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The Lexus RX 350 is a vehicle that's comfortable in its own metal. And why wouldn't it be? This midsize luxury crossover SUV has long been a consumer favorite thanks to its plush ride, spacious interior, strong reliability record and appealing high-tech features. While the RX 350 doesn't promise much in the way of driving passion, its combination of comfort and convenience is hard to top in a five-passenger luxury crossover. It also commands lofty resale values due to that sterling Lexus reputation.

Offering either front- or all-wheel drive, the RX 350 dates back to 2007, when it was introduced as a continuation of the RX 330. It has received significant upgrades in cabin technology over the years, but a generous standard features list and excellent build quality are a given with any Lexus RX 350. Unless you need the versatility of a third-row seat, this Lexus is likely to be a compelling proposition.

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  • DO NOT BUY till you read my Post - 2019 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    We purchased a brand new Lexus RX350 from a dealership in South Jersey. A day after we bought it my wife was complaining about an annoying wind noise coming from the rear passenger windows. The noise gets worse as you reach speeds of 30 mph and higher. I test drove the vehicle and sure enough it is a very annoying sound. When we test drove the vehicle the radio was on and we were talking so we didn’t hear it. I take the vehicle to the Lexus dealership. The service manager sits in the rear while I drove the car. He denied hearing the noise and as I reached speeds of 40 mph it was so noticeable that even he couldn’t deny it. After taking the car into their shop for 2 hours, they come to me and tell me the technicians didn’t find any issues. I left there pissed off and disappointed with the dealer and the LEXUS brand. Now the car sits on the driveway and no one wants to drive it. Got my wife an AUDI Q7 and it’s quiet like the old Lexus cars used to be. Save yourself the heartache and pain as well as the disappointment and DO NOT PURCHASE a LEXUS. If you don’t believe me do yourself a favor and test drive the vehicle with the radio off and the salesman not running his pitch.

  • Great Ride - 2010 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    Traded in my 07 RX for 2010. I am so happy Lexus made the best crossover SUV even better. Had this car for one week and love driving it everywhere. Already getting 23 mpg on the first tank. The interior is miles better than previous model. It feels more upscale. The technology in this car is the best. The remote mouse is great and easy to use. Love the smart access. You cant go wrong with this car.

  • More than expected...........I just love my Lexus - 2013 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    Looking to buy a luxury crossover is not a pleasant experience. At first I was confused to buy Acura/Audi etc. Though they are good cars, looking for a full package is a costlier deal in these models. But Lexus RX350 provides just what I was looking for... A beautiful comfortable drive, reliability, noise isolation is just awesome. Overall it is great car for those who are looking to buy a luxury cross-over. Though F-sport version does not quite appeal much. But regular AWD Lexus RX350 does not disappoint you..!! Peace.!

  • Luxury SUV? NOT! - 2010 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    Lexus calls this a "Luxury SUV." WRONG. Ive owned many luxury autos and this isnt one of them. I tried to adjust but I just sold it with 2475 miles on the odometer. Cost me money, I hated this car! The reliability and build quality are some of the best but it rode like a cattle truck and the ergonomic design was stupid. Humans were intended to occupy this thing. The worst placement of some controls that Ive ever seen. If you need to access a 12v outlet for a cell charger, etc., do it while stopped because you cant while moving. You have to remove two compartment covers and stand on your head to get to it. My son owns one a bit older and its a great car. The 2010 redesign was a bust.

  • In reference to another review dated 1/26/2016 - 2016 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    I at this moment have my new Lexus RX 350 in the shop. I have the same complaints as the review dated: 1/26/2016: My biggest disappointment comes with the engine, it is not smooth and quiet. I also think it accelerates slowly and shifts awkwardly.

  • 2010 RX... Big Mistake - 2010 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    Previously owned "11" Lexus RXs & very satisfied! Extremely disappointed with new 2010! Lexus went downhill on this model! The wind noise is terrible! Sounds like front windows are always cracked open. Headrests & seats very uncomfortable. Wont cool. NO more arm rests! Interior lost most of wood trim. Glove compartment, visor mirrors & holder for sunglasses made of flimsy plastic. Horrible console design. Lid does not open fully & is awkward to reach inside. 12V & USB buried at bottom of console. Need a flashlight to find them! Awkward space under console. No illumination on garage door buttons or reading lights. Hit & miss in the dark. Backdoors part of fender wells & will not stay clean. Our 2010 will be in the dealership for a week having door windows replaced. They think it will help stop the loud wind noise! Weve had a great relationship with our Lexus dealer for many years. Too bad Lexus failed to deliver quality on this model.

  • Almost Great but can use some Twikes - 2010 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    After 6 mos and 7k I can say I hate and I mean HATE the center storage I dread every time I have to get something out It is set to far back and that stupid box you have to pull out to get to the usb and acc plug what a hassle i can not believe the money and not one side molding not a single lousy strip The MPG could be better but I am satisfied It is better then my Envoy This my 2nd Lexus but my 1st SUV so I am pretty happy about the ride and comfort compared to the GMCs & Dodges I have had in the past I am still not sure if the Money is worth the car for what you get The real test for me will be repairs if after warranty the costs stay low compared to there sedan I will buy another

  • Satellite Radio Problems - 2015 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    Disappointed. I bought a 2015 Lexus RX350 this June (replacing my 2010 RX350), immediately noticed that reception of the satellite radio is constantly being interrupted. I have had Sirius Radio for 10 years now; I am driving down the same streets and have never before had any service interruptions. Lexus has told me they cannot do anything about it. Local dealer has told me it is a problem with all 2014 & 2015s.Truly affects the enjoyment of my driving experience.

  • What a difference - 2016 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    The improvements made from my previous RX is extraordinary. The new 2016 styling is sporty and aggressive. The ride and sound proofing is excellent. The headlights truly give almost daylight clarity. I also love the sound system on the radio where classical music sounds magnificent. The handling and acceleration is also greatly improved. I had no idea that my purchase would have been this worthwhile.

  • Classy suv - 2011 Lexus RX 350
    By -

    Hold great value

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