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Crossover SUV shoppers, by the very nature of the vehicle they seek, are a demanding lot. They want something that drives like a sedan, while still being a capable people mover and competent cargo hauler. That's a tall order to fill. But not everyone seeking this versatility wants a vehicle that has all of these traits in equal measure. Some drivers are willing to sacrifice some utility in exchange for an extra helping of sporty driving character. Enter the Infiniti QX50.

Shoppers should know that throughout its run, Infiniti's compact crossover had an identity crisis of sorts, as it has had no fewer than three monikers, including the otherwise identical EX35 and EX. It is now called the QX50 in keeping with Infiniti's recent naming protocol in which all of its SUVs have a QX prefix. All three are similar, with only minor changes made through the years to their powertrains and features.

Whatever you call it, this compact sport-utility has the "sport" part easily covered thanks to a powerful V6 and sharp reflexes. It also boasts numerous high-end luxury features. The main downside is that it lacks rear-seat passenger room and cargo capacity compared to most of its rivals. Still, if you're more concerned about driving enjoyment than people- and cargo-hauling, the QX50 should more than satisfy.

Current Infiniti QX50 Models
Though technically introduced for 2014, the Infiniti QX50 is essentially the previous EX with a new name. As such, it is a five-passenger small luxury crossover available in base and Journey trim levels. Power comes via a 3.7-liter V6 packing 325 horsepower that's matched to a seven-speed automatic with manual shift control. Either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive is available. Acceleration is swift, with the QX50 running the 0-60-mph dash in only about 6 seconds.

Like all Infiniti models, the QX50 comes very well equipped. Standard features include keyless ignition and entry, dual-zone climate control, power front seats, leather upholstery, a rearview camera, satellite radio and an iPod/USB audio interface. Stepping up to the Journey adds a sunroof, a power-adjustable tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, heated front seats and Bluetooth phone connectivity. Optional features include adaptive xenon headlights, driver memory functions, a power-folding rear seat, a Bose stereo, a navigation system, parking sensors, a multi-camera parking system, a lane-departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, a collision warning system and a blind-spot warning system.

The QX50 simply shines in terms of driving dynamics. In fact, the Infiniti QX50 is less of an SUV and more of a sport sedan with a tall ride height and a rear hatch. In reviews, we've noted that it strikes a near-ideal balance between ride quality and handling. With 18-inch wheels it feels comfortable over broken pavement, yet sharp and responsive in tight corners. The V6 pulls hard from almost any speed, and the brakes are strong and easy to modulate.

As enjoyable as the QX50 is from behind the wheel, though, it doesn't exactly put the "utility" in sport-utility. The QX50 is short on cargo space compared to its rivals, and the rear seat offers just 28.5 inches of legroom -- also substantially less than what's available in competitors. However, for singles and couples drawn to the comforts and conveniences of SUV ownership, the elegant Infiniti QX50 is an appealing option. It has plenty of power, and it also boasts one of the best ride/handling balances of any premium compact crossover. If you don't need a lot of space for kids, pets or cargo, the QX50 should prove rather appealing.

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  • 2 Leased QX50s For Less Than Price of 1 BMW X3 - 2016 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    The driving experience reminds me of our old 2002 BMW 330. Very comfortable car. Leased 2 of them. Deal was so good that the 2 cost me $100 less a month than my 2014 X3 which I purchased/financed in 2014 and quickly sold the day before picking up the Infinitis.

  • Very happy with this 2016 QX50 - 2016 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    This is a sports car masked as a crossover or smaller SUV. It handles like my former BMW 335i coupe, but with much more room. The technology is very good, with an amazing camera system named Birdseye view. You can see entirely around the car and when you pull into a parking space you can simply push the camera button and see everything around you, including whats in front of you. The interior is very upscale and the technology is simple to learn. It is much easier that my former BMW and the Mercedes E350 that we currently own. Everything works great including Bluetooth, navigation, phone, voice control and temp control. The gas mileage is not great at about 21 mixed and 24 to 25 on the highway, however, we were looking for performance with luxury options, not an underpowered vehicle with a boxy appearance. This vehicle has styling and turns heads with a flashy dual exhaust and a throaty yet refined sound when you start out or get on it. 0 to 60 is in the low 5s, and passing gear is smooth and powerful. Inside is spacious, especially the back seat with the added space, new in 2016. We are very pleased so far and by reading reviews, we expect maintenance costs to be very low. Lastly, a deeper center console box is needed along with a USB port on the dash instead of in the center console box.

