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  • buick dependable - 2016 Buick Encore
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    great ride but little storage-must take rear headrest off before folding rear seats.

  • I bought two of them - 2016 Buick Encore
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    About two months ago I went to our Buick dealer to look and drive the 2016 Encore Sport Touring. I ended up buying one from a great salesman, Buzz Edwards. I brought it home and my wife took it away from me. So I go back and bought one for her. Both of us really like the Encore. The quality is great, it is very quiet and smooth (which is very unusual for a small SUV) and with the larger engine it has plenty of get up and go. Everett Buick in Bentonville and Buzz Edwards are great.

  • Plenty of Acceleration - 2016 Buick Encore
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    I read quite a few reviews that suggested that the Encore is a bit sluggish. Though I would not take it out on the autobahn, we were very happy with the Sport Touring trim (new for 2016) that has a slightly more powerful engine and AWD. During the test drive, I practically demanded that we take the car out on the freeway and drove several miles out of the way to do so. I'm so glad I did as acceleration was more than sufficient to deal with traffic on I-95 near Philadelphia (if you know the area, you will know that is no small feat). Remember, this is a compact SUV - you don't need a 6- or 8- cylinder engine to pull this weight. In terms of interior comfort and size, I am more than impressed. There are plenty of storage options, totally flat-folding seats, and a 60/40 split bench seat that grants an extra amount of flexibility. We have a pretty good-sized dog and her accompanying crate (24"x36"x36") and we were able to get the crate into the car on the 60 side - thus keeping one seat in the back still open. Everything else has been great thus far and Buick has joined the rest of the car world by offering free maintenance for two years. All in all, we are quite pleased with the purchase.

  • nice little SUV - 2016 Buick Encore
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    I was very pleased with comfort & handling. very easy to get in & out of

  • Perfect car fort worth tall seniors - 2016 Buick Encore
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    Overall great crossover SUV, one of best out there. Oozes Buick quality. Saddle leather interior is gorgeous. Two shortcomings: garage door opener missing in all models and auto door lock has to be manually set each exit of car. Easy for tall person to get in and out with high roofline and interior headroom.

  • Really nice vehicle ... but - 2016 Buick Encore
    By -

    I came real close to buying a Buick Encore. I really like the styling and trim. And, the size is perfect for me. I do question the 1.4L engine. Turbo chargers do not favorably impress me. Just something else to go wrong. I finally took one for a test drive. Did not seem to be as spunky as my 2.0L 2000 Tracker but maybe I could get used to it. The Tracker is 17 years old now. I bought it new in November of 1999. I really do need a new vehicle now. Sadly, I had to walk away from the Encore because of the dark tinted glass. I am older now, don't see as well as when I was young. Always have had some trouble seeing at night. It gets worse when you get older. You will understand that later. Tinted glass is a real pain for me. I don't care if people can see in. I need to be able to see out, in every direction, front, back, and sides. That is what is important and the Encore fails in that respect. The Encore does not seem to be available without the dark tinted glass in the back. That seems to be the case with most of the new SUVs. Even the front glass is a bit dark for me. I guess I am going to have to keep on driving my 1994 and 2000 4WD Trackers. They go in the deep snow and on the ice. And they can pull your boat and trailer out of the water at the lake shore. The Encore can't even pull a small trailer. And they call it a SUV. I don't know that AWD would be as good. My Trackers do have very light tinted glass. Don't even need that but it is tolerable. Clear glass would be better. I know the dark tinted glass is only in the rear but it reduces the available light throughout the interior of the vehicle. I really need a new car but I can't find anything acceptable to me. Everything has dark tinted glass and they all seem to have way too many buttons on the dash. I can't drive and read the operator's manual at the same time. I don't text and drive. I like to be able to find the controls by touch. I don't want to have to look for them. I have to keep my mind on the road. I don't want distractions. This is all insane. Aftermarket tint is readily available for all car windows. Why do the automobile manufacturers have to force tinted glass on all of us? It definitely is a serious safety hazard.

  • The little SUV that tried too hard - 2016 Buick Encore
    By -

    Take a good look at the cars that you have been admiring on the road and note that it is their body design that makes them appealing. The basic design of the Encore is overshadowed by a ton of unnecessary glam. An overpowering front grill and a lot of randomly placed chrome has basically turned the car into a distasteful quinceanera dress. And don't even consider having a front seat passenger that weighs more that 150 pounds as they will not fit in the seat. Think long and hard before buying a car and then go and purchase one that you will get compliments on. The Buick Encore won't do that for you.

  • First ever Buick, nice but... - 2016 Buick Encore
    By -

    I bought this 2016 Encore brand new in April. I've never owned a Buick. Can't say that I ever will again. I loved it until I had to take it to the dealership on October 28th. 10,000 miles and it had to have 3 pistons and rings replaced. When I picked it up yesterday, the check engine light came back on as soon as I pulled off the lot. Took it back, they checked it and "fixed it" and I took off in it again. Just out of the parking lot and the light comes back on. SO, my car is still in the shop with no idea of when I will get it back. I'm thinking I bought a lemon.

  • Stop Hating On The Encore! - 2016 Buick Encore
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    If your looking for a street racing car or a $100,000 car this is not for you. The Encore has made Buick take a step forward. I used to hate Buick until we looked at and drove the 2016 Encore. Unlike some who leave reviews I actually own it and have been driving it for several months. We have put 4 people in it and drove from Atlanta to Clearwater Fl and had no complaints. I have had a person about 6' 5" sit right behind my drivers seat which is back pretty far and they had enough room like they did in my 2005 Quest. I have no problems getting on the highway in Atlanta traffic. Hit the gas and it will go. Don't listen to people who base reviews on what they "think" the car does because they read how much Hp the car has. Thats whats the issue these days..everyone wants to go a million miles per hr but theres no need....Go join the nascar or indy car if you need to..Too many people getting killed because you want to do 100 on the streets..Anyways, the Buick Encore is a great ride and looks sharp. Don't listen to any reviews..just go to your local buick dealer and test drive one for yourself then YOU make your decision and your OWN opinion of it.....

  • Act one and two.... - 2016 Buick Encore
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    You will be surprised by spaciouness in side. My 6' husband slides in with ease. Comfortable traveling for passenger and driver. I've had back surgery and like sliding into a chair when i get into car. My 2nd encore and wasn' t unhappy with the first. Only had such amazing deals for end of year 2016, that i traded up from a 2014 to a new premier 2016. I love this car. I call it my "whip about". Most of the time my seats down cause I am an antiquer and hauler of most anything. Just enough luxury mixed with simplicity with fun. I can't say anything bad. I've had many cars and this is my all time fave! So this ain' t the encore, but the 2nd act. I am sure will be a fan and purchasing for a lonoooong time.

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