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This Year's Model Updates:

After a number of styling upgrades last year, the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro returns essentially unchanged.

  • Head-turning looks
  • Capable handling.
  • Strong acceleration with any engine
  • Poor visibility
  • Cramped backseat
  • Tiny trunk opening.

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  • i didnt buy it for grocery shopping - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    My wife wanted a Camaro since she was a kid. Its so impractical that it shocked her and made her very happy. This car captures the bad ass essence retro look of the old ones. For pure stone cold good looks and driving feel it knocks it out of the park,. Its not for grocery shopping we have a Honda for shopping, Its not for bad weather we have a Silverado 3/4 ton for snow or hauling hay or horses, Its great for their grandmother hauling two little grandkids to school and back cause they say its so "cool" .We have a Suburban for taking them and their buddies to events. This is for looks and fun and it does the job perfectly. I don't understand complaints on here about long trips, no trunk room, little back seats. It also doesn't have a grenade launcher or machine guns on the side. (wish it did) Its not for everyone or everything. It does what it is made for perfectly, make a husband a hero when he gets it for his wife.

  • Awful - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    This is a car? It looks bad, gangsta style. I rented it because I had a choice, and I wanted to check what driving this thing is like. Very disappointing. Heavy, does not break and does not steer. Never again.

  • Buyer beware - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    This car is excessively noisy on the highway. The layout and positioning of the gauge package is such that the climate controls make reading some of the gauges difficult or impossible. There is nothing precision about the power top. When closing the top it requires muscle power to pull the top down to the point it is flush with the top of the windshield so you can manually lock it in position. Have have now owned two BMW's with power tops that not only lie flush with the top of the windshield but lock themselves. With an MSRP of over $40,000.00 you would expect the car to have push button starting. Not this car. Not only does it not have this feature the ignition is located on the steering column in a place that cannot be seen from the drivers seat unless you lean over and look around the side of the steering wheel. Also the key fob for this car does not have the flip out key, just a big empty space. It has a regular key hanging from the fob. When I asked why I was told that drivers kept breaking the flip out key off in the ignition with their knee. On a recent trip to Northern Virginia I deviated from the planned route. Traffic was bad and having lived up there I knew a bypass route. I expected the navigation system to "recalculate" after it told me to turn around a given number of times as every other Nav system I've owned. Wrong! After directing me to turn around about 6 times the system locked up. The only way to unlock it was to pull off the road, stop the engine and then restart it. The Nav system then rebooted. I called Chevrolet to inquire about this and after requesting the cars vin they came back and said the Nav system on my car does not recalculate. I asked who made the system and was told Panasonic. If Panasonic really did make it it was to Chevy's specs. The car has great lines but it is only a facade. After purchasing this car I also bought a Suburu Forester touring model. It's sticker was over $7000 less but it has dual zone auto climate control, adaptive cruise control, lane deviation, obstacle avoidance, cd player, and push button start. All items not to be found on the Camaro. And US manufacturers wonder why they are loosing to the imports.

  • It has got to go. - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    Bulky on the outside and cramped on the inside. It is a shame GM bothers with the back seat. GM should offer a rear seat delete kit. I would rather have a carpeted shelf to put a bag of groceries on than the joke of a back seat that's in it. If you need a back seat it doesn't fill the bill. If you don't need a back seat then buy a real sports car. I could not recommend this car to anyone. I have had mine a week and I am going to see what the dealer will offer with a buy back.

  • First American car I bought in 18 yrs - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    This is a fun to drive car with plenty of power and excellent handling. Feels solid and safe. Mine is red hot red-a beautiful car! Mine will not be used for grocery shopping or winter or bad weather driving and Moms better choose something else because it's going to be hard to get a car seat in the back and yes the visibility isn't so great-you have to be careful.

  • 2105 2SS Commemorative Edition - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    The rearward poor visibility of this car is significant. The back up camera is not a luxury , it is a "must have" option. The interior has the same old hard plastic that has plagued the Camaro and the Corvette since their inception. The Camaro is not made for tall people.I am only 5'7" and my head almost scrapes the roof. With that being said , I absolutely love this car!I just recently purchased the 2015 2SS Commemorative Edition with the Summit White exterior and the Adrenaline Red interior. This car looks fabulous! It also runs and sounds fantastic!!! The exhaust note is hypnotic :) It sounds impressive even at a full stop when it is quietly rumbling. When you go down hill at low speeds it has stunning rumbling, burbling, popping sounds coming from the tailpipes. I am not a skilled driver by any means but this car feels very planted when you go around curves in the road. I feel very secure in this car. It has a 5* government rating in all the safety categories. The styling of this car is retro but even if this year had been the introduction of the Camaro , it would have been just as stunning. The only thing I have a concern about is the intermittent burning smell that I notice. It is not related to hard driving. I can go to the grocery store 3 miles away from home and only get into 4th gear and it will have that burning smell. I have the so-called premium audio system and it is pretty good for a factory system but it still needs a real subwoofer and not the 6x9's that Chevy has designated as "subwoofers." I did a lot of research on this car and I chose it instead of the Mustang GT and the Dodge Challenger. I just felt more secure in it than the other two mentioned during test drives. Bottom line is that this car looks very good , it sounds very good and it runs exceptionally well. I would not trade it for anything right now. When my boys leave home and graduate college , I am planning on getting a new Corvette. ( I almost got a used Corvette instead of this new Camaro!) Chevy makes some sexy cars!!!!

