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This Year's Model Updates:

A new 427 Convertible Collector Edition debuts, adding the Z06's engine and other components to the convertible body style. A 60th Anniversary Design Package adds special styling elements to any of the models. Black-painted wheels and a ZR1-style rear spoiler are now available on the base 'Vette and Grand Sport.

  • Tremendous acceleration
  • Glorious mechanical soundtrack
  • Large cargo capacity.
  • World-class handling and braking
  • Not as agile or refined as many competitors
  • Old-fashioned interior.

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  • MY AMERICAN FERRARI.... - 2013 Chevrolet Corvette
    By -

    ...THAT JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE A KENTUCKIAN ACCENT. Actually, it's more technically a bargain basement Mercedes AMG SL_, what with all the German parts in it. After putting over 30K miles on Mr. Z so far, the only thing that I'd recommend to anyone who gets one is to GET RID OF THE OE GOODYEARS. I switched over to Michelin Sport Pilots and they completely transformed the car. With these tires, most all of the handling and 'squirrelly' handling and tramming nearly completely disappeared. 90+ mph in the pouring rain is confidence inspiring with this car on the Michelins. And half the noise. This car has been extremely reliable, very inexpensive to own (except for the tire replacement) and a pure joy to drive. Ok, the interior may not be the best, but, I don't think it's nearly as bad as others might say. The styling is like that of a 430 F1 from the front. And good enough to admire with a glass of (your beverage choice) in your hand as you sip and admire it's great styling. It's very comfortable in ride (with the Michelins). Much like a stiffly sprung Caddy. Even the gas mileage is great. I get 380-420 miles range on a tank. And the best part of buying the 2013 is the 7 years of upgrades and updates from the 2006/7 cars. The transmission, once warmed up, shifts with the flip of the fingers (except for 6th, which requires a bit more effort). The only hiccup has been very occasionally, I might get out of the car after running then get back in and the keyless ignition might not allow the car to start. But, just push the bottom of the START rocker switch to go into ACCESS then press the top to start and it fires right up. Doesn't happen often and it's pretty random. But, at least there's a work around. I did have 3 niggles during the warranty period. Sticky ECO pod switch, HOUR button stopped working on the infotainment module and a distorted trim piece on the door/window bottom. All replaced under warranty. Otherwise, no other issues. I figure 30Kmi is a pretty good shake down period and a good indication of reliability. So far, so good! Love this car! If you want a bona fide 200 mph car for well under $100K, this is your only choice. When it comes to hot rodding, in this case, the factory did it best! The only real upgrades of any value? TIRES!!!

  • big yellow lemon - 2013 Chevrolet Corvette
    By -

    well, well. i bit the bait!!! i bought a corvette 427. boy it is gorgeous,really fast. i wish to keep on talking up but that is as far as i can go. the car came with a defect on the steering column. the dealer replaced the 3 components responsable for the steering of the corvette. did not fix the problem. i got inform that GM was in a hurry redesingning a new steering column for the vehicle. finally the steering column was fixed,took more than 21 days). the car was opened and put on the surgery table at least 5 times. whats the result of it: 1) car leaks, my driveway ruined 2)a friction noise when you take off. got told that is a normal noise for gm 6 speed transmition.the only problem is

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