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  • Three words - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    I love mine.

  • Great car great service - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    got my caddy finally and satisfied with the dealer. comfort to drive. for spring break, fuel consumption is good below average peers(V4 V8 shifting).

  • My First and Probably my Last Escalade - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    I traded in a 2008 Lincoln Navigator for the 2016 Escalade. I love the styling and the technology, but that is about it. Comparing the 2016 Escalade and an 8 year old Navigator, the ride in the Navigator was superior. In addition I think the driver's seat in the Escalade is probably the most uncomfortable car seat I have ever sat in. For almost $90,000 I was expecting a lot more comfort.

  • 3rd Time Escalade Owner - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    This is our third Escalade to own. I couldn't be more disappointed in the quality of the car this time. They really cut corners in the interior and it shows from parts coming unglued to the interior leather peeling. On the outside of the car the Crome trim on the door popped off and all four doors trim work between the doors had to be replaced. My car had less than 8k miles and they replaced the transmission. For a vehicle costing almost 100k very disappointed Cadillac. This will be our last.

  • Nice but Not Refined compared to Euro SUV - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    The Escalade is a luxury truck in my opinion; even the huge column gear shifter reminds me of a Chevy Truck. Despite the plush seats and upscale interior, the ride has many jitters from road bumps, engine drones, and the transmission drones under acceleration. If you have ever owned a truck then you know what I mean. If you are transitioning from European vehicles you will not like this unrefined beast in many aspects. Despite the unrefined integration of all its bells and whistles, the Escalade makes a strong presence with its huge size, powerful engine, big LED taillights and headlights. Maneuvering into a normal parking spot can be a challenge, especially in an indoor garage. The front, rear, and top down view cameras do help with parking. I love the feature that vibrates your seat to warn you before you back into an obstacle. Road handling is its strength. This beast can handle every road condition because it is really a truck. But riding in a truck with plush seats and interiors still can't trick your senses into believing that you are not in a truck. The high pressure suspension doesn't have very good rebound damping. When the suspension jitters are triggered, it resonates throughout the car. It doesn't give you a muted and dampened ride that you get from an Audi Q7 or Mercedes GL. The GPS and radio has a nice big screen but it is tilted in a strange angle. The buttons are intuitive but again not refined like European or Japanese entertainment systems. Also, I wished the GPS map has a way of displaying on the large LCD dash display while the car is in motion. The Escalade only lets you see small arrows and turn instructions on the dash and on the minimalist HUD display. The audio system has clear sounds, and the interior is quiet enough even when blasting down the freeway at 80mph, as long as the road is smooth and you don't trigger the suspension jitter from poor road conditions. I also like the air vented and massaging seat. The lane departure control that vibrates your seat as a warning is a nice touch. Having owned a Z06 Vette, and now got a chance to experience the Escalade, my complaints about high-end GM products are the same, un-refined interior. Unless you need the SIZE of the Escalade, an European SUV is much nicer to live with.

  • Luxury and Power at its Best. - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    I am kind of a cheep stake and like a good bargain. I never thought I would buy a car off the showroom. My wife and I were just shopping for an upgrade of our current 2010 Denali. We looked at the Escalade, we were swept off our feet and signed the paperwork that night. This vehicle is nothing short of amazing. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get a back massage while cruising at 75 mph down the interstate. We are still discovering the latest gadgets and taking it in tomorrow to have upgraded software installed to integrate our phones for easier applications of usage. Another plus, we got an astounding average of 26mpg at 70 mph last weekend on a road trip. The down side is that the apative cruse control would go offline going down the highway due to an error in the system. That is going to be addressed tomorrow also. As far as buyers remorse, it's nonexistent here folks.

  • Worst Purchase we have ever made! - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    Where do I start? Engine is consuming oil at 20k. The transmission shifts hard from first too second. My wife smells coolant from the vents. The power running boards don't always go up. The rear DVD in the third row doesn't work. Dealer claims everything is fine. I have to add oil between oil changes on my 90,000 dollar Cadillac. These cars are junk. I told my wife this but she loves the space the car has. I don't recommend these vehicles. Don't waste your hard earned money on this. Buy an Infiniti or a Lexus.

  • Presence like no other SUV! - 2016 Cadillac Escalade
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    I owned a previous generation Escalade and the new model is a huge improvement over the old one. Interior is very luxurious, and looks way better than GLS or Q7. Old model was Rear or AWD only, and now you can get 4WD, and use it in rear wheel drive mode (or automatic or permanent 4WD) for everyday driving. No need to use 4WD for summer driving and waste gas. As a result fuel economy improved substantially, I get 16 mpg in the city and up to 26 mpg highway. Apple CarPlay adds a nice touch and all electronics and navigation look/work perfectly fine. My complaints would be lack of a sunroof in the base trim ($76K), and even if you get a model with a sunroof, it's a small one. Panoramic roof is not available. Magnetic ride is awesome and very smooth, however, once you hit a rough pavement, the ride becomes very jittery. Handling is very confident and acceleration is very good, but, try to change lanes quickly at highway speeds, and you will be quickly reminded that you drive a huge truck. Overall driving feeling is very confident, you won't be bothered by snow, heavy rain or any other nonsense. In the end, I decided to get this car for its unique look and presence. Park it next to Audi Q7 or MB GLS and see for yourself. Q7 looks like a station wagon/minivan from the side, and GLS looks very unassuming and small next to the Escalade's huge grill and glowing vertical LED lights. Euro competition may offer better ride and some technical advances, but Escalade brings such unique and unrivaled presence - it is still the king of SUVs.

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