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  • I own it since 1996 - 1996 Volvo 960
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    I bought my Volvo 960 made in 1995 October in 1996 March and has been with me since. I have gone through several BMW 5 series cars since 2000 but Volvo 960 stays with me. This is a car you never get tired of seeing, never get tired of driving or travelling in it and no rush (aluminium body), great quality all around except for the cup holder design. it has done 188000 now and it is going to stay with me and I drove myself to work in that this morning just to keep it in good shape. Ive travelled from Darwin to Adelaide and back 5 times in this car which is 6000 kms plus per trip and it never missed a beat. It is now without a doubt the best Volvo 960 in South Australia and Im very happy as cars are not made this way anymore and no Volvos come out of Sweden any more either. So I guess my 960 SE is a special car.

  • This car is a nightmare - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    I have repaired this car like I was made out of money. The sunroof repaired 4 times. Brakes every 20000 miles, This car cost me 2500 a year to repair. The engine and tranny worked fine. It was millions of little things like oil leaks. air conditioner. I would never buy another Volvo in my life.

  • Safe Luxo wagon - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    We purchased our 960 wagon because my uncle got 375k miles out of his 93 960 wagon, so I figured there must be something to be said about the build quality and the reputation of Volvo. This car is a comfort on long drives and handles surprisingly well for a wagon. The big soft leather heated seats are wonderful and welcoming on cold days. This car is very classy and understated. We have not had any serious repairs other than routine service. Remember as with any European luxury car, you have to pay to play. If you want a car that you can feel really good about driving your family around in and not worry about who will steal or scratch it this is the car.

  • Nice Upgrade From 740 Wagon - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    I have had a 740 Wagon for over eight years and put 110,000 miles on it after buying it with 50,000 miles. When I needed to look for another wagon in early 2004, the 960 wagon I found was the perfect car. Although the 1997 960 has 125,000 miles, its engine is very smooth and powerful and the luxury ammenities are a big step up from the 740. This car still has another 75,000 - 100,000 miles left on it. I think the late 90s Volvos get a bad rap for quality, but in the end, they just keep working. Great family car at a great price!

  • Love My 960 Wagon - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    This is the most favorite car that Ive owned (Nissan Maxima - 2 of them and an Acura Legend). January 2009 turned over 200K miles. Smooth ride and super dependable. Power is there when needed, so dont underestimate this car where performance is concerned. Premium fuel must be used, always. I average in-town 20.4 miles per gallon. Regular maintenance by Volvo specialized mechanic is paramount. I wish they still made these cars.

  • Swedish Delight - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    I think that the 700/900 series Volvos were by far the best. The rear wheel drive design (which is well balanced front to rear) gives the best of both worlds regarding ride & traction. With the styling update that occured in 1995, the 960 became, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cars on the road.

  • A well kept secret. - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    This is my second Volvo. I originally leased a new 1997 960 in the fall of 96. After the lease was up I let it go back to the dealer. Since then I leased a Mercedes and bought a Porsche. I missed my Volvo so much that I went out last year and bought the identical car again - a 97 960 Sedan. It is the most solidly built car I have ever owned and that includes many luxury cars. The Volvo is just so sturdy - check out the glove box for example. Every new car seems to have a flimsy little box and cover, while the Volvos is build like a brick outhouse. The whole car is like that. (except for the cup holders)

  • A great Car! - 1997 Volvo 960
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    I agree with the others: an all-around great car. The only glaring piece of poor workmanship is the cup holder--- surely Volvo could have done better than this. Very smooth engine, largely due to its being an inline six. And rear drive contributes to better weight distribution. Rear drive also makes possible the short turning radius-no problems with tight u-turns. I have mixed premium gas with intermediate without a problem. Agreed, radio reception isnt the best, as others have observed.After several years, my air conditioning output is getting weak, but that may only require a recharge of refrigerant- --I hope! Front window sill coverings are pulling away. Am very pleased overall.

  • Reasonably satisfied - 1997 Volvo 960
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    Original owner. This is my third Volvo (previous 2 740s). Nagging problems during first few years of ownership - nothing serious, just irritating. I had less problems with the 740s. Mechanical repairs limited to a faulty O2 sensor and a fan installed to prevent a malodorous aroma from airco (high humidity climate). Sun roof repaired twice. The service problems seem to have abated in the last couple of years. Bought extended warranty - so far they are ahead with one year to go.

  • Good car - 1997 Volvo 960
    By -

    leather is falling apart

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