  • Great sporty crossover - 2016 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    I was looking for something very specific: the utility of a crossover (not necessarily luxury) while maintaining the sporty quality that makes me happy in daily driving. To get sportier in this segment, you would have to move to the Porsche Macan or the Mercedes GLA 450 AMG, neither anywhere near my budget. For the money, this is the best deal out there, given the specifics I was looking for. Some specific details below. - The expected good: Powerful engine, faster linear acceleration than my previous GTI. I pull out of traffic stops faster than most cars, without really trying; Nice interior feel, comfortable and understated luxury; the AWD is fantastic, the rear wheel traction makes for great handling on dry road, and in rain or snow it makes it easy to drive with minimal adaptation. It feels like you can throw anything at it, and you can take the car anywhere. - The better than expected good: the 360 view camera and the navigation were pleasant surprises, after review complaints about the design being outdated; A ton of room in the rear seats, makes for nice comments from any passengers you take along; Infiniti customer service is so far superb! The dealer over-inflated the tires (actually forgot to lower the pressure after delivery), which, combined with new owner paranoia, made me worried about long term effect on suspensions after driving on it. After just one email, Infiniti promptly extended the suspension, direction and breaks warranty, no questions asked, and followed up to make sure I was happy. Nice change from the VW customer serviceā€¦ - The expected bad: fuel economy is poor, if you drive it in a sporty manner. The V6 begs you to do just that, and expresses its satisfaction nicely with a lively low grunt. I expected this, and can live with it; the Bose sound system: the greatest scam in consumer electronics. I know a lot of people will disagree, because TV said Bose is good, and most people cannot tell the difference between good audio and bloated midrange that distorts well-recorded music and dupes 95% of the population into thinking "it sounds good". - The unexpected bad: less storage space and room around the driver than my much smaller GTI! I adapted to it though; The thing with the overinflated tires on delivery (see above) took some of the new car elation away, but both Infiniti and the dealership have been very prompt to address it. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. I miss some of the fast turning of a sports hatchback, but the peace of mind driving in any condition, the comfort, satisfying acceleration and smooth highway performance make me forget Im in an SUV instead of a sporty car. The price makes this car an excellent deal, as all the competitors in this "luxury" small SUV/crossover segment are all both pricier and less athletic! If I were to do it again, I may spring for the extra cost of the Journey package to get the larger wheels, for an even better handling. 6 cylinder rear-biased vehicles are on the way out, and I am happy I managed to get one of these before they disappear.

  • I LOVE this car! Infiniti has another winner! - 2016 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    I had three Infiniti sedans before, and decided to get a Mercedes C300 AWD just to change things up...well, after 25,000 miles I couldnt wait to get rid of the Mercedes and get back to Infiniti. There were so many things the Mercedes didnt have that Infiniti did--and I am loving this crossover type! Its as fun to drive as the G37X sedans were but it has so much more room inside, and I enjoy sitting up a bit higher.

