speed), upgraded OnStar functionality with a 4G LTE data connection and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot capability, an available Performance Data Recorder with in-car video and a handful of minor trim changes. Did we miss anything? Oh, there is the minor detail of the all-new 650-horsepower Z06 model debuting this year as well.

  • Awesome V8 power
  • Astounding value.
  • Racetrack-ready handling and braking
  • Comfortable highway cruiser
  • Attractive, high-tech interior
  • Coupe's roomy cargo area
  • Touchscreen is occasionally unresponsive to inputs and prone to glitches.

User Reviews:

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  • Present Imperfect - 2015 Chevrolet Corvette
    By -

    The 2015 Corvette StingRay is a helluva buy, but it has too many flaws and compromises to be a "great" all around sports/touring car. First, the good parts: The styling is, from most angles, gorgeous. Many "Corvette guys" do not like the rear end because it lacks the traditional round taillights. This is merely a matter of taste. Overall, the exterior design is a a winner even if it does create a bunch of nooks and crannies to clean. The engine also does not disappoint. The StingRay has gobs of muscle and a wonderful Made in USA V-8 sound. The car is built low to the ground. It can be difficult for older folks to exit and the long nose makes for visibility challenges in parking lots with concrete barriers. The rear hatch has a troublesome latch assembly which needs to be slammed shut rather than merely closed and the automatic hatch opening switch on the dash is positioned too close to the driver's door I have opened the hatch with my knee a dozen times slipping into the driver's seat. And, of course, the car is PLASTIC, which takes some getting used to if this is one's first Vette as it is mine. Those who live in a four season climate need to consider whether they want the "summer only" 20 inch rear tires. I have no idea whether the Goodyears are really unmanageable below 40 degrees as the warnings state. My choice was the Michelin year round set up. Whatever, this is not a snow car, at least not with me behind the wheel. Where the StingRay disappoints most is inside. Here the layout is good and straightforward but the materials used are just so-so, closer to WalMart than Brooks Brothers. No matter what color interior you choose, it will be mostly black. It is unlikely your salesman will tell you that on a sunny summer day the amount of glass in this car makes the cockpit uncomfortably hot (even with the A.C. cranked up full bore) unless you are willing to take out the roof panel or buy an after-market insert. The seat belt guides are poorly positioned and I have given up on trying to keep mine in the intended track. Similarly, the seat release is placed quite low and would be more user-friendly if it were higher on the seat back. The basic seats themselves are comfortable, even for a full day's drive but why GM skimped on standard heating - something that comes on Japanese cars costing half as much - is a mystery. The Navigation system is a real P.O.S. It is very slow in taking input and recently in driving through a strange city at night, the spoken directions lagged reality by a block or more. Overall it is a disgrace to General Motors. Nor am not a fan of the other techno stuff, but maybe that is just age talking. I refuse to accept the facile explanation, "well, what do you expect, its a Chevy." I believe Detroit can design and the UAW can build an automobile just as well as Klaus and Helmut in Stuttgart. The idea that "they are trying to sell it to kids," is also a non-starter how many kids can buy a $60,000+ two seat car? Don't misunderstand, this is super car FOR THE MONEY, but it could be so much better! Looking forward to the C8.

  • How do you spell Fun? CORVETTE - 2015 Chevrolet Corvette
    By -

    Mine is an 8 speed automatic (no choice to select). I had a 2001 Corvette C5 convertible for years. Fantastic car. Then I drove a 2015 C7 Z51 wih magnetic ride (shocks), NPP (exhaust), PDR (Performance Data Review) video, etc, etc options. As a retired 68 year old driver of 50+ cars (many of those sports cars), I fell in love with this car immediately. This is no "garage queen". I drive my Corvette. I had taken a sports car driving course in Florida several years ago, so I can and do drive spiritedly. I can appreciate what the C7 can do. I am taking another course soon at the Ron Fellows Corvette Stingray Owners course to learn even more about this beauty. The service support is wonderful. Get to know your Service Advisor. He will become your friend because most of them are true specialists and appreciate the Corvette's uniqueness. I get 21 mpg around town and 29+ mpg on the road. The MIchelin "summer only" high performance tires track beautifully, but lose some of that "stickiness" in cold weather (<32 degrees F).

  • Incredible!!!!! - 2015 Chevrolet Corvette
    By -

    From the moment you see this car you will be sold. Then you get in, turn the key and hear the engine roar...game over. This car blows away everything that I have ever driven. I had the C5, SS Camaro, Charger R/T and now my backup car is an Audi S5. None of these cars come close to the C7. Please note that I have a 2015 Z51 automatic. There was no selection for this car on the review form.

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