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The Infiniti FX was no staid, family-oriented luxury SUV. It was mean, outrageous, curvaceous and available with a pair of stout engines. While other SUVs were (and are) based on sedans, trucks and even minivans, the FX traced its lineage back to a sports car: Nissan's Z. As such, the FX carved out a cool little niche of its own.

Indeed, through its two generations, the FX was a different sort of sport-utility: one that put an unmistakable emphasis on "sport," while some "utility" was a mere bonus. Passenger and cargo room were never what we would call generous, so if hauling the kids to hockey practice was a priority, something else would be in order. As such, the Infiniti FX is certainly not for everyone. But for those who like the idea of a high-riding sport sedan with standout styling, the Infiniti FX may be the perfect choice.

The FX was replaced by the Infiniti QX70.

Used Infiniti FX Models
The most recent Infiniti FX generation was available from 2009 through 2013. The V6 version known as the FX35 had a 3.5-liter, 303-horsepower V6 up until 2013, when it was replaced by the FX37 and its 3.7-liter, 325-hp unit. The FX50 model packed a 5.0-liter V8 making 390 hp. Either way, the transmission was a seven-speed automatic with manual shift control. Rear-wheel drive was standard for the V6 versions. An all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, with a rearward bias to preserve the vehicle's sporty handling, was optional. The FX50 only came with AWD.

Standard feature highlights included automatic xenon lights, a sunroof, a power tailgate, leather upholstery, a rearview camera, Bluetooth and a Bose surround-sound audio system. Optional features included keyless ignition/entry, heated and cooled front seats, a navigation system, a 360-degree overhead parking camera, parking sensors and blind-spot and lane-departure warning systems.

These FX models are known for their athleticism. As the FX shared its platform with the Infiniti G sedan and the nimble EX, carlike handling is encoded in its DNA. There's ultimately no hiding its higher center of gravity and hefty mass, but around corners, the FX displays impressive road-holding prowess and confidence, aided by strong, consistent brakes and a tight and direct steering feel. The trade-off, however, is a stiffer ride on the highway. Larger wheel sizes only compound matters, increasing road noise and impact harshness.

In addition to those fine handling chops, our reviews of this last-generation FX also revealed that the V6 models provide more than enough performance. Honestly, the FX50 is really just an example of overkill. All, however, suffer from a lack of utility. Quite simply, the FX's backseat and cargo room pale in comparison to its competitors -- even so-called "compact" luxury crossovers are more spacious.

The first-generation Infiniti FX was produced from 2003-'08. Like its successor, it shared its platform with the G sedan and Nissan's Z car, giving it a dynamic driving experience that few could match. Its styling was also quite striking, though without the current car's flamboyantly exaggerated wheel arches, it was a little easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

This generation was broken up into FX35 and FX45 models, which like the current car signified differing engines. The 3.5-liter V6 produced 275 hp, while the 4.5-liter V8 had 315 hp from 2003-'06 and 320 hp thereafter. A five-speed automatic was standard. The FX35 could be had with standard rear-wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive, while the FX45 came only with the latter.

Throughout its life, Infiniti made several changes. For 2005, a lane-departure warning system, adaptive cruise control and keyless ignition/entry were added to the options list, while all FX45s got standard side curtain airbags. There were significant changes for 2006, when the exterior was given the slightest of alterations, the engine was upgraded and the suspension was revised for an improved ride. Inside, a new center console design, gauges and interior trim debuted, along with several high-tech items like Bluetooth. As such, Infiniti FXs from 2006 and later are the picks of the litter.

Although the cabin was loaded with premium features, there was nothing fancy going on with the seats, controls and instruments. The leather upholstery was complemented by aluminum trim, not wood. The front seats were more supportive than plush. Many of today's high-tech features were also available, though more so in the later years.

In reviews and road tests, we found this Infiniti FX to be every bit as exciting as it looked. It truly felt like a sport sedan, with quick and responsive steering and agility. The engines were powerful and had the same sort of telltale exhaust howl as the G35 and 350Z. Even more impressive, the FX felt balanced and under control during all but the most extreme maneuvers, while remaining comfortable throughout. As with today's models, this FX suffered from poor rear visibility and a lack of space in the backseat and cargo area.

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  • Infiniti fx30ds - 2012 Infiniti FX
    By -

    We have had an infiniti fx30ds premium for 3 months now. All I can say its the most eye catching 4x4. We live in cornwall uk and youll be lucky to see an infiniti fx in 6 months. We love the shape and the build quality. The fact that nobody knows what it is. Performance and roadholding are epic. On several occasions we have had new range rover owners, BMW and Mercedes owners observe the car with double takes. This car is an absolute joy to own with bomb proof reliability. If you dont want to be different and drive a totally unique 4x4 this is the car.

