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Although millions of full-size pickup trucks are sold each year, only a fraction of them actually see an off-road trail, a large travel trailer or a boat ramp. The rest are daily drivers that make an occasional trip to Home Depot for 2x4s and patio furniture. For those consumers who desire a less bulky, less thirsty alternative that can still handle those occasional jobs, there's the Honda Ridgeline. This four-door ("crew cab") pickup truck has a number of distinctive features and, true to Honda's philosophy, it makes sense for smart consumers.

Current Honda Ridgeline
The Honda Ridgeline pickup is available in just one four-door body style. There are five trim levels: RT, Sport, RTS, RTL and top-of-the line SE. The Ridgeline's sole powertrain is a 250-horsepower V6 mated to a five-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is standard.

Standard feature highlights for the base RT include a power-sliding rear window, air-conditioning, a 60/40-split lift-up rear seat, a rearview camera, full power accessories, and a six-speaker sound system with a CD player. Moving up through the other trims adds luxuries such as alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power driver seat, upgraded audio systems, heated seats, leather seating and a navigation system with voice recognition and Bluetooth phone connectivity.

Rather than having a separate cab and bed, the Ridgeline's body unites the two. The Ridgeline's architecture combines the techniques of both unibody and full-frame construction. All Ridgelines include a hidden trunk in the cargo bed that doubles as an ice chest, a dent-proof bedliner, a four-wheel independent suspension (for a smoother ride and more agile handling) and a trailer hitch. Maximum towing capacity stands at 5,000 pounds.

In all but the most taxing situations, performance is respectable, and on the open highway the Honda Ridgeline is an effortless and quiet cruiser. As such, it is an ideal road trip vehicle, especially when said trip involves carrying bulky items. That easy-going demeanor, along with comfortable seats, plentiful storage cubbies, sound ergonomics and a relatively manageable size make the Honda Ridgeline a viable option as the sole family vehicle. While the cabin provides sedan-like comfort, the cargo bed effortlessly transports things such as camping gear or lawn supplies. Criticisms include the Ridgeline's aversion to off-road adventures, where its lack of a low-range gear and a tendency to bottom out don't help when tackling more rugged trails. Fuel economy for a V6-powered pickup is also disappointing.

If these shortcomings are meaningful to you, then you'll want to consider a pickup with true truck DNA. But if all you really need is the passenger space of an SUV and the utility of a pickup truck, the Ridgeline is an excellent choice.

Used Honda Ridgeline Models
The Ridgeline was introduced for the 2006 model year, available in RT, RTS and RTL trim levels. The following year the chrome-accented RTX debuted. There were only minor features updates until '09, when the RTX trim was dropped and the exterior and interior styling was updated.

Things stayed pat until 2012, when a new grille design and a new Sport trim level debuted, the latter slotted between the RT and RTS trims. That year also saw minor aerodynamic improvements and engine tweaks that boosted highway mileage by a single mpg. The following year brought a standard rearview camera for all trim levels.

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  • Innovation abounds in this Solid Truck - 2008 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

  • My Barbie Truck - 2008 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Awesome car, ours has low miles for the age. We have ~60K miles on it and it is running strong. No major issues and its great for my wife. My only complaint is that it is a little tight with a full sized car seat in the back. However, I am 6 tall and feel like I have not had an issue feeling like it was not roomy enough.

  • Very high maintenance costs and unreliable - 2012 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Very disappointed is several areas. There is always something breaking. -After 2 years the third brake light assembly broke off the truck on the highway. It was out of warranty. Honda USA was no help even though it is a pretty well documented problem on forums. Quote from the dealer $800. Radio never worked well, but found out the antenna was located in the third brake light assembly. - brakes are paper. I do highway driving. 3 sets of brakes in 3 years. I know its operator influenced, but Ive never had this in any other vehicle. - left front axle blew out after 3 years. - timing belt on a truck? really. My bad for not researching more thoroughly. $900 along with spark plugs and valve adjustment due at the same time for an additional $600. - virtually every oil change at is accompanied by either differential, transmission, or coolant change. Why are other vehicles rated for 60-100K between fluid changes? Seats are very rigid and uncomfortable for moderate to long rides. The interior design is perplexing. Why put the Aux cord input in the dash on the passenger side? Also, the space below the middle console is wasted space. You cant get to it without having everything from the top space fall into it. Interior seat material scratches very easily. Would not recommend this truck. Im sure the value is going to drop through the floor once they introduce the new model.

  • I got what I wanted - A great vehicle - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I wanted an all around vehicle with a comfortable on the road ride with some off the road capability. A vehicle that would be able to handle a snow storm or icy roads. A vehicle I could haul bags of mulch, or shrubs from the nursery. A vehicle that could carry the grandkids, cooler, buggy boards, umbrella and chairs to the beach. And I got it with my 2013 Honda Ridgeline I purchased new. A great vehicle.

