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A compact crossover SUV, the Hyundai Tucson is aimed at buyers seeking the tall ride height and cargo convenience of a utility vehicle in a small, affordable package. Introduced for the 2005 model year, the Tucson has always offered a generous list of standard equipment and a lengthy warranty.

Although early versions of this Hyundai crossover have a decidedly budget feel, 2010 and later Tucsons have distinctive exterior styling and a slick interior to match. Acceleration and handling are also much better on the newer models, and fuel economy is significantly improved. Recent Tucson models are worth consideration if you're shopping for a used small crossover.

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  • Just got the Tuscon LTD FWD today - 2013 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Bought this earlier today to replace an 03 Camry. I tested this vs the base Santa Fe Sport. While the Sport was a smoother ride, it was slow and the standard options were underwhelming. Next, I drove the Tuscon LTD FWD. Even though the ride is stiffer, the little 2.4 ltr engine has plenty of get up and go. The standard features on the LTD are plentiful and useful. Options added, mats. cargo net, cargo tray, first aid kit, mudguards and wheel locks. I got the Garnet Red w/ Taupe leather int. Its a sharp looking car. I got an awesome deal on the car. Very awesome vehicle for the money in todays market. IMHO This is my 2nd 2013 Hyundai purchased with the last 30 days. I love Hyundai.

  • Roller coaster ride / Unsafe to drive - 2008 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    1. During the week of April 1, I discovered the car was producing a bumpy ruff, roller coaster ride; tossing me up and down, back and forth and side to side. The seat was not absorbing the shock nor was it adjusting for my comfort. Then came the shocker: the cars right back wheel seemed to slide to the right, bumped, then righted itself. I was instantly knocked to the right and then back to center. This action takes less than a second and seems to happen on an uneven indentation, ridge or something in the road. This happens out of the blue and I do not feel safe. I notified Robert Lawson of my unhappiness with the seat and the ruff ride.

  • My first Hyundai is a Tucson - 2005 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    We did a lot of research on small SUV and kept coming back to the Tucson. We ended up pruchasing one because of the Safety, insurance savings and all aorund comfort. I really feel this is the car for the budget minded.

  • 1st time Hyundai Owner - 2007 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    I have owned my Tucson for 6 months. We have driven it all over Florida and back and forth to Kentucky a couple times. When it comes to long-distance driving, I can drive for many hours while remaining comfortable. It is also very good on gas. The sound system sounds incredible. I cant say enough about how much I love this little truck. When we travel, we fold down the back seats for our two border collies. Its perfect for them.

  • Nice little SUV with a BIG warranty - 2005 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Nice little SUV with a GREAT warranty. The 4WD doesnt get great gas mileage, bu the thing is sure footed in rain or snow. Dealerships are friendly and service is very pleasant. Its no wonder people are not treating these vehicles lightly, anymore.

  • tucson - 2005 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Style and features are excelent comfort is good but gas milage for the 6 cylinder is about 18 mph

  • No longer a Ford person! - 2005 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    After 22 Fords in last 30 yrs - first non-American car. I love it - take it out for no reason. Just love the way it drives!

  • If you have bought it yet PLEASE DONT! Horrible - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    As of September 25, 2015 I own a 2016 Tucson ECO model. Within one yes ONE week of buying it the gear shifter got stuck,. My car would NOT shift to reverse neutral, Drive etc. After several attempts I got it to go and took it to the dealer. They switched out the shifter for a new one (should have been a red flag at the time that it had to do with the transmission). In Jan 2016, at only 3,000 miles the car started jerking while stopped for over 2 minutes. It was pulling back and forth like if it wanted to continue to go, I took it back to the dealer and they suggested i tried higher grade gas. I tried switching up the gas I used and the problem continued. I took the car is a 3rd time, and this time they claimed it was a computer issue so they reset the computer and I once again drove off, WITH A VEHICLE THAT STILL MALFUNCTIONED. Finally, I took it in a 4th and last time before the determined the issue is the transmission and it needs to be replaced. When have you heard of a NEW vehicle needing a transmission replaced at only 4,000 miles???? Please save yourself the headache and DO NOT buy this Tucson!

  • DCT is a non-starter - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    In March of 2016, I purchased a Hyundai Tuscon Limited with a 1.7L Turbo and dual-clutch automatic transmission. About a month later, when accelerating, the engine would rev, but the car would not move. Very dangerous in traffic! Took it back to dealer. Told they were aware of the problem - called "false neutral" - and Hyundai was "working on it." Told me to take it home and not come back until I heard from them. Needless to say, it kept doing it, making driving pretty scary. Reached out to Hyundai Customer Care. After several weeks, they finally called me back. Told me to take it back to the dealer, leave it, and I would be provided a rental. The dealer told me it could be weeks, or even months, before I get it back. Im driving a basic rental car while my $31,000 Tuscon sits collecting dust.

  • Great SUV - 2011 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    We purchased a used 2011 Tucson GL with a 5 speed manual. Very happy. Love the small turning radius. Getting 25-29 mpg in a mix of about 75/25 city/highway driving. Happy with the gas mileage. Lots of room for what we need. Handles well. It has adequate power.

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