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The Pontiac Grand Prix started out as a personal luxury car in the early 1960s. Back then, personal luxury meant a big coupe with a big V8 and a stylish interior, usually featuring plush bucket seats and a floor shifter. Exterior design bordered on flamboyant at times, but the Grand Prix made no apologies for its unabashed sense of American style and performance.

In more recent times, the Pontiac Grand Prix offered consumers a sensibly sized family coupe or sedan, with plenty of performance on tap thanks to the availability of peppy V6 engines or even a powerful V8. Styling continued to be a draw, with a sweeping roof line and the signature twin-grille nose. Unfortunately, another hallmark of the Grand Prix was an overly plasticky interior, with various switches and knobs typically rendered in gray plastic that looked more Fisher-Price than General Motors. Pontiac improved the interior toward the end of the Grand Prix's run, but it still couldn't hold a candle to the high-quality interiors of its import-brand rivals.

Would the Grand Prix be a good choice for a family vehicle? That depends on what dad (or mom) wants. If performance is paramount and a smallish backseat is not a problem, then a used GP deserves a look. On the other hand, if high-quality fit and finish and roomy rear quarters are more important, then the import competition will be a better match.

Most Recent Pontiac Grand Prix

The last-generation Pontiac Grand Prix debuted in 2004 and was terminated after 2008. It benefited from a refined engine lineup, fine-tuned ride and handling characteristics and a more driver-friendly cockpit with large gauges and, for the most part, simple controls. The coupe was dropped, leaving the sedan as the lone body style.

There were two trim levels for the Grand Prix's last year of production in 2008 -- base and GXP. The base model came with a 200-horsepower V6 as well as 16-inch wheels, OnStar, a CD player, cruise control, air-conditioning, keyless entry, and power windows and mirrors. The GXP included a 303-hp V8, firmer suspension tuning, performance tires, a head-up display, unique trim and 18-inch alloys. Leather seating and automatic dual-zone climate control were optional.

Performance, even in the base model, was satisfying, and got quite a bit stronger from there. Although the V8-powered GXP provided a thrilling rush of power, torque steer was a problem with this front-drive chassis. Sadly, the abundant power infusion wasn't enough to keep the Grand Prix wholly competitive. Compared to the top sport-oriented sedans, the Pontiac felt unrefined in terms of handling dynamics and cabin fitments.

Prior to the 2008 model year, the last-generation Grand Prix was available in a GT trim level that featured a supercharged 260-hp V6, 17-inch wheels and some features that were options on the base model. For buyers interested in a used Grand Prix, we would recommend the GT over the other trims because of its balance of power, fuel economy and handling.

Past Pontiac Grand Prix Models

The previous-generation Pontiac Grand Prix was built from 1997-2003. Available as either a sleek coupe or a handsome four-door sedan, this Grand Prix offered brisk acceleration and a tight suspension for a relatively affordable price. The supercharged 3800 V6 debuted with this generation (in the GTP trim) and offers a great combination of power and fuel efficiency. Downsides include a somewhat raucous power delivery, a harsh ride over rough surfaces (in GT and GTP models), cheap interior materials and needlessly complex controls. Still, consumers have given this generation high marks in terms of performance, handling, fuel economy and style. It should be noted that this generation's base model had slightly different (and less sporty) front and rear styling from the GT and GTP models.

Prior to that, there was the 1988-'96 generation, available in both coupe and sedan body styles. This car was a bit smaller and its styling went overboard in the body-cladding area. Typical of many GM products, this Grand Prix's strengths lay in its powertrains and performance, while weak points included cheap interior materials, overly busy controls and mediocre rear seat comfort.

From 1978-'87, the Pontiac Grand Prix was offered solely as a personal luxury coupe, which had been downsized from the excessively large cruisers of the '60s and '70s. But like those earlier GPs, this era's priorities were flashy styling and plush interiors. From a collector's standpoint, the 1962-'72 Grand Prix are most worthy of consideration, as powerful engines (such as the 421 V8 with tri-power carburetion) and eye-catching styling make them cruise-night favorites.

