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This Year's Model Updates:

All models now come standard with OnStar, which includes 4G LTE connectivity and a WiFi hotspot.

  • Long list of tech and safety features.
  • Quiet interior
  • Good fuel economy
  • Small size limits interior room and cargo space.
  • Tepid performance

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  • NOT a family car - IMPOSSIBLE for REAR FACING - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    i jumped on this lease deal and have not owned the car for long but want to let others know this car does not accommodate a rear facing car seat. i had a car seat in my lexus that fit fine but was a larger foot print. i had a car seat specialist come out to help me properly install into the new buick. it absolutely would not fit. we went to the nearest store to "try on" other car seats. the ONLY car seat that did fit is the chicco nextfit. and it did require installation on the side (not center which would have been preferred) and the passenger seat has to be moved VERY far forward. I wish i would have done more homework on this as i would have reconsidered this vehicle.

  • donalds review - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

  • Horrible Pickup - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    I bought a Buick Encore about a month ago, and have total buyers remorse. The pickup on it is HORRIBLE and you can feel it shift in the lower gears. Once it gets going it is great and is very smooth, but again no pickup. I should have read the reviews first, but saw a lease deal through costco and went for it. Luckily its only a 2 year lease. We recently also purchased a Honda CR-V and you can't even compare the two. Needless to say we drive the CR-V as much as possible.

  • One month old Encore performs beautifully. - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    Reports of underpowered engine greatly exaggerated. Gets smoothly and quietly to highway speed. Cruises easily and, again, quietly. Interior is comfortable, onstar is terrific. Blue tooth is, however, erratic. Rides like a Buick should. Seats fold flat in including front passenger side. Very nice. Warranty of 4 year/50k bumper to bumper, 6 year/70k drive train, and 2 year service included sealed the deal.

  • Sharon's new ride. - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

  • SUPPORT YOUR OWN - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    Altho not made in the USA, at Least an American company. I have not owned an American car that has not been as good as or better than an import. The Encore is a Delight all around. A great comprimise for Room, Luxury, Cost , and MPG. I am 6'2" and have NO problems with Room I do have several Classic cars, and a Corvette and I enjoy driving the the Encore. It has a great feel, and works well on Long trips. I do Love the 30 MPG.

  • Fun, Sweet Interior, Efficient - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    The Encore is an ideal car for someone who ants more carrying space than a car, but not the 14MPG of a big SUV. The interior is really well appointed for the class that it is in. The engine is small but more than adequete for this speed limit driver. Acceleration speed is good, though the RPMs go a little high with foot onthe floor. But for me that situation doesn't come up much. It's comfortable, easy to park, and has lots of features that son't expect for a car in the $20Ks. It's quite cute, and people are generally surprised that it's a Buick. It's made in the US in a UAW plant which matters to me. Update: I just submitted a review of this car and made an error in it. I said that the car is made in the US and it is not. It is made in South Korea. Otherwise the review was an honest assessment, but I want to be cognizant of people (like me) to try to buy US made products

  • Hey Guys...a great small SUV from Germany! - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    Yes it's true, this car was designed and engineered by the German Opel division and marketed as an Opel Mokka / for the Europeans and rest of the world and Vauxhall Mokka for the UK. This South Korean made and assembled vehicle is called a Buick Encore for the American market. This mini SUV handles very well in the typical prowess it has been bred with. The eye catching design is what the second generation 166" RAV4 should have evolved to! GM cleverly re-invented a class of SUV that was abandoned about 10 years ago by the main players as they had all grown about a foot! The 1.4L Turbo Encore has very good looks, great interior, optimal usage of space, great economy and very good power for it's size and class. A great SUV for younger folk or empty nesters. Critics have stated a 'lack of power and space', what?? This IS SUPPOSED to be a 168" SUB Compact SUV, not a Porsche, if you want more power and space you can easily jump up into the 180" (15') Compact SUV class! No doubt the best looking and one of the better choices in the Sub Compact SUV class.

  • New 2015 FWD - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    Where to start? Been Toyota people for decades. Buick brought us back to GM. Certainly not built here nor does it have a majority of American made parts. Point is the Buick dealership wanted our business and had a smart, sharp looking vehicle to offer us. A week in to it and my wife and I both love it. Plenty of space for the two of us, empty nesters, and plenty of pep to get us around town and so far to where ever we want to go. Looks, feels and drives like something that will last us for years to come. At our age we driven alot of new cars. This does not feel cheap. On par with more expensive vehicles we've owned. And alot of features you'd look for in higher end cars and SUV's. I have no reason to suggest not buying or leasing a Buick Encore.

  • premium hmmm....? - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    There is no in car garage door opener, so you have to carry one. Infotainment GPS too confusing with way, way too many options and menus to try and remember how to use. Over 36 teeny tiny icons to try and see to mark your map, how many does a person need? Just looking for one with a red plus for doctors office, a small house, a tree, a gas pump, so many useless ones. No remote for the rear hatch when you hands are full, why did they do away with that? No grab handle on the passenger front column to take a hold of when getting in and out, just a stupid little handle over your head. Who reaches over their head to get in or out? Also gone is the grab handle from the passenger door to take a hold of to close door. We went from a beautiful Enclave to a smaller Buick. Didn't need the big size any more. Hoping that it was basically the same, just smaller. Not so and there's more road noise. Just wish they had looked at the Enclave and kept all the good features.

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