  • Fun to drive, but... - 2011 Infiniti FX
    By -

    Performance, comfort, reliability, design - all great. However, it is the luxury items that disappoint. First, the cooled seats are very hit or miss. Some days I can really feel the cooling, other days, in only a dri-fit shirt and shorts - cant feel a thing. The navigation - while it looks great, Infiniti has done a poor job in translating the data into the GPS system. I have had many addresses, some in major towns, others in minor, not show up. And what good is a GPS system when you already know where you are going? Finally, the Bluetooth is average, at best. I constantly get comments from people that they can barely hear or understand me. Love the ride, not so much the "luxury"

  • Less car - 2012 Infiniti FX
    By -

    Our 4th Infiniti. Has 6000 trouble free miles.Replaces an 03 FX35 AWD that was trouble free for 115,000 miles. I rate the 03 as an A+ car, and the 12 as a B-. Handles well. Even with 7 spd trans, the mpg is exactly the same as 03: 19.6. Fit/finish in and out has suffered. The 12 noticeably cheaper throughout: floor mats, carpet, headliner, center armrest,wheel/tire size,chrome exhaust finishers. Car feels smaller than 03. Fold out door pockets eliminated. Adjustable center armrest eliminated. Throaty exhaust note eliminated. Dash design has gone down. Multi adjust seats very good,comfortable. Tech package very capable. A very fine car (03) has been very noticeably cheapened 12.

  • Gas Shocker - 2013 Infiniti FX
    By -

    I purchased this car about six months ago after driving a Lexus RX SUV for several years. I was impressed with the appearance of the large tires and body style. That along with friends loving theirs, influenced my buy. What was the frosting on the cake is the Hwy gas mileage. 31 mpg at 65 to 70 miles per hour on cruise. Constantly so! I love this jewel and especially the soft white color. I do not get excellent mileage around the city due to stops, starts and possibly quick starts. Still, it is not bad. Anywhere from 17 to 23 in the city. The unexpected excellent hwy gas mileage was not noted on the specs. I have never had a vehicle with so many compliments from other drivers.

  • Comfy, all the time - 2011 Infiniti FX
    By -

    Very fun to drive. Sometimes dull while driving at 50-60 mph. This car is good at driving fast, 70 or above. Acceleration is good. Braking is good. Cornering is nice. Infiniti should consider the cargo space. Not roomy. Lane departure warning is nice, but sometimes does not recognize the lane on the road. We can expect the improvement in the future. Rain sensing wiper, auto headlamps are very convenient, yet no day- light driving lamp.

  • is this luxury or sport - 2011 Infiniti FX
    By -

    got the 2011 fx35 for 50 grand. The color is nice, interior is nice, the could have included wood trim, the wheels look small 18" of course, couldve made 20", wanted me to waste 3000 more grand for them. The car has amazing pe rformance, plus its very fun to drive. The 11 speaker Bose system is okay, it works great in the front, but i wonder if the rear back speakers arent supposed to work loud. The seats are comfy. The passenger has on 8 way instead of 10. Passenger has no lumbar support whatsoever. There is no 6 cd changer. No rain sensing wipers. The ride is smooth, with nice exhaust noise from the back. I dont know if the car has active head restraints with adaptive front headlights.

  • Solid, capable...but not exceptional - 2012 Infiniti FX
    By - it. But, its really behind the times vis-a-vis technology and options. The motor, design, and fit and finish are all excellent. But, that teeny-tiny sunroof. Really? And the nav? Its horrible. I never, ever, ever use it. The ipod interface is horrendous. No cargo cover unless you pay for it? Cheap. Pay $45K+ for a vehicle and not get a cargo cover? Wow. The overall instrument panel is weak - same as in my previous G35. Boring. Zzzzzz. I dont know if the 13 improved these options or not, but I dont think so. Youd think with as great as this vehicle looks and drives that the attention to detail and available options would be better.

  • We have Two, a 2008 and the new 2011 - 2011 Infiniti FX
    By -

    We have had a number of Fx 35s the one we traded for the 2011 had 120 K miles on it. The 2008 was a great vehicle with unbelievable reliability and quality, the 2011 is new with low mileage but its already proving to be a better vehicle.

  • Fast, nimble, comfortable. - 2011 Infiniti FX
    By -

    I stepped up from Audi Allroad. Allroad was good car, 70 mph cruising was nice. When I drive FX50 at 70, I feel boring. Kick the gas pedal and driving 80-90, yes, this car is much better. Stopping, cornering, nice. I feel very comfortable all the time.

  • Best SUV we have owned - 2013 Infiniti FX
    By -

    We wanted a mid-sized Luxury SUV that was sporty. Most SUVs are too cushy & underpowered. The Porsche, BMW are cool but too costly for us. That really only left the FX, Cadillac, Acura. The Acura & Cadillac were very good. But the Infiniti had the most power & best electronics. It the difference for my wife. With cameras on 4 sides, not just 3 sides like the BMW, she can park the FX better than her Mini. Its a joy to drive. Great feel & firm handling. Its a rear wheel based AWD, sports car.

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