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Of the millions of Japanese cars produced for North America in the past half-century, most are memorable only through their sheer numbers. A small group, however -- including the Nissan Z -- have achieved true icon status. Originally sold on our shores as a Datsun, the Z has offered a special mix of style, performance and value from the get-go. The Nissan 370Z, representing the Z's sixth generation, continues this tradition.

The 370Z stands out thanks to its thrilling performance, sculpted styling and surprisingly comfortable cabin. There are some downsides -- the engine is prone to unwelcome roughness at high rpm, there's an abundance of road noise and outward visibility is poor -- but the 370Z it is certainly one of the most exciting two-seat sports cars around and a fitting progression of the Z's heritage.

Current Nissan 370Z
The Nissan 370Z is available as a hatchback coupe or a roadster (convertible). The coupe offers three trims: base, Touring and Nismo. The roadster comes in base and Touring. Each comes with the most powerful standard Z-car engine ever, a 3.7-liter V6 that cranks out 332 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic.

Base models feature 18-inch wheels, automatic climate control, keyless ignition/entry, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a CD stereo with steering wheel controls. Touring models add leather and faux suede upholstery, power heated seats, Bluetooth, and a Bose audio system with satellite radio. The Touring roadster is treated to heated and ventilated seats.

The track-focused 370Z Nismo includes a performance-tuned V6 (350 hp), 19-inch forged aluminum wheels and high-performance tires, a limited-slip differential, stiffer suspension tuning, upgraded brakes, unique front and rear fascias, a larger rear wing and special Nismo interior trim details. If that's too much, one could just opt for the available Sport package (also available on the roadster), which adds larger wheels and tires, spoilers, a limited-slip differential, upgraded brakes and a rev-matching "SynchroRev" feature for manual-transmission-equipped cars. An optional navigation system is also available on Touring models.

Once underway, it's easy to maximize the 370's sharp performance. The high-winding V6 is gutsy, though you'll know you're approaching the 7,500 rpm redline when the engine starts to sound and feel coarse. The 370's tenacious grip and sharp reflexes make it the best-handling Z yet, and its ride quality is also quite civilized. However, an extraordinary amount of road noise filters into the cabin, which can grow tiresome on long trips.

Enthusiasts and novice stick-shift drivers alike will appreciate the optional SynchroRev rev-matching feature, which ensures super-smooth downshifts by automatically matching engine speed to wheel speed. The quick-shifting seven-speed automatic will also likely impress buyers.

Despite its all-around competence and slew of strengths, the Nissan 370Z's less practical sports car attributes limit its daily usefulness. There's only room for two passengers, of course, and its cargo area design limits visibility and utility despite a space-saving rear strut brace. If you need more room for people and their stuff, other "2+2" sport coupes might serve you better. But for those who prize speed over space, it's hard to beat the performance heritage of the Nissan 370Z.

Used Nissan 370Z Models
The 370Z debuted for the 2009 model year and was only available as a coupe. The Nismo Z was a late model year addition, while the roadster arrived for 2010. Not much has changed on the 370Z otherwise. An upgraded navigation system with Bluetooth streaming audio was also introduced for 2010, as was a limited-production 40th Anniversary Edition Z package with unique exterior paint and badging. The navigation system picked up a rearview camera for 2011. The 2013 Z lineup was treated to revised front-end styling with LED running lights, and the Nismo model got a little more luxurious with some options from the Touring trim.

Shoppers interested in the previous-generation Z should read our Nissan 350Z review.

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  • Everything but the seats - 2016 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    2016 is late in the model life of the 370Z, and it appears Nissan has worked out all the bugs and the Z has become a very reliable vehicle. The Sport Tech model has all the bells and whistles a person could need. Handling is great with very brisk acceleration and steering. The 370Z is the perfect evolution of the famous Nissan Z line. After the first two weeks and 500 miles, I took the Z on a 2900 mile 4 day trip. Weither cruising the Interstate at 80MPH or winding through the mountains of North Carolina, the Z performs flawlessly. The tires are somewhat noisy but a throaty exhaust easily compensates. As much as I like this vehicle, I am extremely disappointed with the seats! A $40k vehicle and both front seats are crappy, mechanical ones expected in a vehicle a third the price. The seats are also so narrow and uncomfortable only a teenager could be comfortable in them. When I was shopping, I didnt even ask about power memory seats; I just assumed they were standard for the price. If my trade hadnt already been sold, this would have killed the deal. I was told power memory seats werent necessary in this type of sports car and by opting for manual seats they save space and weight. No, its a bean counters way to cut cost. Every valet, every car wash, every mechanic has to crank the seat to suit THEM and I it seems to take me forever to get the seat adjusted to my comfort again. Every other vehicle Ive owned the past 20 years has had power memory seats; push a button and its all back to my setting. Even the 370Z Roadster has power seats.