  • Great truck - 2010 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Bought my ridgeline to replace my 2003 silverado. I was very pleased. The Ridgeline is far more comfortable for passengers. We take it in Long trips and the ride is comfy. Its a truck for all purpose - towing a boat, hauling kayaks -lots of tie off cleats in the bed, hauling stuff. Interior compartments are great for hiding valuables. Split Back seats lift and lock up for lots of interior stacking space or room for a big dog. Love the locking bed, mine has a retractable cover, love the full size trunk space. If there was one thing I wish I had was a backup sensor or camera. The higher back end (nice look and allows for trunk ) creates some visual obstruction. But dont let that stop you from buying. Its strong enough for a man, but made for a woman - thats me:-)

  • Swiss Army Knife of Vehicles - 2013 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Just like the knife, it isnt necessarily the best when compared to more targeted, specialized tools, but you love it because it does so many things well. A very competent daily drive that goes to work with you on the weekends.

  • Underrated - 2010 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Poor brakes but all else super. Car-like ride- very comfy and well laid out interior. Stop & go mileage pretty poor (15-17). Honda reliability!

  • Better value for your dollar! - 2009 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    I bought my 09 RT used from a very reputable dealer one year ago with 80 k miles. 20k miles later and no major issues. Every time I take it in for service my mechanic is amazed to see how clean it is inside where oil cap screws in. I use Mobil 1 full synthetic oil with proper oil filter. Engine runs strong and gets up to 23 mpg on the highway with a light load and not towing anything. I have not towed anything yet. Great handling on dirt roads and muddy roads and there was not a need to use 4wd feature. Acceleration and shifting is good. Climate control is good. Height and visibility is good. Stereo system sound is ok. Plenty of storage, which is really awesome. Interior fabric stains too easy from water. Love the sliding rear window. Love the extra storage in the cab and in truck bed, which beats the storage of a Toyota. There is ample passenger space. Love the way the rear seats fold up to load extra cargo. Transmission has a little clunk, but its normal. Its from how I operate the accelerator pedal as trans picks up the slop. I can get about 380 miles per tank of gas. Full synthetic oil change every 5,000 miles and I service the fuel system with one can of sea foam at every oil change interval. Once a month I fill the gas tank with non ethanol gas. Ill be due for 4 wheel brake service soon and 4 new tires. I compared this truck to a certified Toyota Tacoma. Toyota has a nice reputation, but I got a better deal on this truck and its got everything that I need at a fraction of the cost. Paint chips to easily, but thats where touch up paint comes in handy. Suspension, steering, brakes and any of the power options work great. No report on the 4wd yet, because I have not used it. Cruise control works great and the TPMS is accurate. I like the 5 ft bed. Its not to big and not to small. This is a very practical truck for the working man and I chose a 285.00 a month payment vs a 400.00 a month payment of the Toyota Tacoma certified(2 door single cab 4 cyl 2009). Ill expect 400k miles on this Honda motor. Once the motor is tired then Ill replace it, because this truck serves a better purpose for me than any other general truck. Its like a small military People keep trying to buy my truck and I tell them no. :)

  • Very useful vehicle for most anything - 2010 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    It is not a full size truck, it is a vehicle with a smaller truck capability, closer to mid size in cargo and weight capacity. It is a truck you can take a very comfortable long trip in, or make short trips to a lumber yard and lay down 4 x 8 sheets of drywall, flat. It is a truck that easily fits into a 2 car standard garage. It has a 4 wheel drive system that automatically provides superior traction on demand. The rear diff can be locked for low speed pulls for starting on slippery or very angled grades. It is quite easy to maneuver on and off road. The ride is very stable and firm enough while never jarring. And despite commentary to the contrary, there is a mounting hole for spare tire on the right hand bed rail. For those convinced they will get a flat tire when loading up the bed, and making it difficult to access the in-bed trunk. That trunk by the way has a screw in plug for draining water is you decide to fill it up with ice to keep your recently caught trout fresh. Or use it to keep the brewskis and champagne cool, depending on the journey. There is rear sliding window, both rear seat sections fold up and away leaving generous floor space.

  • rich mans trap - 2006 Honda Ridgeline
    By -

    Piece of crap. Not good for anything other than saying you own a truck. All dash lights gone out or going out at 50000 miles. Radio light out at 60000 miles. Odometer light on dash blinks on and off. Every trip to dealer ship for oil change recommends a 400$ service. Pushed me rite into a Toyota Tacoma. Never will I own another honda. Better have deep pockets. Pos!

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