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  • jeep Redegrade Vehicle of the year - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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  • My yellow submarine! - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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    Check around at different dealers and on line. Got great deal on line plus got the renegade in my color with the equipment I wanted $5,300 less at a dealer 150 miles away. Worth the drive through the country side. They were a pleasure to deal with, and we were in and out with in a couple of hours. Of course it helped knowing what I wanted.

  • Renegade - 2017 Jeep Renegade
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    The Renegade is a Jeep it rides like a Jeep. It has very little frills but overall it’s cute and worth owning. Buy one and have fun!

  • Jeepetto 2016 Latitude 4x4 Manual 1.4L Turbo Beast - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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    Jeep and FCA have come up with a very nice and well equipped CUV. Make sure to go with the Turbo 1.4L engine and a manual transmission and you get a excellent driving vehicle as well. None of the automatic transmission horror stories to be found in this set up. Car is peppy, and has good handling for a vehicle with a slight CUV lift. I went with the Cold Weather package. Interior amenities are plentiful on even a stock Latitude model. The package just checked all the marks for a truck that will be used in the Colorado mountains. Look forward to doing some mods on the engine and exhaust, to pull even more pep out of this little Jeep. The Fiat turbo 4-cyl found in the Abarth is very tuneable, and has a excellent after market. I will utilize this once Jeepetto is fully broken in. We also picked the car out in the very nice Anvil Grey offered just in 2016. Good call of jeep to make this color for all the renegades and not just trail hawks Around town getting 24 mpg, with a ton of spirited driving. I received a great deal from Autonation Jeep West. So overall the value is totally there. Hope to have many happy years in my turbo jeep.

  • lacking a track record - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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    Only in second production year. Not sure all the bugs are worked out yet. A lot of sketchy reviews. Lack diagnostic plug for my insurance drive tracker That would cost me $200.000/year In additional insurance. Maybe In a couple more model years with Improved reviews.

  • Catchy Title - 2018 Jeep Renegade
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    Sucks in snow with front wheel drive. 6006 mile and stock tires suck.

  • 4x4 Fun, Technologically Dumb - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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    I began leasing my 2016 Renegade Trailhawk about 6 months ago. I was looking for a cheap and fun solution for Michigan driving. The look took a while to get used to the look but then I started to like it, and the visibility while driving was awesome (lots of head room). I took it off roading and was amazed by the capability of the little jeep. With ground clearance higher than a standard truck and multiple smart 4x4 settings there was not much that I couldnt conquer, especially the hill descent was very entertaining. When winter hit the snow was meaningless to the Renegade. It would tear through 12 inches of snow and hard packed ice without a problem. At this point you are probably wondering why my rating for the vehicle is so low, well let me explain. I commute 30-40 minutes one-way to get to work, all highway driving. This quickly made me realize two of the Jeeps biggest downfalls. 1) Speed: the speed of this jeep is unbearably slow. I took the jeep into the shop and was provided a Chrysler 200 as a rental. The significant speed difference of the 200 made me feel as if I was in a tuned sports car. I think a huge problem is the transmission in the 2.4L Tigershark (maybe it should be “Tigger”shark), which is a 9 speed that has a "acceleration" technique of using less gears when you step on it. The lag of this system is well over a few seconds sometimes, and even when the timing is right, the car takes a good 10 seconds plus to get to 60. I didnt buy this jeep with the intention of replacing my race car, however, I very much dislike the terrifying emotion that I experience when simply getting on a launch ramp to the express way, or debating a pass on a two-lane highway. Not to mention, on numerous occasions the transmission has jerked on me when initially putting the car in drive/reverse, and we all know this winter even in Michigan was very mild so cold temperatures are not to blame. 2) Comfort: Driving this jeep on a sand dune or through the woods is amazing, there is no other way to put it. However, city/long distance driving this jeep really shows you its uncomfortable side. I am driving the most expensive model of the Renegade, the Trailhawk, and the front seats lack the ability to adjust lumbar. Also, although the bucket seats look great with black vinyl interior stitched in red, the bucket is a little too small, therefore, a rather skinny mid-build 6-foot guy like me feels like I am being cramped in the seat and my shoulders are pushed forward while my back cannot find support, especially not in my lumbar. Another thing in regards to comfort is noise. At speeds around 30-45 mph the engine/transmission lets out an uncomfortable hum that sounds like the gear change just isnt quite right. I hope this is not how it was designed purposely. To wrap up this review I also must mention that my engine light has gone off 4+ times in a period of 2-3 months. Every time I get it flashed it reads as a thermostat issue, which it is not. It was taken for a few days, while I got to drive the "race car 200", to be looked at more in depth. The computer underwent numerous upgrades and everything was good to go. Less than a mile out of the lot the engine light went back on. I dont think my local dealership is bad at their job, I think a cheap jeep with a 9 speed transmission, advanced 4x4 system, and AWFUL voice activated blue tooth system, among other technical abilities is OVER developed. Similar to Android devices, it might be great that it can scan your retina as a security measure before someone reads your sensitive text messages among a multitude of additional outrageous applications, however, when it becomes so overwhelmed with glitches that it is dysfunctional in less than a year, then the lack of sustainability is an issue. In conclusion, this is a fun, progressive, fuel efficient machine with impressive off road capability. Take my cons with a grain of salt as I am sure not everyone has had the same experience, but when spending $300+ a month to lease the top model of a vehicle, I expect a little more. Drive safe out there.

  • Perfect all-rounder! - 2017 Jeep Renegade
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    This crossover serves us well on and off the road. High-quality materials inside and out, and a nice handling/driving feel!

  • Mini Jungle Jeep - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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    Ive had my 2016 75th FWD Jungle Green Renegade for a month and I can say I love it. Steering is precise, brakes are highly responsive and the ride is more comfortable than expected. Though I didnt think I would like the My Sky Dual Sunroof, I love it and would definitely recommend it. For those that complain about the 2.4 Tigershark engine, If your expecting a V6 performance then this vehicle is not for you. The engine is not as refined true but its a mute point for regular drivers since you cant truly tell the difference other than the delay of the transmission when split second power is needed. I do like the transmission though you do need to step on the gas a little harder for it to upshift for quick passing maneuvers, so unless your an agressive driver it wont bother you. They styling I think is perfect and Im amazed that now I can park anywhere since its so compact but it doesnt feel that way when youre inside. My only complaint is the Beats audio, it seems all audio comes from the front dash speakers and subwoofer is pathetic. Jeep shouldnt have let Beats audio into the vehicle, Ive tested a 2015 and that premium audio is way better. Overall Jeep has done a good job and I hope they start offering the Jungle Green color for all trims because if they did I would have purchased the Trailhawk.

  • Renegade Nation - 2016 Jeep Renegade
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    Great design, true jeep quality. Love the detachable roof get so many compliments on the Jungle Green Color!

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