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  • A Maxima in a Dinner Suit - 2004 Infiniti I35
    By -

    This car really is my road dog. I bought this pearl white Infiniti in 2020 from a previous owner who was meticulous with the cars upkeep, and it was garage kept, nearly spotless. To be quite honest I wasn't even familiar with what an i35 was, it was never on my radar. I'm more of the g35 type, but you couldn't call me biased with this review. When I sat in it after test driving a 1998 Lexus ES, which was this cars' counterpart(albeit a generation older) but not by much, the i35 felt like it was in another league, very well built and solid from interior down to the driving experience. I've sat in some nice cars of the same era like S-class, 7 series, Audi, Lexus, this car comes close, if not meeting that same feeling those cars deliver. Especially when you consider its price, equipment, and reliability then, and now, this car was a steal, a jack of all trades. Needless to say this car has been amazing, great linear power, confident handling, luxurious spacious interior, nice looks, good mpg even by todays standards. Almost 20 years later she still holds up very well. I really don't have many reliability complaints, except for the oil burning/ oil leaks, leaky valve cover gaskets (which can lead to alternator failure)had to go through 2 alternators, and unfortunately had 2 breakdowns assumingly because of that leak, but trouble free now. My personal cons: the turning radius is truly awful, if you live in a U-turn type city this is probably not the car for you, really nit picky but the transmission would've been nice as a 5-speed auto, even a manual trans to maximize the VQs power, but understandable as this car was aimed for more luxury aligned buyers. If you're a more performance oriented person go for the manual Maxima, oil burning/ leaks must be addressed, lack of exterior aftermarket (not the cars fault though), stock stereo ate one of my CDs Some things I love: the leather seats are like pillows, good MPG, electroluminescent gauge cluster, enormous trunk, good stock sound system, rear sun shade, heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, great legroom front and back, HID headlights, steering wheel controls, auto HVAC system, cornering lights, fantastic V6 powerplant, e-throttle is buttery smooth, maintenance costs are very low, easy to work on, plentiful parts support, graceful styling (especially with the right rims), good suspension tuning, exhaust hum, not common to see them, and its dual personality: in this car you can drive like a relaxed 85 year old, or like you're rushing to the ER. Many more pros just can't think of them right now. Nissan/ Infiniti did this car justice, it's sad they didn't continue the line, a modern i35 would've been a standout, like this car was back in the day. I plan on keeping this car for as long as I can, eventually doing a manual swap, and vq35hr engine swap, (Ultimate sleeper status haha). So far I've done some upgrades like putting coilovers, g35 coupe rims, stereo, replacing valve cover gaskets, ignition coils, general upkeep, and alot more. It looks and drives great, I've even gotten compliments on it. This car is my daily, I've taken this car on many long distance road trips 100mi+, and even through a mild snow storm without chains, while other cars/ suvs were stuck and slipping, I was stunned how incredible it performed. Each time I drive it I don't wanna get out of it, she doesn't make a fuss, just that variable-capacity muffler VQ hum. One of the ads for this car said, something to the effect of "Get inside one, and see for yourself", rang absolutely true. I do not like writing reviews, but I had to chime in, I truly love this car.

  • Love it but it is getting old.... - 2002 Infiniti I35
    By -

    There is nothing bad to say about this beauty, but it is getting older. My 14 year old wants this car for herself when she turns 16. That says it all!! Unfortunately, Infiniti no longer makes the equivalent. Front wheel drive, comfortable larger sedan, but sporty, fold down seats, and good gas mileage...what happened to that concept? It makes me sad, as the M series does not have those things.

  • Best Value and lots of fun - 2003 Infiniti I35
    By -

    One of the best cars I have ever owned. Not a single problem and 30+ mpg on the road on REGULAR nolead. (Premium is recommended, not required). No service issues and good handling and trunk space. Why are they stopping this model after this year. Add AWD and dual AC and you could go on for another five years with me buying another one. EXCELLENT in all respects.

  • Wonderful car but gasaholic! - 2002 Infiniti I35
    By -

    I bought this car in 2007 with 57K miles on it. I love this car. Very responsive and the quality of this car is awesome. Ive only had 2 repairs with this car, radiator and steering fluid replacement. Mind you, its best if you immediately repair any issues before it gets worse because it can get pricey. I engine lights comes on from time to time. I believe its because of the amount of oil in the engine. Once I add oil to lights come off. Who knows! Once I felt my radiator was going bad I fixed it pronto. Trust me you will save lots of money. Car has a very smooth ride and it has never failed me til this day. The biggest problem I have with this car is that its a gasaholic! Terrible

  • My favorite car ever - 2002 Infiniti I35
    By -

    Ive had my I35 for almost 6 years now, and I still love it. I love the styling (pearl white w/gold trim). In the 6 years Ive had it, the only repair was the light on the heated seat went out. It just runs and runs, my dependable "baby". Comfortable, fast, good gas mileage.

  • Awesome - 2003 Infiniti I35
    By -

    The car drives great and handles well. I live on a crazy dirt road, and it still rides SMOOTH! I love it!

  • Quality and fun! - 2003 Infiniti I35
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    I have now had my I35 for over a year and still love it. Opening it up on I95 hasnt lost its kick. Despite the sporty features, the car is quite practical. The fold down seats in the back are great for my chows. The trunk is roomy and the pass through is big enough to be useful. The leather quality is excellent and doesnt seem to wear at all.

  • Love My I35!! - 2002 Infiniti I35
    By -

    I absolutely Love the comfort and preformance of this car. I wasnt shocked at all that Infinity is made by Nissan! I have always owned Nissans for length of life and they give you good looks as well as all the fun gadgets! Its like they fill the car up with amenities as Standard and you feel like you got a good deal!

  • nice overall - 2004 Infiniti I35
    By -

    Just got the car. Great price for what you get. Nice smooth engine, although it has some torque steer it is manageable. One drawback, it uses Premium fuel and the mileage is decent for the power it produces. Handling is a lot tighter then I expected. I was expecting a boaty ride, but it is quite tight.

  • Value Plusss - 2002 Infiniti I35
    By -

    I shopped Acura, Lexus,Mercedes,and Infiniti. The Lexus ES300 has to few horses and to high a price for a dressed up Camry. The Mercedes C is too small. The Acura TL is a worthy competitor. But, in the final analysis, I chose the I35 for the overall package of comfort, quality, price, and performance. I havent been disappointed. I now have 10,000 millws on the odometer, and feel I made a good decision

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