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The name Commander calls to mind images of daring swashbucklers on fearless adventures at the far corners of the earth. As such, Jeep's latest SUV is aptly named; it possesses every inch of the go-anywhere bravado implicit in its moniker. With three rows of seating and room for up to seven passengers, the Commander is the most spacious SUV Jeep has ever produced.

Although not quite as capable off-road as the smaller Jeeps, among SUVs in its size class the Commander is a superb trail-buster, able to tackle rock-strewn paths and steep mountain tracks without breaking a sweat. Less thrilling, however, are the Jeep Commander's lackluster interior materials, cramped third row, so-so cargo capacity and poor fuel mileage with the larger engines.

Current Jeep Commander

The three-row Jeep Commander is available in two trims: Sport and Limited. The Sport comes standard with power accessories, a power driver seat, air-conditioning and a CD stereo. The Limited trim honeys the mix with heated leather seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, power-adjustable pedals, a power tailgate, satellite radio and a power sunroof with twin skylights in the second row. Buyers can also snag options like a navigation system and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system.

The base Jeep Commander Sport gets its pep from a standard 3.7-liter V6 capable of 210 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque, a barely adequate engine in the 4,800-pound Commander. The Limited model has more punch thanks to a 5.7-liter V8 (optional on Sport), which cranks out 357 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque. Those who choose the base model may equip it with a full-time all-wheel-drive system. Jeep also offers two sophisticated four-wheel-drive systems for those planning to take their Commanders on off-road trails, including Quadra-Drive II, which features Hill Start and Descent Assist technology. All models come with a five-speed automatic transmission.

Slide inside the Commander's cabin and you'll find yourself enveloped in comfortable seats. An upscale two-tone decor makes for an attractive interior, but there's too much hard plastic for an SUV in this price range. (The Limited is a bit nicer.) There aren't any midsize SUVs that offer truly spacious third-row seating; still, even by these low standards, legroom in the Commander's third row falls short and is suitable only for children. Cargo capacity is unspectacular as well, largely because of the packaging issues created by the Jeep's solid-axle rear suspension and generous ground clearance. The SUV offers 7.5 cubic feet with all three rows in use, 36.4 with the third row stowed and 68.9 cubic feet with all rear seats folded. These numbers would be OK for a compact SUV, but they're minuscule for a midsize sport-ute.

In reviews, we've praised the Jeep Commander for its off-road capabilities and powerful available V8. Opinions about ride quality are mixed; some have found the Jeep to provide a tranquil ride but others, expecting a more secure feel, deem it wallowy. Handling on pavement is competent for a nearly 5,000-pound vehicle, but not the least bit sporting. The base V6 doesn't hustle the Commander with much authority. The 5.7-liter V8 is both powerful and relatively fuel-efficient.

Used Jeep Commander Models

The Jeep Commander debuted in the 2006 model year. The Limited came with a 4.7-liter V8 prior to 2010; it generated 235 hp and 305 lb-ft of torque until 2008, when it was bumped up to 305 hp and 334 lb-ft. The 5.7-liter V8 made 330 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque till '09, when it went up to 357 hp and 389 lb-ft.

For '07, the luxurious Overland trim debuted; it was equipped similarly to the Limited but with special interior and exterior trim. For '08, the Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist electronic driving aids arrived for Commanders with Quadra-Drive II. The Commander Limited and Overland's interior materials quality were improved for '09. For '10, the Overland trim disappeared, and the 4.7-liter V8 was discontinued, leaving the powerful 5.7-liter V8 as standard on the Limited models, along with a power liftgate.

Reliability was spotty on early-build 2006 models, so consumers looking for used Jeep Commanders would be wise to seek out later-build models or else hold off on a purchase until there's a bit more to choose from on the used market.

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  • Death trap - 2008 Jeep Commander
    By -

    Stalling on me more and more the piece of Crap wont give any trouble codes. Despite my jeep lined up with the one that has parts recalled I have been told by the dealership couldnt be it (translation WE WONT LOOK) lets look for different causes.Needless to say they have found NO OTHER CAUSES.

