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  • I bought two of them - 2016 Buick Encore
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    About two months ago I went to our Buick dealer to look and drive the 2016 Encore Sport Touring. I ended up buying one from a great salesman, Buzz Edwards. I brought it home and my wife took it away from me. So I go back and bought one for her. Both of us really like the Encore. The quality is great, it is very quiet and smooth (which is very unusual for a small SUV) and with the larger engine it has plenty of get up and go. Everett Buick in Bentonville and Buzz Edwards are great.

  • Plenty of Acceleration - 2016 Buick Encore
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    I read quite a few reviews that suggested that the Encore is a bit sluggish. Though I would not take it out on the autobahn, we were very happy with the Sport Touring trim (new for 2016) that has a slightly more powerful engine and AWD. During the test drive, I practically demanded that we take the car out on the freeway and drove several miles out of the way to do so. I'm so glad I did as acceleration was more than sufficient to deal with traffic on I-95 near Philadelphia (if you know the area, you will know that is no small feat). Remember, this is a compact SUV - you don't need a 6- or 8- cylinder engine to pull this weight. In terms of interior comfort and size, I am more than impressed. There are plenty of storage options, totally flat-folding seats, and a 60/40 split bench seat that grants an extra amount of flexibility. We have a pretty good-sized dog and her accompanying crate (24"x36"x36") and we were able to get the crate into the car on the 60 side - thus keeping one seat in the back still open. Everything else has been great thus far and Buick has joined the rest of the car world by offering free maintenance for two years. All in all, we are quite pleased with the purchase.

  • nice little SUV - 2016 Buick Encore
    By -

    I was very pleased with comfort & handling. very easy to get in & out of

  • Perfect car fort worth tall seniors - 2016 Buick Encore
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    Overall great crossover SUV, one of best out there. Oozes Buick quality. Saddle leather interior is gorgeous. Two shortcomings: garage door opener missing in all models and auto door lock has to be manually set each exit of car. Easy for tall person to get in and out with high roofline and interior headroom.

  • The little SUV that tried too hard - 2016 Buick Encore
    By -

    Take a good look at the cars that you have been admiring on the road and note that it is their body design that makes them appealing. The basic design of the Encore is overshadowed by a ton of unnecessary glam. An overpowering front grill and a lot of randomly placed chrome has basically turned the car into a distasteful quinceanera dress. And don't even consider having a front seat passenger that weighs more that 150 pounds as they will not fit in the seat. Think long and hard before buying a car and then go and purchase one that you will get compliments on. The Buick Encore won't do that for you.

  • Stop Hating On The Encore! - 2016 Buick Encore
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    If your looking for a street racing car or a $100,000 car this is not for you. The Encore has made Buick take a step forward. I used to hate Buick until we looked at and drove the 2016 Encore. Unlike some who leave reviews I actually own it and have been driving it for several months. We have put 4 people in it and drove from Atlanta to Clearwater Fl and had no complaints. I have had a person about 6' 5" sit right behind my drivers seat which is back pretty far and they had enough room like they did in my 2005 Quest. I have no problems getting on the highway in Atlanta traffic. Hit the gas and it will go. Don't listen to people who base reviews on what they "think" the car does because they read how much Hp the car has. Thats whats the issue these days..everyone wants to go a million miles per hr but theres no need....Go join the nascar or indy car if you need to..Too many people getting killed because you want to do 100 on the streets..Anyways, the Buick Encore is a great ride and looks sharp. Don't listen to any reviews..just go to your local buick dealer and test drive one for yourself then YOU make your decision and your OWN opinion of it.....

  • 2016 Buick Encore - 2016 Buick Encore
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    I traded in my Infiniti QX70 for the Encore and love my new car! It's roomy, easier to get in/out of, and has better fuel economy.

  • That's not a Buick - 2016 Buick Encore
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    This car is a made in Korea car and after looking at Hondas, Nissans, Fords, Lexus I think I made a good choice. Traded in a low mileage Lexus RX350 which I loved but decided to finally lease after having bought some 20 or more cars in my lifetime. And pearl white really shows off the car and it is a dream to drive. I'll probably never use the wi-fi and all the bells and whistles but that is okay and since I don't drive in the snow anymore didn't need AWD like the Lexus had.

  • A Great Buy! - 2016 Buick Encore
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    After owning Hondas and Toyotas for several years, I thought buying my new car would be a breeze as the new Honda Accord looks beautiful. However, for safety reasons I did not want a car with "Push Button Start/Stop" or electronic parking brake. So my choices narrowed down to a few models. However, test drive of the Honda Accord was a complete disappointment because of the cheap materials used inside for everything including side panels, fabric etc. Plus the car was extremely noisy which I never expected. So I started research on all the other cars available out there that look beautiful, have a reliable history, used quality materials, and satisfy my requirements I mentioned earlier. Based on photos and reviews, I kept coming back to Buick Encore which I decided to buy outright after test driving it. So far, I have not been disappointed. My husband who was a little skeptical earlier loves the car too and so do my kids. Also with 20% rebate from Buick + dealer discount, I got a great deal on the car.

  • 2016 BUICK ENCORE SERVICE EXPERIENCE - 2016 Buick Encore
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    The only thing keeping me from rating the very first and only service experience at Williamson Buick in Miami 'a perfect 10' is the fact that although the service advisor (Ivan Pellegrino) told me they had been able to duplicate exactly what I had brough the car in for (what I called 'a hesitation from a full stop on Drive'), and had verified the same thing in other Encores, therefore concluding it was 'normal' for the design of its powertrain, the documentation I received simply says 'no trouble found'. This concerns me, for it would indicate there is no feedback to the factory that there is a potential performance issue with the current Encore design, not to mentio the fact that if this symptom gets worse with time, there is no reference as to the fact that it was exhibited when brand new.

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