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  • GREAT SUV FOR THE FAMILY - 2014 Infiniti Q60
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    I am on the road every day on a 25-mile commute, I am also a mom and haul my kids around everywhere... so I spend a lot of time (and miles) in my vehicle! This SUV has been very reliable and when recalls or other work needs to be done I get notified and promptly taken care of at the dealership. I love that you have the silent ride, but at the same time it is responsive and feels very safe. The kids have lots of room in the back and the cargo area (with the third row folded) is great. When needed, weve been able to fit all 7 passengers, though the third row is not as comfortable two adults can sit and endure a short trip. I am keeping this one!

  • Great upgrade from the G37 - 2017 Infiniti Q60
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    I just upgraded from my G37-sport, and I love the Q60. This is a better car in every way. Im not sure why the critics hate this car, because the car is great. The fun factor is through the roof. Dont buy the 2.0t, you will miss the V6 3.0t. I bought the Q60 3.0t base model (msrp$45k) for $7k off. This is the best drivers car under $40k, except for the Mazda Miata.

  • Comparison: 3.7 VQ, 3.0tt, 3.0tt Red Sport - 2017 Infiniti Q60
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    This review is for the Red Sport AWD Q60. I test drove the 300 hp version (for a week) and I decided to buy the 400 hp version. The 300 hp VR feels similar to the 3.7 VQ engine in overall power (I had a 2014 Q50); with more low end torque on the VR that runs out of juice at around 4.5K, while the naturally aspirated VQ is still going strong to 6.5K. The VR will be quicker off the line, and will feel faster when driving around town. The Red Sport version, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. Much quicker from stop and awesome when needing to quickly merge with oncoming traffic on highway ramps in Chicagoland. There is a slight turbo lag right off the line and the transmission can be slightly sluggish when shifting in lower gears. Using the paddle shifters make this issue much worse, so Id just keep the car in automatic and in Sport + mode for the quickest shifting. The only way that you even notice any of this is because the VR engine in the Red Sport is so much quicker off the line than the older VQ engine; which had the same 7 speed auto transmission. I would make three suggestions with regards to choosing options for the Q60. First, youll want blind spot monitors and driver assistance features; as it is saved me MANY times from changing lanes into a car that was riding behind me in my blind spot. The Q50s visibility was fine without this feature, but the more sexy Q60 profile has one major limitation; massive rear quarter blind spots. Also, the around view monitor allows you to park this car effortlessly, without curbing your wheels. Second, if you enjoy performance oriented driving, Id skip the Direct Adaptive Steering. Version 2.0 is better, but it still needs further refinement. The standard electric steering is quite good; much better than the older VQs hydraulic rack. Most reviews of this car that complain about the Q60s steering have a fully loaded Q60; with the DAS option. What a shame, as the standard rack is excellent. The only trade off is that you do loose some additional features that are packaged with DAS (adaptive cruse control, lane keeping, etc.). However, Infiniti still gives you 2 settings for the electric steering; standard and sport, which is great and fine for most people. Third, please consider changing out those horrible run flat OEM tires! The handling, ride quality, steering, and braking all improve significantly. A tire change completely transforms this car. You have no idea how well this car can perform with better tires. The Run Flats on the Red Sport can kick the back end out of the car when you take a sharp turn and it will hydroplane in heavy rain. I wouldnt even attempt to use these in the snow. Cornering also feels unstable with stock tires and the steering is way too heavy. Did I mention that the ride is brutal with the Run Flats, even in the "comfort" mode? Before I changed the tires, I considered returning the Q60 due to the very harsh ride quality. This would have been a huge mistake! As with the DAS optioned on almost all test cars, all reviews that Ive read that complain about both the handling and the ride quality... are also using the OEM Run Flats. (Continental DWS 06s go very well with this model). Also, I must say that I am happy the the gas millage. I average 23 mpg with mixed highway / city driving. I got 21 mpg with the 3.7 VQ. Mileage actually improved with the addition of 72 hp! Thanks twin turbos and better cooling. Lastly, if you shop around you can get some really great deals on this car. (A well-optioned Q60 Red Sport AWD can be had for the mid-50Ks). Cross shopping, I felt that I would probably need to jump to around 80k+ to improve on this cars performance. Even then, you may not be able to match the Q60s good looks. Yes, Im looking at you Lexus LC! Oh, one last comment, the sport seats in the Q60 are amazingly comfortable compared to my older Q50s, and even the current Q50s, seats. No back problems at all on a 750 mile one-day drive!

  • Not Worth the Money - 2017 Infiniti Q60
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    This is not a high end car-- workmanship is substandard and of cheap quality. Its appalling that Infinity could turn out such a sloppy product. Might look flashy but is rather ordinary and not superior to a Honda or Nissan. Lots of sleek technology but its not useful. Car feels too big and gas mileage is terrible. Dealership in Bayside Queens is the worst: too busy with too many people around with no identifiable responsibilities. They will not call back or follow through with any of your problems. Car was released not detailed properly with several obvious flaws and not that clean. Happy to take your money and then theyre done with you.

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