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  • Not your typical boring 4 door - 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    I just purchased an 05 Grand Prix GT great car at a great price with the employee discount saved almost $7000.00.This is my second Grand Prix GT we also have an 02 which after 75000 miles has yet to give us any problems.I test drove many other cars but came back to Pontiac.For the money I couldn`t find a better equipped car.The Grand Prix GT for us is a nice combination of good looks power and reliability.

  • Muscle is Back! - 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    I grew up during the mucsle car era and this car brings it back in a "family 4-door". It is comfortable to drive and the mileage is impressive. But the power of a Pontiac V-8 is the best feature of all. This car is just fun to drive.

  • LOVE IT - 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    What a fun car to drive. Capable of 135 without starving for power (heard it can go 142 didnt push it though). Cornering is awesome with very limited tire squeel. 1/8 mile drag strip ready, lol what a fun "Old timers car" that can woop up on some of the young teenies cars at the track, gets ya alot of attention. K&N replace filter makes a huge difference in low end power, at a rolling 15-20 mph still able to break tires loose with full throttle. Fun Fun car,

  • love it, but material quality stinks!!!! - 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    The gas mileage sticker claimed 15/25. Well I get about that city but, highway I get usually 33mpg going 55mgh - gets 27 mpg going 65 mph (as long as I stay out of it). Brakes are amazing, handling is also amazing for a 4 door family car that weights 4,600lbs. My main complaint is the quality of the materials. I take very good care of my car and baby it! The leather on the seats is starting to wear more then my 5 year old Cadillac I had prior, the paint job stinks, its starting to chip and wear in places it shouldnt for a 2 year old car and the interior is all plastic?? Shouldnt this problem with a $30,000 car.

  • Nothing Beats a Pontiac - 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    I started with a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville which was an excellent car, however because of my age decided I needed something sportier, but I was impressed with Pontiac so I went to the Grand Prix GT(for the 3800 engine) which was my best move.

  • This is a great car - 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    What can i say i am 6ft1 and i tilt the drivers seat back a little so the ride is perfect. I drive a 650 mile round trip to DC every weekend and it is nothing but comfort. The Sound system is great, dual climate control and onstar service! I bought it used with 64K miles on it, and it still runs like the day it came off the assembly line!

  • V8 Bang for the Buck Winner - 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    Dreamed about this car a year before it was available. Great looking machine w/ the performance (HP, torque, braking, suspension) to support it. Surprisely controlled torque-steer (traction control) and instantaneous response from the beefed- up 4T65E tranny. The LS4s torque band is huge and pulls from one end of the tach to the other. The StabiliTrak Sport is simply amazing in the snow/ice allowing you to drive safely while having some fun to boot. The PBR brakes (huge drilled & vented rotors w/ dual pistons calipers up front) are gorgeous, responsive, and fade-free. After 6600 mi. were averaging 20.2 mpg (trip computer) w/ mostly highway (using cruise control) driving @ 74mph.

  • Pontiaction - 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    I bought the car brand new with all the available options possible including the Bose sound system. I dont drive the car very far at all but when I do it is pure excitement and I get looks when I am next to another car. When I first had it, I did have seal leak problems and the steering, when very cold outside, seems stiff. Other than this I had good luck with the car. It just turned 7yrs old in February and it looks new, had several offers to buy it from me , including my mechanic.

  • Not Crazy About The SE Model - 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    Only owned for 9 or 10 months and the problems are starting to mount. Its only at 200,000 Km. The first week of ownership, the transmission started to kick in between 1st & 2nd gear while accelerating, ($2500 repair) it still continues to be a problem but cannon afford to fix transmission, rather deal with discomfort till I buy something better. Head gasket is on the edge of blowing, just driving a short distance and I can smell the dexcool leaking ($1500 repair) on to the hot engine. Power feels weak in the city, very stiff pedal, must apply a lot of force to accelerate. Bushings in the front are flattened, going around turns makes the car feel like its on ice year round ($1000 repair)

  • Solid - 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
    By -

    My GP has given me 5 years of great service . I did have a front rotor warpage issue early on and just decided to replace them. Otherwise, just change the oil and other common maintenance. Sad to see Pontiac end its production of Grad Prixs. Love the Pontiac red dash lights.

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