  • Diamond in the rough! - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I was looking for a used SUV for my wife and to use with a tow dolly. Scanning Crigeslist in the summer of 2015 I seen an opportunity buy on a 2006 4x4, 4.7 v8, with the tow package. The price was $2,800, thats correct, $2,800! With only 126k miles needless to say it needed some work, lol. I was the second caller and a high school aged female told me that if the first person didnt buy it shed me call back. I thought, "Well that ones gone". She does call me back and says that the first person wanted to bring his mechanic back for a second opinion, but didnt leave a deposit. The things that make you go hmmm, lol. I go and see the Commander and it needs some body work, the interior is filthy both front door handles are broken, needs rear anti sway bar bushings, and has broken exhaust manifold bolts on both sides, which could be mistaken for upper valve train noise. The bodywork needed didnt effect the sheet metal, but only the front slip, one fender flare, and the rear bumper, which I was able to repair. In ending, the majority of the work I did myself, like painting the front and rear bumper and all fender flares with bedliner spray for about $75. Replacing both door handles, purchased from eBay for $65. I invested about $1,200, which brings my total cost to about $4,000! Now that everything is done I cannot believe how well this vehicle drives and handles! Ive owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee and in my opinion isnt as comfortable. This Commander was obviously neglected, but the engine and transmission are both smooth and responsive and the Tow / Haul feature is great. THIS COMMANDER IS BUILT TO LAST!

  • I Cant Take Anymore Torture - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    Bought just off lease with 10K miles. Absolutely flawless condition. Had excellent care. Must have always been garaged. Think I know why. Previous owner probably never drove it. Same here. I hate driving this thing. I have had 14 Jeeps over the years. This one is the nicest appearing and the biggest disappointment. V6 Auto. It has the worst seats. Feels like I sit on top of them instead of in them. Short lower seat bottom puts my legs to sleep. Always hurts my lower back no matter what. Poor acceleration, awkward shifts. I usually shift manually when in hills. Found out if I stay out of overdrive and in 4th gear I get better fuel mileage. The sound system is sucky. Terrible sound. Junk.

  • No More Jeeps! - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I bought 06 Commander new, when gas was still under two bucks/gallon. Shame on me. The best Ive ever gotten is 13 city and 15 on the highway. Leaking windshield and sunroof like many others have described. Id like to meet the engineer that designed the drainage from roof to door jam; open the door after a rain and you get your feet get soaking wet! Ices up in winter and door wont open, leaked in dash. Ive always been "light" on the brakes, and usually get over 60K before replacing same, not on this one. Brakes are gone at 29K. Lately, electrical system has caused car to die in the road. Interior materials around leather are cheap; cloth stains with just plain water spill

  • Commander Luv - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I am extremely impressed with the ride and handling quality in this vehicle. Also, the retro type of design is first rate. The 4.7 liter engine is impressive in such a heavy vehicle.

  • Good but mostly bad. - 2008 Jeep Commander
    By -

    Pulls a trailer well. Interior looks really nice. Ground clearance is a joke. Trail rated? Ya right. Leg room for both sets of rear seats is non existent. Climate controls do not last. Stereo is junk along with DVD player. Have had heater core fail twice which caused hot radiator fluid to pour into cab both times. Jeep is no longer the company I grew up with.

  • DO NOT BUY-MONEY PIT - 2007 Jeep Commander
    By -

    have had nothing but problems from transfer case issues to now transmission problem this vehicle is only 3 years old also has needed a water pump at only 60k miles on it- tried to trade it and cant because will have to roll over 4k into another vehicle- also sun roof leaks at car wash- doors collect water every time it rains and dumps water on you when you open the door, windows go down on their own when you try to put them up, complete lemon!!!! what a disaster of a jeep

  • Concerned - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I have owned my Jeep for a year now and have had some of the problems found in reviews. Transmission slips and clunks. Main seal started leaking. Windshield whistles. From reverse to drive is a hard clunk when you can finally get it to go. It feels like the car is going to fall apart when you go over a bump. Now the ac is not cooling as well! But the good old dealership says itÂ’s the nature of the beast that every thing is fine! Not quite sure what to do other than keep wasting my time and theirs by bringing it in for check ups?

  • Very nice IF it would be reliable - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I purchased this vehicle under 3 weeks ago, and its been in the shop 4 times already, and it going back in another few days. I purchased it with 1200 miles on it, for a 3-year old vehicle, that should mean its in like-new condition. The transmission died the 2nd day I had it, had the PCM and solenoid replaced, the auto-headlights and rain-sensitive wipers dont work, there is a break in the wire in the headliner (getting that fixed in a few days), the passenger window doesnt roll up on its own, and now the sunroof is leaking. A regular piece of junk.

  • Noahs Ark - 2006 Jeep Commander
    By -

    I was happy to read that other owners have also heard the "whistling sound" & that I wasnt just imagining it. My biggest complaint is that water seemed to be sloshing around in the roof after every rain. We couldnt find any wet spots, but the car smelled like mildew. Recently I got in it after a hard rain only to find 4 inches of water sitting on the passenger side floor board! Later that same day water poured out of the ceiling, ran down the windshield & right into my driver side dash speaker!

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