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  • Hot Little SUV - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    We were looking to replace wifes 2010 Ford Edge Ltd. (loved the car- Ext warranty run out) We decided not to go back to Ford as the Edge has design and structural flaws in the newer model. (first had experience through Sister-in-law - Ford could not fix) We looked at and test drove VW, Jeep, and did not like the looks of Mazda, Nissan, Chevy, and did not want the high-end models, BMW, Porsche, Jag. I had seen the Ch-R in reviews - So I suggested Toyota - WHAT? We have never owned a Toyota, Drove the Rav 4 (edge like and size) drove the 86 (too small) Drove the CH-R. Wife loved it (5-2") sporty 2 door look with 4 doors, hatchback, good gas mileage, and I (6-1") rode in the back seat without too many problems, comfy even. BUT - only comes in two trim level with virtually no extras. NO NAV - cant get it in the CH-R, Cloth Seats. BUT - Toyota dealer customized the car with two tone Leather (like the Rav 4) and Remote Start. Wife loves the car, Small, (easy to drive and park) Sporty (great design look) and Priced right (under 26000) We look forward to many years with this car.

  • Great Purchase - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    I just purchased a C-HR premium and could not be happier. It wil be used mainly in the city and the amount of safety features was well worth the money. Great styling and very co for table interior. Acceleration could be better than however, works perfect for our use.

  • Cute but lacking some things - 2018 Toyota C-HR
    By -

    No rear window washer . No rear latch within the car. Mileage is only 23 a Mile in town . Rear door is heavy.

  • Sexy little SUV - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    This is the perfect vehicle for the woman in your life. At 5’2” it is easy for me to enter and exit the car. The front seats are very comfortable (being a person who has had back surgeries) that is very important for lengthy trips. I also like the fact that the rear camera is located within the rear view mirror as that is the natural place your eyes 👀 go to when backing up. The voice controls are awesome so you don’t have to figet around when driving. Nice night detailing. When you open the door Toyota CHR illuminates on the ground which gives it a classy feel. The ride is very comfortable and the safety features are amazing. I have only had my C-HR for a month and I really like it. It not too big or to small it’s just right.

  • Super Sporty - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    I owned a Subaru Legacy and had thought to buy another when the time came to purchase. I was blown away the first time I saw this in a parking lot. I love that it looks like a 2 door. Felt like it would be above my price and was happy to find it affordable for a beautiful new car. I test drove it and then walked away for a week. Went and drove a Subaru Crosstrek, Nissan Rogue Sport and Mazda 3 then went back to the CHR. I smiled and laughed the whole time I was driving this car. So much more fun then the others. Handles great, speedy and sporty. I have had so many comments that it looks like a car from the future or a spaceship. I love that, couldnt stand the thought of a boring sedan. I took a risk and went for the red, I had the windows tinted and it looks hot! No worries about it being a new model since it is a Toyota. Dealership was wonderful and made the sale a pleasure. Hope to have it for a long time. The only down side is the small back windows do create more of a blindspot than I am used to and if I had children in the back seat I dont think they would be able to see out. But since I dont have kids it is not an issue for me.

  • Not so big and not too small - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    Yes, Ive read the knocks on the acceleration (not the fastest, but Im also coming from a V6. I think the road noise is probably the worst problem. The blind spots are thoroughly taken care of by the Blind Spot Detection. I think it may be the safest car Ive ever owned. I drive it on the turnpike every day and acceleration once you are up to speed isnt an issue - you only see it when you try to accelerate from a stop. I had a Cadillac so maybe I notice the road noise the most. The ride is close - it probably would be more similar with beefier tires, but it wouldnt look so great. Steering is terrific. I have the blue with white top so its hard to find a cuter car. Surprisingly my 6 husband has no issue with getting in and out or sitting comfortably - up higher than sedans. The features are awesome but did miss XM radio so had it installed and it really should have a button to open your garage door. It would also be super cool if your apps would show up on the big touch screen then I could see Waze better. There are obvious upgrades that will occur on future models. I love the car, I certainly would buy another.

  • c-hr what a car - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    I think this car is underrated it has style with decent acceleration, comfortable seating and the best safety features offered by car makers the only down side is front wheel drive and not all wheel drive but it is definitely worth the price.

  • Interesting looking; lacks power, small interior - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    We liked the exterior looks of this car, but lack of power and small interior made this is no-go for us. The front passenger seating required that knees practically be touching the dashboard. I floored it at a green light, and no one could tell - it just gently accelerated up to speed - I would hate to think about trying to pass someone on the freeway or going up a steep hill. Blind spots due to large pillars to the left and right of rear window, but Toyota Safety Sense standard is nice, though this car has the pared-down version for smaller vehicles, not the full-featured version like the RAV4, Camry, etc. We wound up purchasing a RAV4 instead - more power, more room, more features, etc. But dont expect to use Toyotas telenav through your smartphone - its worse than using a printed out map - my 2002 Lexus GPS ran circles around it. Come on Toyota, admit your mistake, dump telenav, and go with Android Auto and Apple Car Play like everyone else has figured out, or do you want to lose hundreds of thousands of car sales?

  • Zips Right Along - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    After reading a couple of other reviews that said acceleration (especially to Highway speeds) was poor, I was quite apprehensive about leasing/purchasing this vehicle. But, after a test drive that allowed me to accelerate quickly, and get on the freeway, Ive come to the conclusion that those other reviewers must be use to V-6, or V-8 power. Or, they arent use to the smoothness of the CVT. As someone who transitioned from a 4-cylinder 2005 Toyota RAV-4 to the 2018 C-HR, I believe that the acceleration is quite adequate. And, a couple of times, Ive had my head pushed back against the head-restraint. While Im not one who needs a Navigation system to show me where to go, the Bluetooth connection for my cell phone (though, I dont use it often) is a great thing to have. Now, Ive only had the car for a little over a week, but so far, its been AWESOME! And, if the on-board computer is to be believed, the MPG on each trip has ranged from very good to absolutely fantastic (ranges between 22.6 to 40.8). While the SmartKey system took a bit of getting use (Ive been turning a key for over 40 years :) ), its a great feature. My only complaints are: the base model should also be equipped with the BSM system, RCTA and Backup camera; considering the sportiness of the car, dual-exhaust would have been neat (luckily, I can buy (and have bought) bolt-on dual-exhaust tips; and a choice of interior colors (I love the exterior Metallic Silver Knockout, but the black interior gets hot during the summer months in Phoenix, AZ).

  • Great little car - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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    Before I purchased read all the reviews (europe) included. Front legroom is great unless youre a basketball player as well as rear legroom. Used to own a 5.7L hemi V8 and while the power is obviously less in the sport mode its still pretty peppy. If you want a good radio/nav system youll have to go aftermarket like I did and put the rearview camera through that screen and not use the rear view mirror screen (sometimes too much reflection). Love the safety features and the styling. Good gas mileage and plenty of power entering the highway and passing. Want better gas mileage use the economy mode.

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