  • convertible in paradise - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    Rented a convertible in hawaii that had 16 miles on it. V6 had good power at speed but really i mean really struggled to do a burnout in 1st with traction off. Back seat mostly was for gymnasts only. Looked very cool everywhere. Navigation was the worst ive ever dealt with. Incredibly the controls for it and stereo, heat made it very frustrating. Used phone instead and tried to stay away from the buttons. How hard is it to have useable technology. My 10 yeard old tom tom is better. That is embarassing just being from the country that designed it. Ugh chevy

  • Perhaps Grounds for Commitment Procedings - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    A convertible sports/muscle car with a powerful V-8 engine is not for everyone and certainly not for the unschooled in the art of driving such a car. Since I'm an 82 year old retired corporate exec, my announcement that I'd bought a candy-apple red 2SS fully loaded "vert" sparked some thoughts among my children and wife as to my mental acuity. What they don't realize is I don't care what they or anyone else thinks. I wanted the car just as I wanted and bought years ago a Jag XK140, an Austin-Healy 3000 and a 1975 Camaro coupe. For the many years since those halcyon days I have tended toward Buicks and Cadillacs and still have a new quite sedate Cadillac XTS. The difference between the XTS and the SS is like the difference between, say, Deborah Kerr and Joan Collins. I think the analogy fits. I drive the SS because it instills in me the same joie de vivre of yore. I have thumbs up constantly from the neighborhood teens and twenty-somethings even though I'm sure many think I belong in an assisted living facility. Are there any negatives with the Camaro SS 'vert? Of course. It's impractical for virtually any endeavor except having a great time getting from Point A to B. The back seat is really for an overnight bag or perhaps the family dog who also loves the wind in its face. My antediluvian body, slowed badly by arthritis, has a hell of a time getting in and out of the driver's seat. It has abysmal gasoline mileage. That said, I enjoy looking at its truly enticing design. I smile when I turn the light on in my garage and see it waiting to go somewhere with me. Once in that car, though, and I kick on the 400 horses, put the top down, and leave my driveway, I'm back in college. To me that's worth the price of an occasional neighbor's raised eyebrow when I drive by. I've always liked Nike's edict: "Just do it!"

  • First American car I've bought in 23 years. - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    Unless you really need to be the fastest guy on the block, the 323 bhp V-6 is all you really need. I owned a 1982 Mustang GT that I bought new. I loved that car. This Camaro is faster, Granted technology has changed a lot in 33 years. I've owned several imports since 1988 when I traded my Mustang on an Integra. It's good to be back in American Metal. I am not brand loyal. I have owned every Japanese, German and American brand sold in the U.S. in the 36 years since I bought my first car. I compared the Camaro to the Mustang and the Challenger without any pre-conceived bias. I was looking at the base models. The Challenger was eliminated based on looks. It just isn't for me. It was close between the Camaro and Mustang. I really like the Mustang but since I've already owned one and I've liked the new Camaro since they came back, I went with the Camaro. The first Chevy I have purchased since 1979 when I bought my first car , a Chevy Monza. I now have about 800 miles on the Camaro. It has been great and I have adjusted to the rearward visability issues. The trunk is a little small but you don't buy a car like this for the trunk. If you are looking for a very reasonably priced American sports car, you can not go wrong with the Camaro

  • 2015 Camaro LS is breathtaking - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
    By -

    Before buying the third Camaro owned on my lifetime, I did extensive research on the 2015. I knew I wanted a V6 due to gas mileage which has so much power, who really needs an 8 cylinder? I wanted a stick shift and a unique color. I found an LS at my local dealership in Rock Red which is a high metallic that changes color depending on the lighting. Stunning. The body style is the most eye catching muscle car out there. I still find myself staring at her when I walk away. When I pass other Camaros in the same body style I always rubberneck to watch them. My dad bought a new Stang and it is nowhere near as gorgeous. The Camaros wide back end and big hips, the window shape, the angled front end and mean stare, curves and angles on all the right places. I've also owned a Stang but the Camaro takes the cake. I am glad I got in before the new shape came out with 2016, I am not as fond of the changes. Not only did the new Camaro get five out of five stars for safety but it's like sitting on a tank. As far as visibility, I am 5'5" and I did jack up my seat to be able to judge the length of the hood better but in maneuvering and backing up, I have no problems whatsoever. Use the windows and mirrors. I can see people around me easily. Yes the back end is high but you can still see enough with windows and mirrors and using caution. My car happens to be fine in the snow with the all season tires plus some sand bags in the back. Better than the Stang! Love all the features that come with the base model. I have gotten so many compliments on the car, it is stunningly beautiful. Spacious inside except for back seat but my dog goes back there. Fast. Love the slightly raise hood. Love the simple duck tail spoiler. I looked at the new Stang, the Challenger and the Camaro and the choice was easy. You either are a Camaro person or you aren't. If you are, get the car. You'll absolutely fall deep in love as I have.

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