  • What a BLAST ! Great car for the Money - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    Great job Nissan ! 09 Got the Nav pkg/Sport Pkg. loaded. I have owned Porsche, Vette, Cameros, Range Rover Ect.... This is a great car for the money Truly. Handles sweet, power when you need it. I live in San Diego so I have not experienced the heat or need for oil cooler ( hope you guys get help though ) Comfort is amazing, sound system great, Nav easy to use, like the phone opt. and inside is roomy, your not on top of one another, nice. Great use of interior space thanks.

  • Money Well Spent - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle the day after it was delivered to the lot - I just couldnt resist it! While the interior has improved when compared to the 350 model, there is still very little storage and extreme blind spots. 4 cupholders are really 1 considering you lose 1 if you want to plug in your phone or iPod and the 2 in the doors are too small to even hold a standard 16.9 FL OZ H2O bottle. But the space behind the seats is convenient for a purse, jacket, Kleenex, etc. I was able to pick up a friend at the airport with two good sized suitcases. The cockpit truly is driver friendly and it has all the conveniences of the newer vehicles in a much more exciting wrapper.

  • Pulezze what a Z - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    Had a 2010 Camaro on order. Could not test drive one so decided to take a look at the 370Z and drive one. Sorry Chevy - cant wait - this car is a drop dead gourgeous rocket ship. No regrets - awesome car for the money.

  • Performance, Style and Value - 2010 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    The 370Z roadster has an incredible combination of performance style and value. A great road car, the roadster (convertible) version of the 370Z w/o the sport package is relatively smooth and much quieter than the coupe. The standard 18 inch wheels are also quieter than the 19" rays. The car handles securely and the interior room is large for a 2 seater. The driving position is as comfortable as most sedans.

  • Its all true, the good and the bad - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    First the bad news. The tire noise in this car (touring with sport package)is unacceptable. I drive 60 miles to work each day and the noise is terrible. Nissan really dropped the ball with nvh. The good news is, the fix for tis pretty cheap and easy. Buy some sound deadener for about $150, then spend an afternoon installing it and all of a sudden you have a fun to drive, world class sports car that will run with anything on the road and get attention everywhere you take it. Acceleration and handling are great. Bose system is pretty good and interior quality is significantly better than the 350Z.

  • The 370Z car need an ENGINE OIL COOLER! - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    I purchased my Nissan 2009 370Z Car on February 26, 2009. I have been very disappointed with my 2009 370Z Car, because you cant drive it over 4000 RPMs, if the ambient temperature is over 90 degrees. As a result, I only have 630 miles on my 370Z! The 370Z Car, without an engine oil cooler, will over-heat! The engine oil temperature reaches 280 degrees, if the ambient temperature is over 90 degrees, and it will do it in a very short period of time. When this happens, the cars engine RPMs are reduced from 7500 RPMs to 6500 RPMs, and if the engine oil temperature reaches 290 degrees, the engines RPMs will be reduced to 4500 RPMs, which is approximately half of the 370Z Horsepower!

  • Itza great car - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    My previous autos were an 08 TL TypeS, an 06 Vette, and an 05 Charger Daytona. I know performance and quality. The 370Z has more of both than any of my previous vehicles. Shes perfect for hotrodding around town and a great interstate cruiser at 79mph (yep, in the summer). I ledfoot it all the time and have never seen my oil temp gauge above 225(& I live in Central Georgia). Build quality and finish are outstanding. Heat isnt an issue unless you take it to the track. And if you intend to, at its price point, whats the big deal about putting an oil cooler on it? Worried about warranty? Dont race the car! After 14,000 troublefree mi, the car is simply without peer cost/value/performance.

  • Best Z-Car Yet. - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    My first car was 72 240z and I had an 83 280ZX. The 370 is the best yet. It is quick and nimble. You rarely have to plan your moves in traffic just look for an open spot and the Z will be there. People complain that the gearshift is "notchy" I am not sure what that means? I find it quick and accurate. People complain about road noise. It is a two seater sports coupe. You expect a little road noise. You might try learning to judge the character of the road surface from the sound. Most of all, this car is just fun to drive. I commute 90 min each way daily. In the Z I actually look forward to the drive. The seats are so comfortable. They actually get more comfortable the longer you sit in them.

  • All true - 2009 Nissan 370Z
    By -

    I had the the 350Z roadster. Loved the top down. For 5 years. The 370Z is all new inspired by the 350. Goes and looks right in every way. I have the touring and sport pkg, 6 spd. Corners and pulls off the line as promised. Rear wheel wells are noisy in the rain-road noise. The value of the car verses what you pay overrides noisy tires. Wind it out or turn up your iPod. No noise. Its all true. The car is a fantastic 2 seater to be respected.

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