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It's a rare occurrence when bold design is married to a car that is accessible to shoppers on a budget. The Hyundai Veloster is that rarity among hatchbacks, with evocative styling, a unique asymmetrical three-door layout and respectable performance. Yet the Veloster still achieves fuel economy figures that rival more commonplace economy cars.

Built upon the same basic architecture as the Hyundai Accent, the Veloster shares many of the same advantages and drawbacks. But when it comes to the bottom line, the Hyundai Veloster ranks highly for its feature-rich content, friendly price and appealing overall character.

Current Hyundai Veloster
The Hyundai Veloster is a four-passenger, three-door hatchback. The driver-side door is coupelike in length, while the passenger side features two smaller doors. There are three main trim levels: base, Turbo R-Spec and Turbo.

The base Veloster comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 138 horsepower and 123 pound-feet of torque. The Turbo versions pack a turbocharged version of the 1.6 that cranks out 201 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. For either engine, a six-speed manual transmission is standard. The base engine offers a six-speed automated manual (called DCT), but selecting that option reduces engine output slightly (to 132 hp and 120 lb-ft of torque). A traditional six-speed automatic is optional only on the Turbo model, as the R-Spec is manual only.

Standard feature highlights for the base Veloster include 17-inch alloy wheels, a rearview camera, air-conditioning, full power accessories, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, the Blue Link emergency telematics system and a six-speaker sound system with a USB/iPod interface.. Options include the Style and RE:FLEX Edition packages, which add some unique styling flourishes inside and out, plus features like upgraded seating surfaces, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and an upgraded audio system.

The Turbo R-Spec features a lower body kit, 18-inch wheels, sport-tuned suspension and steering, a torque-vectoring system that improves handling around tight turns, and a feature that pipes exhaust sounds through the stereo speakers. Compared to the more performance-focused R-Spec, the Veloster Turbo has slightly less aggressive suspension and steering tuning, some different styling elements, keyless ignition and entry, heated front seats and leather upholstery. Option highlights include a panoramic sunroof, rear parking sensors and a navigation system.

Although the Veloster's cabin has an abundance of hard plastic surfaces, unique texturing and sculpted design help to bolster its appeal. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, but that's not the case in back. There's ample legroom, but the rear seat cushions are mounted a bit too low and headroom is limited by the sloping roof line. Furthermore, the glass hatch extends over the passengers' heads, leaving them exposed to the sun.

On the plus side, all of the Veloster's cutting-edge features are sure to attract the tech-savvy youth market that it clearly has in its sights. Features like Bluetooth audio and Pandora Internet radio are standard, while the Blue Link system (besides its typical safety features) includes outbound text messaging, turn-by-turn navigation and location sharing (via Facebook). Parents of young drivers will also appreciate the programmable geo-fence feature that alerts them when the car travels outside of defined areas.

In reviews, we found power from the base 1.6-liter engine to be merely adequate, a bit of a letdown considering the Veloster's sporty styling. Regardless of trim level, the Veloster's ride tends to be harsh on pockmarked roads. Thankfully, the turbocharged versions make the latter demerit easier to take, as their added kick makes for a fair amount of entertainment from behind the wheel.

Used Hyundai Veloster Models
The Hyundai Veloster debuted for the 2012 model year in a single, well-equipped trim level. Unlike later versions, the base engine made 138 hp and 123 lb-ft of torque regardless of transmission. For 2013, the Veloster Turbo debuted. On the other end of the spectrum, the standard Veloster's engine output dropped slightly (to 132 hp and 120 lb-ft) when it was matched to the automated manual transmission. That year also saw the one-year-only RE:MIX Edition: a base Veloster spiffed up with a body kit and special wheels. Apart from trim level shuffling and lacking a few notable features (such as a standard rearview camera, and, for the Turbo, a torque-vectoring system), these Velosters are otherwise similar to the current models.

User Reviews:

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  • FANTASTIC car!! - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I was shopping for another Mazda. I had a Mazda Protege for 15 years and she was a wonderful car! The orange Veloster caught my eye! I have had so so many complements on it. Driving it is so fun and it has a lot of get up and go! I had a hard time letting my Mazda go but it took a special car like the Veloster to finally get a new one. I have not driven it in the snow so I do not know how it handles. I do not know much about cars but I would not trade my Veloster for the world!!

  • Great Car with a little bit of speed - 2016 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    This car was the perfect split of economical and fun to rive.

  • Economical Unique Hot hatch! - 2014 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I bought my veloster turbo a couple of months ago and thought it was time for a review. I have never been disappointed in this car and I love the way it drives. I average about 34mpg combined! And I still have enough power to accelerate and pass when I need to. The sound system is pretty good especially on xm radio. There is plenty of trunk space, especially with the back seats down. Everyone looks at my car as I roll by and I have not seen another veloster turbo in nor cal since I have bought it. I love that this car is really uncommon. From a stop, the car will pull you back into the seat as you race the engine! If youre looking for an economical car with some power, this is it!

