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  • Still simply the best - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    The 3vz-e has proven to be exceptionally durable. Due to strict environmental regulation circa-1990, the headgaskets produced by Toyota were redesigned without the use of cancer- causing asbestos. The headgaskets produced after early 1990 had a high failure rate, resulting in large numbers of headgasket-related complaints by 3.0 liter V6 owners. Toyota has a Special Service Campaign to replace headgaskets on 3.0 V6 engines. Toyota replaces headgaskets on 3vz-e engines produced after early 1990 regardless of the mileage. Check with your dealer if you have a head gasket problem!!

  • I Love My Truck - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    This truck has been an excellent vehicle. My husband and I bought it to replace a 1979 Toyota Tacoma (you can see that we really needed a new one). At the time, my husband was still working and only used the truck on weekends. In 1998 he retired because of Parkinsons Disease. The truck only has 44,692 actual miles on it. He doesnt drive very much anymore. I do most of the driving, and I have bad knees a d need tgo get an automatic so that it wont be hard on my knees.

  • Stay away from the V-6 - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    I have owned many toyotas but this was one was the most expensive....Paid $1600 for a new head gasket....they all fail in this V-6. Then 40,000 miles later at 144,000 miles they tell me no compression in the #3 cylinder I need a new rebuild $5,000. I just traded it in for a new tundra. Im hoping toyota wont let me down again.

  • Great Truck - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    I normally dont say I like my autos, but with my 95 2.4L Xtracab DX, Id have to say I love it. It has metallic dark blue paint, and all Ive ever had to do with it is regular maintenance: tires, belts, oil, muffler, and wiper blades, and after 15 years, it still runs great and feels solid. Ive had two minor accidents where they had to do some body work, but they matched up the rear quarter panels & paint, no problems. If I could drive it 15 more years, Id be happy.

  • This truck is godly - 1995 Toyota Pickup
    By -

    My 95 yoder is bulletproof, Ive only put a timing chain and wheel bearing in it. It has 100,000 miles and still going strong. I bought it and it was running awesome, then I tweaked it (cold air intake, flowmaster exhaust, the timing is advance about 20 degrees) that is the best 4 cyl. That I have ever had, it has 31 in. tire and it pulls them like nothing, and it is the best off road vehicle, it goes anywhere that I want to take it, mud, snow, ice, no problem. It will move on, rite now it produces about 170 hp. Always run 94 octane gas in them or the valves clatter. But it is the best truck ever.

  • Awesome Truck NO Matter WHAT!!!! - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    I use my truck for work everyday, I commute 33 miles to work and 33 back home and the occasional trip of about 250 miles so I would say annually I put 20,000 or so. Truck has procomp lift, and runs 33" tires. Truck runs great, with the occasional problem like lights, shocks, etc. Original engine ran until 280,000 and quit got new engine with 70,000 miles and runs like a champ, fun thing to drive on road and off road. Also good work truck has traveled to Mexico to haul car and misc. items weighing 400+ lbs. Lacks performance options for the V6 but is still good.

  • great pick-up - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    This has been a great truck. Have 140000+ miles on it and only normal maintainance done.I have been thinking about semi-retiring it and get a car to take some wear and tear off it, but it still is going strong. Original clutch, starter, alternator. Great engine (22-RE), probably the best 4- cyl. out there, but in the 4WD, a bit underpowered. Not a problem though.

  • Love my 95 hate my 91 - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    I first came across the Toyota Pickup line was in 2007 my Dad bought me a 1991 Toyota pickup with the extended cab 2wd it was baby blue on the outside and dark blue on the inside. It ran okay until the A/C and heater went out on it. Then it just started falling apart. The day I sold it was the happiest day of my life. Well in May of 2010 my Dad found a 1995 Toyota pickup and I was hesitant to get it because of the horrible experience I had with my last one. I did buy it though and I LOVE IT! It runs so much better than my 91. I had to replace the fuel pump but it was time for it. Its a great truck with great gas mileage. Uncomfortable on long trips but I mostly drive around town.

  • Amazing little truck - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    I love this little truck. It has never left me stranded. I pull a 12 foot trailer for a business and load up the bed and it still does great. In the 1 1/2 years I have had it I have only had to routine maintenance. Oil changes, change belts. I get in the lower 20s in Gas mileage on the freeway and about 15 when towing. It is a great highway cruiser. I can cruise at 95 and its as smooth as can be. Its such a blessing to have a reliable vehicle.

  • Toyota 1995 - 1995 Toyota Pickup
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    Comfortable rugged little p/u.

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