  • Infiniti QX 50 classy luxury SUV - 2017 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    I own a 2017 Infiniti QX 50 midnight garnet color with the wheat interior aluminum black inlay I decided to upgrade from my 2014 Honda accord sedan. I am so glad that I did this vehicle is my first SUV and its the perfect size for me to drive. Enjoy driving this luxury classy SUV. I have the V6 3.7 base model which has everything I want it at the price I wanted to pay and yes it does have a 6 speaker Bose system. Very comfortable ride in the driver seat passenger and the backseat is very roomy and comfortable The storage area in the back is small but Im fine with that I highly recommend the Infiniti QX 50. All the interior details are great

  • Initial Disappointment - 2014 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    I have had my QX50 for a little over a week now. I had looked at so many cars that I more than likely rushed to judgement in buying this vehicle. My problem is, it was a cold day when I test drove the car and did not notice some things that I have grown to take for granite on a $40,000 plus car. As an example: 1 touch windows up/down, Ventilated seats, no seat lumbar adjustment, 1 touch moon/sun roof, and I just found out that Nissan doesnt even make a cargo net for it. Nor does this model have blind spot indicators or adaptive cruise control which our $25k Altima had.

  • Excellent Value - 2016 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    Im relatively new to Infiniti/Nissan. My first Infiniti was a Q50 that I REALLY enjoyed driving. It was quiet (except for the growl during start up and acceleration), incredibly fast, and it looked like a James Bond escape vehicle. For my lifestyle, however, it wasnt very practical as I kayak 4 days a week. Trading off between my Jeep was getting a bit much. I wanted to capture a similar driving experience in an SUV. Considering all vehicle makes, I went back to Infiniti for the QX50. It shares the same 3.7 liter V-6 as the Q60 which I loved, has a rack and the ability to store items in the back. Where the Q60 would jump off the line, the QX50 has a more subtle acceleration. The QX50 will perform when you want it to, though - both in acceleration and handling. The QX50 is also much easier to get in and out of the cockpit of the Q60. If you want a sports car, but your life demands an SUV, the QX50 is a very solid choice.

  • My Infiniti - 2017 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    Our family needed a SUV, I searched from internet got a lot of quotes but none of them really reached my attention. Then I saw the QX50, I looked at the car reviews and they said they were pretty good. So I went to the Infiniti dealer and test drove it. It was amazing, It was fast, smooth and drives excellent! The dealer gave me a excellent cheap price that was below my budget so I bought it. My wife and kids love it and so do I. I put 7k miles and its been a year and so far so good with no problems. I would recommend this for families that are looking for a cheap luxe crossover.

  • A sports car marketed as an SUV - 2016 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    This is a great car priced thousands below the competition. This is our third EX/QX50, and we bought this one for the technology package, and the extra 4 inches in length. The car has not disappointed. You are essentially getting the equivalent of a fully equipped Porsche Macan at essentially half the price. The 0-60 time is just short of the Porsche Cayman. The reviewers are critical of the cramped cabin, outside visibility, dated interior styling and the package pricing. To them I say do they criticize Porsche over a cramped cabin and outside visibility? Have they ever attempted to build a Porsche online, where seemingly even the steering wheel is extra? Package pricing should be a welcome addition. To me simple is better, and that includes the interior styling and lack of complexity. In the QX50, you can actually turn on the radio, and change the volume and the station with one push of the button - how novel. And in comparison with the same class of vehicle, where is the consideration of cost and reliability? This car is not perfect. It now needs a power lift gate and better fuel economy, and the Navigation System needs to work better. We use our $400 Garmin Nuvi instead of the Nav. Also, the power rear seats are a joke. But, all in all, a great car, which we would/and have bought again in a heartbeat. Somehow, Nissan, having been in this segment since the beginning, has not marketed this vehicle correctly, and that is a shame.

  • "5 STAR BARGAIN" - 2015 Infiniti QX50
    By -

    Retired after 35 years in the Automobile Business. Researched the QX50 thoroughly before purchase. Cant drive it enough! Its that good! All day comfortable! Wonderful Power and Luxury! Negotiated a great deal! Naturally aspirated 6 cylinder engine with 325 horsepower.(No turbo or supercharger to worry about). Japanese reliability. My wife and I just returned from Pennsylvania, put on 1000 miles(24 MPG.) Great through the mountains. We put the rear seats forward for more storage and greater visibility. Dont hesitate to buy the QX50 or to compare it to anything else in its class. 2014 Infinity QX50 AWD Journey. (Moonlight White). OH YEAH!!

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