  • WALK AWAY FROM THE HYUNDAI!! - 2013 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I was excited that I would love this car but if I could give anyone any advice in this world, it would be to WALK AWAY FROM HYUNDAI. The moment I saw it on a lot, it was love at first sight. But let me assure you, this is a one-sided relationship with a very unreliable partner. I bought mine brand new and within the first month of ownership began to have major problems, experiencing a complete power shut down leaving me stranded on the interstate in the middle of nowhere on a road trip. After several hours of waiting for a tow to the nearest dealership, I was informed they had no resolve, as they drove it right off the toe truck. I still live in fear that this could happen again unexpectedly at any time. How scary would this be if it happened again in the middle of a major intersection? In addition to this, I dont have enough fingers and thumbs to count the amount of times I have taken it in to have my buzzing speakers repair. Essentially, the dealerships have told me that they "use a very poor grade adhesive to glue the cones on", thus, resulting in the repeated malfunctions. Yet, each repair session, they continue to use the same adhesive. And they cannot provide me a better material. Stay mindful that it includes low profile tires - I live in Dallas, TX which is riddled with countless potholes. Lesson learned, this is my fault for not considering this factor. Each wheel scraped along entire circumference after the first few months of ownership...Just a heads up. Perhaps, the most frustrating are the many concerning sounds coming from underneath the car. The sound started as a light metallic rattle, squad and chirps. Then evolved into what I know of an old rusty truck climbing up a rocky hill. Of course, a little 3 door hatch should NOT sound like this. On a recent trip to Eastern Tennessee, the elevation caused this sound to turn into a deep Whoofing sound. I have to admit, not only did my passengers and I notice it, but I attracted some strange looks from several pedestrians during that trip. I immediately took it to a series of dealerships to investigate and correct, however after each appointment, each service manager assured me they couldnt hear anything unusual. And all but one dealership treated me with such disrespect, the service from the brand alone has convinced me to create detractors at any opportunity I have from now on. However, they returned my Veloster back to me, only to continue to hear the same combinations of sounds. I am almost at 60k miles, which will apparently use up all I have left for my initial warranty. I assure you, I plan to trade this in before this year ends. In conclusion, I chose this car because it was cute, had a good listing of MPGs, and was comfortable to sit in the drivers seat and had that phenomenal 100k drive train warranty. But since leaving the sales lot, I have increasingly learned to LOATHE this vehicle. And the warranty is a joke. They cannot resolve any problems Ive experienced and will NEVER consider Hyundai again. I feel sorry for whoever decides to give me money for it when I trade it in. This is as honest a review can get guys. Take it from me, go buy a Honda or Toyota. Warranty or no warranty, a Hyundai is STILL that crappy Hyundai we used to know. Save yourself the crappy trade in value and the HEADACHE.

  • Simply Perfect for Me. - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I bought this car 10/13/11 and still have not a single complaint. I know some reviews point to "poor acceleration" or what have you, but I have to say that for what I was going for, it is completely fine with me. I was looking for a good looking car that got good to great gas mileage. I absolutely Love the design of the Veloster (especially the rear end). When you get in, you would think you are riding in a car twice its price. Very comfortable seats, everything you touch feels like it has a high end quality to it. Ive had a few people in the back seat with no hiccups or complaints whatsoever. I simply love the amount of people who have pulled up next to me asking what it is!

  • Love my Orange Go-Kart - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I bought my 2012 Veloster used with the Hyundai CPO warranty and so far I love this car! It handles like a dream and is so much fun to drive, the features that this car has are great especially for the money! Super fun and fuel efficient!

  • The Veloster is my favorite car yet...and Ive had 20! - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I traded my 2011 Fiesta with Dual Clutch Powershift for a Veloster with Dual Clutch EcoShift. The Fiesta was very clunky at low speed and my commute is a lot of crawling at less than 5mph. However I really like the idea of a Dual Clutch so I tested the Veloster and I can tell you the difference is astounding! The Veloster Dual Clutch Transmission is smooth, quiet and seamless...even smoother than many conventional Torque Converter transmissions Ive driven. A lot of folks talk about the Veloster being slow...well thats a subjective opinion. Its certainly quicker than the Fiesta and while its no sports-car it certainly gets up to highway speed quickly and without drama in my opinion.

  • Complete Disappointment - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    Ive had my Veloster for 4 months now and Ive had nothing but issues. The transmission has a design flaw which causes a lag in between 1 and 2. The check engine light kept lighting up like a Christmas tree with only 800 miles on it. The interior, although beautiful, is super squeaky when driving. The stereo will randomly lock on the screensaver and not work for hours at a time. And now my engine is starting to sputter randomly like its not getting fuel. After driving used cars all my life, this was my first new car and I couldnt be more disappointed. Its had more issues than any used car Ive ever owned and its brand new. The worst part? Hyundai doesnt care.

  • Meet the CR-Z Killer - 2012 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    I took delivery of a 2012 Veloster this past Saturday. I had been looking real hard at the Honda CR-Z but there were just some things that Honda cut corners on and left off that car that just did not sit well with me. The hybrid motor was also a big turn off as it just over complicated the car and did not really increase its fuel economy. Enter the Hyunda Veloster. The Veloster is everything that the CR-Z wanted to be. More features, better ride, just as much power and better fuel economy with out the hybrid cost/complication. Unless Honda does something quick the CR-Z is dead in two years I predict.

  • EASY MOD - 2013 Hyundai Veloster
    By -

    Remove the intake resonator, and install a good CAI. Swap the throttle body for an Elantra 60MM PN# 5151002E100. If you swap Exhaust no bigger then 2" or add a good axle back.

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