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  • The Best! - 2002 Volvo V40
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    I bought this car overseas with American specs. I drove it three times round trip to Italy and back to Brussels, Belgium (over 20 hours drive) and never had a problem. It spacious, reliable and looks great. I do keep it up. I take it only to Volvo for any required check up or parts. The headlights I only had to change them twice but this is normal for any car. I had little problem with the check engine light but it got resolved. Great car and I would buy it again. Rule of thumb: Take it only to Volvo for any problems and you will never have to complain about it.

  • Just a review - 2002 Volvo V40
    By -

    The best car I have ever had

  • happy with my v40 - 2001 Volvo V40
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    Bought the v40 w/30K last year and I have been happy w/it since. Ive had only 1 major problem since I owned it but it was covered by the warrenty (steering). The prev. owner had replaced the rear rotors (again..warrenty item)IMO, The v40 has good initial acceleration due the minimal turbo lag and the ride quality is great. I wish the car came w/a strut tower and 15/16in rims because taking on windy roads can get a bit scary. Rear seat room is tight(made for kids), internal components break easily(cup holder, etc), and styling is a bit plain(I added roof rails, rear spoiler,& mud flaps). overall, I love the car

  • V40 No more Volvos for me - 2000 Volvo V40
    By -

    This vehicle has given me fits pretty soon after I bought it used. First malfunction was a front left coil spring broke and ruined a brand new snow tire. A year and a half later left rear coil spring broke. Just replaced my second ignition coil last week after engine ran very rough and check engine light came on. Also had to replace an acceleration sensor (cant remember the technical name for it) that was a $200.00 sensor. Pwr window buttons on the doors are all broken too. I expected better quality from a Volvo.

  • Superior - 2003 Volvo V40
    By -

    While VOLVOs are not known as fun or quick cars, this is a real surprise.

  • Saved my daughters life - 2002 Volvo V40
    By -

    My daughter totaled my first V40, hit on 3 sides, air bags inflated, went airborne across 4 lanes of traffic and hit by 3 cars. Not a scratch on her or her friend. I didnt think such a light weight car would have its occupants survive an accident like that, neither did the paramedics. Thank you for that. I am a volvo owner for life. Waiting for the xc60, that will be my fourth volvo.

  • Bitter-Sweet Feelings for the Vovo V40 - 2004 Volvo V40
    By -

    On the first long trip, the engine light came up. Then again, and again. For the first 2000 miles drive, the car was 15 days in the dealership service bay. Then, the best feature of its turbo was not set right. The dash lights keep coming up every now and then without any pattern. Still not fully exorcised and the warranty is over. I will probably never buy a Volvo again, safety or no safety! If your car transmission dies suddenly on a freeway, I dont know how you call it safe or reliable. But only one thing I like about it, the peppy turbo charged engine. Muscle car drivers hate its guts!

  • Better than you think - 2000 Volvo V40
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    This is possibly the best Volvo Ive ever owned. Quick, comfortable, and stylish and only minor problems. Many of the issues that others have reported suggest to me that they never opened the owners manual. Example: "headlights burn out annually". The cars come from the factory with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) activated. Naturally the headlights are going to burn out more often when theyre on day and night. Solution: read the owners manual and it tells you how to turn DRL off in 2 easy steps. Some other problems may have been caused by not following Volvos recommended service intervals. I would like to know more about the driving style of folks who wore out their brakes in 15,000 miles!

  • New-to-Me Volvo - 2001 Volvo V40
    By -

    This car gives me everything I need: good gas mileage, great cubic space for hauling stuff, comfort, and most particularly, reliability.

  • Worst car ever? - 2004 Volvo V40
    By -

    back brake pads went out before front pads. The volvo tech basically told me that it was common but there was nothing that he could do about it. Volvo didnt even bother to respond. Car handles like a banana on wheels, the interior is awful and the seats now that are worn, feel like they are filled with straw. Do I hate it? YEAH! Why dont I sell it, because Id have to sell it for 12k and I am into it at 27K. Think that I am joking, try to trade one in and then youll see the grim reality. Buy a used BMW 325 Wagon, better everything!!!! I hate this CAR!

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