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The Buick Encore is an all-new model for 2013.

  • High fuel economy
  • Comfortable ride
  • Quiet interior
  • Attractive price.
  • Backseat is tight for bigger folks.
  • Tepid performance

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  • Leaks & more... - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    After 27,000 miles was loving this car then bam a maintenance nightmare. 3 recalls (seat belt issues & parking brake cable) a oil pan leak & a vibration/buzz that turned into an exhaust system failure that required an all new system. While they were fixing these problems they found a coolant leak & are now replacing the water pump. Disappointing as I was crazy about this ride...I'm asking for an extended warranty as this is looking like a lemon?

  • Engine Issues - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    After driving 13800 miles, in trips of 1400 to1600 miles per trip, since I purchased this SUV I can honestly say it needs more horse power for the road. Going up hills, and going into headwinds puts a definite strain on this little engine. And the more it strains the less MPG it gets. I also am concerned with the air intake design beings this car stalled out on me while driving one crappy winter day in ND. This is not a good situation for a new car to have happen to it and the passengers. Snow/moisture should not get into parts of the engine compartment where it can cause problems.

  • heater - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    on short trips at 25 below c. the heat gauge comes up to normal then when you turn the fan wide open the heat gauge goes back to cold and blows cold air on highway driving works ok dealer put new thermostat in still same problem returned to dealer who phoned gm and was told there seems to be a problem with heat has anyone else had this problem

  • Nice car for the money - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    You get a super nice car for around $30,000, if you go with the premium package like we did. We got the saddle brown leather interior, which smells and feels wonderful, and is very luxurious. We put a child seat in the back, and in doing that, you have to move the front seat up, which makes for a less than comfy ride...and I'm only 5'7"! The gadgets are well placed, and the ride is very quiet and comfortable. The car looks very elegant inside and out, and has every option you could ever want. Performance on this vehicle sucks, straight up. It is probably one of the weaker vehicles I have ever driven, and takes about 10 seconds to get to 60 mph.

  • New Encore, 1 month in. - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    So far I love my Encore, it's the perfect size, attractive and plenty of power in the city. I am not experiencing the in town mileage most are posting on here (23.5 mpg) but giving it a little break in time. No complaints so far, although I am experiencing the same thumping noise in the front end another review on here mentions, and eventually gave the car back to GM ? I highly recommend the Encore, and I get a ton of compliments on it.

  • Excellent vehicle, very happy - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    After purchasing the vehicle new June 29, 2013 and logging approximately 3000 miles, I am very satisfied. After a recent trip of 2850 miles in 10 days through highways, interstates, and the back roads and mountain roads of West Virginia, I am very satisfied. From Indiana to Florida and back, the car averaged 33.2 miles per gallon running the air conditioning all of the time. I was originally concerned that it might lack power in the mountains but I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to pass on hills and the Encore was responsive to quick acceleration. The car was very comfortable. The convex blind spot mirrors take some time to get used to but I am very pleased with the vehicle.

  • Cute ute - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    This is one small compact crossover. We looked at all of them and I mean all! None of them made us feel the way this little baby Buick did. Its classy, sharp, upscale and cut all in one. True its not going to win a race but it is not mean to nor was it made for that. It has plenty of punch. We only have 385 miles on it and are getting 27 in the city, not bad for an AWD that take regular. Give this vehicle a chance. Buick has touched upon an important market and we are glad they did.

  • Love my 2013 Encore - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    I've had my Encore for 2 months now. I've been using it for my daily commute of 70 miles round trip...and am getting an average of 27.2 mpg. Just got back from a 10 day 10 state trip driving through torrential rain (tropical storm Andrea) and the only complaints I have is the Bluetooth wouldn't always connect with my phone and sometimes the GPS wouldn't work. It was a little bit hard to pass other cars in the mountains of Pennsylvania but every other part of the trip the driving was great! We averaged 33 mpg. Plenty of room for 2 people and with the back seats folded down there was plenty of cargo space.

  • Great ride, very quiet - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    Bought this after driving the other small suv choices. This had the best options and the best ride for the money. This is a small vehicle, but has plenty of front legroom for my wife and I. Those that complain about the lack of power, this is not and not meant to be an enclave. I find adequate power, just push down a little farther on the gas pedal. As an empty-nester this car does what we bought it for, comfort, quiet, room to carry cargo and pets with rear seats folded and good gas mileage.

  • Super stoked about my Encore - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    After two months of car shopping, I ended up right where I started & that's gotta say something about my new ride! After GM agreed to buy back my 2011 Chevy Equinox because it was a lemon, I suddenly found myself test driving everything from the Toyota prius to the Chevy cruze. In the end I went with the Encore because it's a snappy little SUV with great MPG & even though my Chevy was a lemon, GM did right by me & took care of it with little effort on my behalf.

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